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    Neoh, Alex
    The Traveling Salesman Problem is a popular NP problem in combinatorial optimization which asks, given a list of cities, what is the shortest route a salesperson can travel from one city to another, while having a Hamiltonian cycle. This paper aims to . . .
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    Wilder-Smith, Maximum
    In this paper, we present an approach to creating 3D models, through the RGB-D data captured by multiple aligned Azure Kinects surrounding an object. To improve the quality of the point clouds of the entire object, a background subtraction method is e . . .
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    Aguirre, Desirae
    This study explores queer women’s spaces created at events in gay bars in Southern California. This study utilizes assumptions of self-presentation in everyday life by exploring how queer women negotiate spatial boundaries linked to front and back sta . . .
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    Ponce, Christopher
    Although social networking applications are on the rise, there has been limited research on how social media affects our mental health, especially in sexual minority populations. Gay men often turn to these applications to form relationships with othe . . .
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    Muzquiz, Christopher
    Cognitive science is the intersection of biology, psychology, philosophy, linguistics, artificial intelligence, and computer science that focuses on the study of mental phenomena and its classifications. The nature of the mind has piqued the interest . . .
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    Schindler, Leanna
    Between the Angeles National Forest and the San Gabriel Mountains, the area of field investigation, Thompson Creek Watershed (TCW), is found cutting through Cobal Canyon in Claremont, California. TCW is located about 12 miles north east from Cal Poly . . .
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    Salazar, William
    Water is an essential part of life, especially to humans. However, with an increase in population, a higher demand for fresh, clean water, a global pandemic engulfing the world, and global climate change in the backdrop, water has become an indispensa . . .
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    Silva, Angel
    Failure of integration between the California electrical providers led to issues such as distorted change in electric price and frequently occurred rolling blackout. As a result, we established a goal to fix the problematic power industry by amending . . .
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    Quiroz, Auriel
    "Ugly” food is being thrown out, without giving thought to the idea that maybe it is still edible or could be given to those in need. This team has decided to look into the WHY this food is being thrown out in order to discover how we could solve this . . .
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    Musharbash, Fayez
    Our research project will focus on providing sufficient energy to rural areas that have little to no energy. Rural areas in Africa are our main target for this project. We will be introducing how to incorporate solar panels to these starving areas. Ou . . .