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    Student Research
    Watson, Andrea
    Photobiomodulation has been shown to reduce pain and expedite wound healing in animals. To determine the influence the canine's age has on the therapeutic effect of photobiomodulation after dental prophylaxis a low energy GaAlInP laser with a continuo . . .
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    Student Research
    Hirokawa, Brent
    Gecko-like synthetic adhesives (GSAs) are dry adhesives that replicate the function of gecko toepads through their microscopic fibrillar structure. To produce GSA molds, we fabricated Si templates using microsphere lithography. We formed a monolayer o . . .
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    Student Research
    Magat, Paula Marie
    Depleting fossil fuels has been an undergoing issue that calls for the attention of many scientists around the world, as the demand for it increases with the increasing population. Thus, various types of renewable energy sources are being studied and . . .
  • F1881p29q?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Hughes, David
    In this poster, I present some of the work that I have done on Apache Spark implementations of randomized Linear Algebra: randomized SVD and randomized QB factorization. The field of randomized Linear Algebra has expanded rapidly in the last decade in . . .
  • 3484zk046?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Lopez, Jimmy
    If UAVs are to be successfully integrated into U.S. national airspace, the ability to perform autonomous collision avoidance between both manned and unmanned aircraft is a necessity. This poster presents a method for collision avoidance utilizing Auto . . .
  • Np193c383?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Christensen, Rachel
    There are over 400 different breeds of the domestic horse (Equus ferus caballus), each selectively bred for a purpose. Breed differences frequently result in a distinctive gait, or body movement. Individual horses may also have gait variations that di . . .
  • Ht24wm624?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Lee, Yoo Jin
    An important factor of typography is the rules that dictate good type treatment. This, however, does not mean good design. My project is a book I created that shows my journey to find the perfect form of typography and how I come to achieve perfection . . .
  • 0k225d55k?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Herrera, Antonio
    Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) can be cost effective and efficiently used for indoor search and rescue missions. These environments pose dangerous and risky scenarios for rescue personnel. UASs can locate and assist victims that are in need during the . . .
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    Student Research
    Wu, Ruifan
    machine learning is an idea that feeding data to the machine model and it builds it own logic based on the data, and thus is able to generate results that approximate the aimed result. In this visual preference research, the goal is to train a machine . . .
  • Gq67jt385?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Sanabria, Brandon
    Oxidation is a corrosion phenomenon where metals degrade by reacting with their surrounding environment. There is always a need for better and more durable metals that can be used to create load-bearing structures. The objective of this project was to . . .
  • 9p290c66h?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Phan, Ngu
    Nuclear power now provides 11% of the world's electricity and is expected to be the main alternative energy in the near future. The process is highly efficient, but the fuel rod efficiency could be improved. During fission of the fuel rod, lower- mass . . .
  • Ws859h93n?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Green, Nathaniel
    This presentation talks about the research on autonomous collision avoidance system for a octocopter unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) using LIDAR. Lack of obstacle avoidance capabilities have limited the use of UAVs for many applications such as package . . .
  • Fq977w85p?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Ravel, Michelle
    For economic reasons and particularly in impoverished regions, wound care in animals is often limited and does not meet ideal medical recommendations. For that reason, there is an interest in discovering accessible alternatives to treat with. Manuka h . . .
  • Mp48sf978?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Ruiz, Jaqueline
    In the past three decades there has been an increase in the number of joint replacement surgeries among the US population. People in need of these surgeries include individuals of all ages for various physiological differences. This has led to a large . . .
  • 4m90dx726?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Ancona, Janelle
    Poultry vaccine research is being conducted at a Cal Poly Pomona biosafety level 2 (BSL-2) facility. A central component of that research is the successful incubation and hatching of specific pathogen free (SPF) eggs. In an attempt to improve the perc . . .
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    Student Research
    Farraj, Mustapha
    Object detection is the process of locating and classifying objects, which can do such as video surveillance, robot navigation, etc. Deep learning based object detectors are trained from images with known classes of objects; these detectors can only d . . .
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    Student Research
    Sun, Katie
    The United States Department of Energy launched the Sunshot Initiative with a goal of reducing the cost of solar energy to $.05/kWh to make it more competitive with other forms of energy. In pursuit of this goal, a project using reverse osmosis concen . . .
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    Student Research
    Flamenco, Raul
    Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are anthropogenic chemicals used for waterproofing and as surfactants. They are an important group of chemicals for many industries due to their thermal and chemical stability, contributing to their persiste . . .
  • Bn9999075?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Khuu, Stephen
    The liver generates primary bile acids for use in the intestinal tract. Once released in the tract, intestinal bacterium convert these primary bile acids to secondary bile acids, which have been correlated to a number of intestinal diseases such as ca . . .
  • S7526f84t?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Nguyen, Antonino
    There are many benefits of having a materials with low density and high surface area. The related research has attracted significant attention. To make porous nanofibers is one of the way to achieve low density and high surface area, and it is possibl . . .
  • Qb98mh53p?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Wachuka, Sharon
    Race/ethnicity was a central theme in the 2016 election. Many believe that Donald Trump's success resulted from backlash against Obama having been the first African American president. Some European Americans expressed feeling marginalized and ignored . . .
  • G732dc22x?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Borja, Felipe
    This presentation talks about a system for autonomous navigation and target recognition for indoor search and rescue missions using small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The use of lightweight multicopters makes them ideal for maneuvering through tig . . .
  • 7m01bn920?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Sanders, Uriah
    Floriculture is a multibillion-dollar branch of agriculture that is integral to the economy in numerous countries. The cut flower industry experiences heavy losses in products due to organ shedding. Organ shedding is initiated due to a highly regulate . . .
  • Hx11xh32n?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Lopez, Laura
    The preliminary study of water disinfection began in the mid and late 1800s due to the numerous health hazards due to chemical and microbial water contamination. Although there are many existing methods of water treatment, disinfection by-products (DB . . .
  • Ns064810n?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Rickerl, Kaitlin
    Trazodone HCl (TZN) is a selective serotonin antagonist and reuptake inhibitor that is commonly used to treat human depression and anxiety. In a study performed in 2016, TZN was found to be effective in providing sedation and improving handling in lab . . .
  • 1c18dj303?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Bamgbose, Olusegun
    The Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System (DWTS) consists of a variety of water treatment techniques for homes, businesses and industrial facilities independent of power grids or water transport systems. The system can treat both greywater and bra . . .
  • Gm80hx46b?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Rugh, Thomas
    The design and analysis for the high-temperature, high pressure compressor is part of a two-stage refrigeration cycle using Methyl Lineolate (MLL) working fluid. This refrigeration cycle is part of a Venus Lander outlined in Anderson et al. (2016) [1] . . .
  • 7s75df73h?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Marquez, Carlos
    A SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a tool used to aggregate, normalize, correlate, and present event log data and network flow traffic from endpoint machines, servers running critical business services, antivirus appliances, network . . .
  • Tt44pp931?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Sanchez, Jocelyn
    Ingestible temperature capsules provide alimentary canal luminal temperature throughout their passage. This has the potential, depending on location, to more closely approximate core body temperature. The passage rate of these capsules may also reflec . . .
  • Zg64tp061?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Alagarsamy, Jeyashree
    Higher biocompatibility and corrosion resistant biomaterials are more frequently being test-implanted for a wide range of purposes. However, surgery-related infection and implant microbe-colonization is generally the most common complication. When bac . . .
  • 4m90dx71x?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Davis, Jaylen
    The objective of this study was to determine the performance of goat kids fed sorghum sudangrass/pearl millet mixed with legumes. Twenty goat kids (bodyweight 25.5 +/- 5.1 kg) were randomly assigned to four treatments (5 kids per treatment). The treat . . .
  • 1544br378?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Costescu, Diana
    Titanium and titanium alloys are widely used as implants in the human body. This is because of their advantageous mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and biocompatibility. The alloy that is most commonly used is Ti-6Al-4V which is a titanium-b . . .
  • F4752k15m?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Tran, Michael
    Butanol is a gasoline substitute and naturally derived, making the production of butanol of increasing importance. Butanol is produced through acetone, butanol, ethanol (ABE) fermentation pathway in some bacteria, including the Clostridium species. Be . . .
  • 1n79h668s?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Castro, Thomas
    Biodegradable polymers degrade once exposed to suitable environmental conditions. Using Biodegradable polymers as packing material would decrease the amount of plastic waste causing land pollution, for example: Plastic waste led to the formation of th . . .
  • 2f75rb342?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Liu, Yi
    There are many different motivations for people to travel. Researchers have found that 75% of leisure travelers have been motivated to visit a destination because of local food or beverage. As tea drinking habits and tea cultures are transmitted world . . .
  • 2z10ws36q?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Ngo, Irene
    Environmental and husbandry changes can create stress in horses, these can manifest themselves in illness, poor development and altered gestation. The Cal Poly Pomona campus has undergone a period of change over the past 5 years and 2016-2017 has had . . .
  • Ks65hf35v?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Abeyta, Camille
    Metabolomics is the study of the biochemical processes in an organism and how those processes are affected by biotic or abiotic stress. Understanding these mechanisms enables a broader view of how stress affects various biological systems and how the . . .
  • Jw827d888?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Cauthen, Joseph
    Electroencephalography (EEG) has been researched as a potential biometric for almost two decades. The most promising techniques to obtain reliable authentication credentials have been the use of evoked potentials, or the process of measuring the chang . . .
  • Qn59q616j?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Gibbs, Richard
    In April, 2019, an array of telescopes spread across the globe, known collectively as the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) produced the first ever image of the black hole at the center of our galaxy. Our goal is to recreate this image using an array of s . . .
  • 3484zk03x?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Oliver, "Pi" Raymond
    Photosensitizers are used in Photodynamic therapy (PDT) to treat various medical ailments including cancer, acne vulgaris, skin and organ diseases, bacterial infections, and sexually transmitted diseases. When photons of necessary and specific wavelen . . .
  • 0g354h53s?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Delgadillo, Alba
    There are an estimated 100,000 cases of torn Anterior Cruciate Ligaments (ACL) in the United States each year. Although autografts and allografts are approved treatments, they are expensive, labor intensive, cause donor site morbidity, and require a l . . .
  • Cf95jd713?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Castro, Thomas
    Photosensitizers are used to treat various medical conditions including acne vulgaris, herpes, and cancer through the process of Photodynamic therapy (PDT). Once administered, the infected area is illuminated with a specific wavelength of light. Durin . . .
  • Rf55zb25m?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Kim, Ricky
    Technology is evolving and especially in cameras, with how connected everything is the line in a person's privacy is running thin. This problem is significant affects celebrities with paparazzi but for the general population, there have been instances . . .
  • Vx021h72h?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Soto, Benjamin
    Garlic (Allium sativum) has a long recorded history as a medicinal agent. Modern efforts have begun to elucidate the effects of garlic on the immune system. Macrophages are essential innate immune cells that-when activated-produce protein signals call . . .
  • F1881p26w?file=thumbnail
    Self Assessment
    Sanchez, Joseline
    Millennials are often misrepresented in the media as self indulgent and apathetic towards politics. Contrary to this narrative, millennials are a major political force and are one of the most diverse generations. In order to challenge these statements . . .
  • N870zt206?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Zhang, Zijie
    Achieving decarbonylation of ketones is of interest as a route towards synthesizing carbon-carbon bonds. However, decarbonylation requires the cleavage of two carbon-carbon bonds which are kinetically and thermodynamically more stable than the carbon- . . .
  • 5q47rq91k?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Dela Paz, Adriel
    A hashing algorithm is a one-way encryption mathematical function that takes in a set of data and condenses it to an output of a fixed size called the message digest (hash). It has many applications in computing systems, from checking data integrity i . . .
  • R494vn44t?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Muñoz, Maria De Lourdes
    When thinking about extinction, rarely do fish come to mind. Marine life has become a popular topic over the years, but people rarely consider fishing as one of the main causes of endangerment of many of the ocean's inhabitants. Overfishing is the act . . .
  • Nv935512d?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Retherford, Margaux
    The integration of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) into the national airspace system presents itself with a myriad of technical problems. One of the key requirements for this integration is the human equivalent level of safety, which requires the abil . . .
  • Br86b5938?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Tun, Lan
    Currently, there is an estimate of 160 million Americans who are obese and overweight1. Studying the molecular mechanisms that are involved in the development, maintenance, and regulation of adipocytes (fat cells) could provide insights on developing . . .
  • X346d6540?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Ortega, Matthew
    GPS navigation is utilized in a wide scope of applications from providing vital information for rescue efforts to the navigation of robots built upon a robot operating system (ROS). The critical aspect of this research is to perform efficient point to . . .
  • Pc289m222?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Leon, Judy
    It is estimated that about 54% of Americans in the U.S. drink coffee on a daily basis. Equaling to 3 cups of coffee a day per person. The end result to all of the coffee drinking is a total waste of 60 billion paper coffee cups of waste that end up in . . .
  • H989r5817?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Shamsi, Wajeeha
    Powdery white mildew is a fungal disease that infects crops, decreasing quality of growth and yield. Interestingly, there is a plant that contains a mutation in a pectate-lyase family of genes that appears to enable resistance to powdery mildew diseas . . .
  • F1881p25m?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Dinh, Dominic
    The corrosion underneath thin molten salt films is a major problem in some industries. A notable example is the "hot corrosion" of turbine blades in aircraft flying over marine atmospheres or land-based turbines located near the sea. Simulating this t . . .
  • 6t053j371?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Gao, Ping-Yang
    Today, removing objects in photos is very common. However, image processing not only includes pictures and photos but also videos. People produce a variety of videos every day, and therefore, video processing becomes very important, whether it pertain . . .
  • W9505275c?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Aley, Daniel
    The development of user interfaces and interactive technology has become a dominate presence in almost every experiential setting imaginable. These interactions and user experiences, especially experiences that require users to learn tasks via interac . . .
  • 2801pj57n?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Perez, Erwin
    This presentation discusses the use of stereoscopic vision as a means of sensing and detecting obstacles and other aircraft for collision avoidance systems for small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The importance of this research has become increasin . . .
  • C534fr05r?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Lee, Yoo Jin
    The branding of a company can easily be overlooked and seen as a trivial thing. This project shows the importance of creating a cohesive brand and the steps it takes to brand a company. For this particular project I branded a music studio. I conducted . . .
  • F4752k132?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Gadon, Angela
    In Electroencephalograph (EEG) readings, eye blinks are considered an obstacle to brain-oriented analysis. Blinking causes a distinct disturbance in the time series, allowing one to track when eyes open and close. Many programs aim to filter out these . . .
  • 1g05fd64z?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Angel, Aaron
    The Deepwater Horizon (DWH) oil spill introduced massive amounts of oil into Louisiana saltmarsh ecosystems. The main toxic component of DWH oil are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). PAH metabolites react with molecular oxygen to create reactiv . . .
  • 4j03d178t?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Gerfen, Kyle
    Automating home appliances is a process of making mundane, dull tasks, such as turning on and off light bulbs, or opening and closing blinds more interesting and interactive, as well as convenient. In doing this project, the purpose is to grow as engi . . .
  • G732dc21n?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Kilduff, Tim
    Following the success of the Voyager missions launched in the late 1970s to explore the outer regions of our solar system, there has been an increased amount of interest to design more missions to travel beyond our planetary system in hopes of someday . . .
  • Gt54kq35k?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Faull, Raymond
    The purpose of the project is to determine whether it is possible to design a nozzle that takes compressed air at 60 psi with entrained molten aluminum particles and outlets the flow to atmospheric air at subsonic velocity with an organized distributi . . .
  • V405sc56x?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Wang, Belinda
    The world has seen a rapid development in the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) technology due to the advantages they offer over conventional manned aircraft. They are simpler and cheaper than manned aircraft, and pose no threat to human operators. Incre . . .
  • Vd66w202k?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Bastani, Mahan
    This project is a S-curve motion controller which implements a second-degree S-curve acceleration algorithm. The motion controller can be used to control various types of systems including motors, laser cutters, and other technologies. The algorithm's . . .
  • P2676x92r?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Gao, Ping-Jhen
    Hyperthermia from high environmental conditions or from illness, can result in animal death. Wool has insulatory properties that can interfere with heat loss. Sheep that have been shorn (with shorter wool coats) may have an easier time maintaining iso . . .
  • 2v23vw83v?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Guan, Jingyi
    The hospitality industry has been growing dramatically throughout the past decades, which made it become one of the most popular subjects nowadays. Among many diversified hospitality segments, hotels are offering different kinds of appealing promotion . . .
  • X346d653q?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Vixie, Tirragen
    Hair whorls (trichoglyphs) have long been correlated with trends in animals' behavior, temperament, response to stimulus, and preferred laterality. Recent studies in these areas have lent some scientific backing to horseman's legends, but relatively l . . .
  • Gm80hx44s?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Velazquez, Estefania
    Accelerometers are commercially available in devices that are used to quantify human and pet activity. One such tri-axial accelerometer that is marketed to dog-lovers who wish to quantify their pet activity levels is called the FitBark2. It is a small . . .
  • Mc87ps460?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Patel, Shivani
    Co-electrospinning of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) and synthetic black iron oxide (Fe3O4) nanoparticles was performed to prepare polymer composite nanofibers. The polymer composite nanofibers were heat treated at 250oC in the air to oxidize the PAN first. . . .
  • Cz30pv81f?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Shen, Larissa
    Crude oil is a severe environmental problem because of its high organic content, antimicrobial and phytotoxic phenol compounds, and the difficulty of cleaning and containing spills. The goal of this experiment was to determine if three common, edible . . .
  • Q524jr136?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Shen, Larissa
    Crude oil is a severe environmental problem because of its high organic content, antimicrobial and phytotoxic phenol compounds, and the difficulty of cleaning and containing spills. The goal of this experiment was to determine if three common, edible . . .
  • N583xx438?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Ramirez, Ruby
    Throughout the United States, college campuses have experienced an increase of student parent attendants; nevertheless, often these students go unnoticed (Adam 2014). It is important to consider, investigate, and recognize the student parent experienc . . .
  • H989r5796?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Yassa, Daniel
    It is important to understand and advance the flow in order to lower any issues with the production and or transportation of powders. In this research the effects of surface modifications on the properties of cohesion, bulk density, and specific charg . . .
  • 6108vd693?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Navarro, Christine
    Processes capable of transforming biomass into renewable substitutes for petrochemicals are in high demand. Such a process must be cost efficient, eco-friendly, and use an abundant resource. The deoxydehydration (DODH) reaction was chosen because it i . . .
  • N870zt185?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Rothberg, Eitan
    As proficient as image classifiers have become, they still fail to recognize images in the way that we might hope. They can detect airplanes accurately, but the sky plays an important role in that detection. They can detect cars, but are likely to use . . .
  • 73666670v?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Rickerl, Kaitlin
    Trazodone hydrochloride (TZN) is a medication typically prescribed to humans to treat for depression. Due to rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) delicate anatomy and physiology, prescribing medication can be a challenge. In a previous study, it was found . . .
  • 2227ms11r?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Phan, Brian
    Measuring temperature is an important aspect of daily human activities. With the technological advances in smart devices, many tasks are now being automated to maximize performance. From smart phones to autonomous self-driving cars, the possibilities . . .
  • 5999n566c?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Patel, Urval
    California Dairy Farms produce more than 30 million tons of manure waste annually. Improper disposal, and run off impact surface and groundwater, which affect wild life and public drinking wells. Nutrient recovery from organic wastewaters using microa . . .
  • Rx913s05b?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Markson, Jordan
    The Aspergillus species are fungal agents that cause respiratory infections in people and animals. The poultry industry is especially impacted by aspergillus associated airway diseases. A candidate vaccine has been developed by Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) P . . .
  • B8515q827?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Bechtol, Kimberly
    Dexamethasone Sodium-Phosphate is a synthetic glucocorticoid used in a variety of species to treat inflammatory and autoimmune disorders. It has also been used as an immunosuppressive agent in studying disease common to immunosuppressed animals, such . . .
  • Mc87ps45q?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Magat, Paula
    Depleting fossil fuels has been undergoing issue that calls for the attention of many scientists around the world, as the demand for it increases with the increasing population. Thus, various types of renewable energy sources are being studied and eva . . .
  • Xk81jn47n?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Shrewsbury, Bo
    Hyperbolic Metamaterials (HMMs) allow for the propagation of Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SPPs) and Long-Range Surface Plasmon Polaritons (LRSPPs), which interact to form what we call Bulk Plasmon Polaritons (BPPs). These HMM structures are promising i . . .
  • Tm70mx20z?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Ghazarian, Sydney
    Julia mishimaensis is a sacoglossan sea slug that is distributed across the Pacific and Indian oceans. It is a small (roughly 3mm in length), green colored species, belonging to the family Juliidae, whose members are characterized by having bivalve sh . . .
  • Gx41mk85t?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Estrada, Israel
    For the past few decades, polymeric structures' abilities to spontaneously form into larger, more intricate conformations has been of interest. This "self-assembly" can be achieved through addition and modification of strong, non-bonding intermolecula . . .
  • 76537348k?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Fernandez, Hugo
    Over the last few decades, multicopters, a type of Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAVs), have become increasingly popular for a wide variety of missions ranging from surveillance of disaster hit areas to precision agriculture. With an overall reduced siz . . .
  • G445cg646?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Halaapiapi, Leni
    In this day and age, information is power. With a lot of our data stored digitally and online, it could be susceptible to malicious cyber attacks. The only way to defend against these attacks is to use better encryption methods. Standard encryption pr . . .
  • W6634573k?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Manrique, Adriana
    The apparel industry has been regarded as a major contributor to global climate change, especially due to the rise of "fast fashion." As more consumers become aware of this and adopt environmentally friendly practices, an increased number of apparel b . . .
  • 3f462768p?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Govington, Kyle
    During nuclear fission of uranium, various elements including lanthanides and actinides are created through a cascading transfer of neutrons. Processes have been developed to separate actinides from nuclear waste for their continued use, which are use . . .
  • 8c97ks69j?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Angel, Aaron
    The Deepwater Horizon (DWH) oil spill introduced massive amounts of oil into our saltmarsh ecosystem of Louisiana. The main toxic component of DWH oil are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). PAH metabolites have the capability of reacting with mo . . .
  • Gf06g497j?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Ellis, Ketsia
    Many people experience a great deal of exposure to the sun during their daily routines. Exposure to the sun's ultraviolet radiation is the main cause of premature skin aging. It also places individuals at a much higher risk for skin cancer, sunburn, d . . .
  • Tt44pp91g?file=thumbnail
    Villarreal, Aarron
    For many multilingual individuals, speaking in one language for so long can lead to a ‘delayed recovery’ from suppressing their 2nd or 3rd languages. Previous research has shown that the delayed recovery leads to audible delays in language switching, . . .
  • Jd472z73d?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Baroz, Sophia
    According to educational statistics, Latinos are underrepresented in the percentage of the U.S. population that holds a Ph.D. The purpose of this research is to understand the experiences of various Latina women who began their educational journey at . . .
  • Mw22v7867?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Sitan, Ana
    A fuel cell is a system that produces electricity from chemical reactions, between a hydrogen/hydrogen-containing fuel and oxygen (typically from air). One type of fuel cell is the Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC). The main advantage of usin . . .
  • Sx61dp44p?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Callaway, Kristin
    The paper reviews consumer perception of alternative textiles on the basis of recycled water bottle t-shirts. The objective of the research was to determine whether or not consumer perception of alternative textiles would change after learning more ab . . .
  • 2b88qf42h?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Moran, Vanessa
    The San Jose fault is a relatively little-known fault that runs from the eastern San Gabriel Valley towards the Chino Basin and through the Cal Poly Pomona campus, with a total length of 18 km. The fault is considered a significant hazard due to its p . . .
  • 9w0325147?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Thompson, Emily
    Transition metals such as rhodium, indium, palladium, and gold have been used to catalyze pharmaceuticals, but due to the cost and rarity of such metals, alternate transition metal bases such as iron and nickel are being examined for their potential t . . .
  • 0c483m54t?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Chiou, Paul
    Google Play, the largest mobile app market with over 82 billion downloads across its 2.7 million published apps has transformed the modern mobile experience. Most apps are designed to solve real-world problems, providing convenience to better our live . . .
  • T722hb93f?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Hu, Changcan (Benjamin)
    Unicorn Run is a project that is implemented as an arcade-style video gaming on a FPGA board. To enhance and practice our prior hardware description language knowledge, we coded a game by using a Verilog, which heavily inspired by the T-Rex Run game i . . .
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    Student Research
    Craft, Kelly
    One of the fields of engineering that is constantly undergoing research is the efficiency and improvement of combustion engines. Various design factors can be manipulated to achieve better performance and efficiency. This project is aimed at designing . . .