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    Masters Thesis
    Tran, Vincent
    This paper evaluates the performance of OFDM system by simulating the system in AWGN channel and multipath fading channel to obtain the bit error rate from employing the low density parity check (LDPC) code. In addition, the comparison between LDPC co . . .
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    Graduate project
    Baltazar, Amy
    The purpose of this project was to create a handbook to assist parents of first grade students with reinforcing foundational reading skills. This handbook was developed based on Common Core Standard requirements. It includes instructional guidance, us . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Mitri, Vivianne
    Nondemented with Alzheimer’s Neuropathology (NDAN) cases exhibit similar amounts of amyloid plaques as those of demented individuals, but a reduced amount of abnormal neurofibrillary protein “tangles” (NFTs). This study investigated several hypoxic st . . .
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    Covarrubias, Mariana
    Plastic waste, if not disposed of properly, has a major negative effect on the environment. According to our statistics from our survey, we concluded that students are more likely to recycle if given an incentive. As a result, we proposed that Califor . . .
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    Jimenez, Meagan
    The purpose of this project was to try to reduce the amount of shelter kittens that are euthanized due to dermatophytosis, commonly known as ringworm, through education of the general public By increasing awareness about this treatable disease we hope . . .
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    Tran, Kayla
    Pitbulls are the victims of unfair discrimination based on physical appearance and a long history of myths. As a result, pitbulls are euthanized at a much higher rate than other breeds in shelters. Our goal is to improve LA county’s perceptions of pit . . .
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    Sorensen, Reece
    This project focuses on spreading awareness about academic stress in high schoolers by educating teachers on ways they can help their students. A survey was created for high schoolers to fill out where they were asked what affects their stress and if . . .
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    Kang, Gie
    Honey bees are an important asset for our world. Their importance lies in their ability to pollinate many flowers and agricultural products. According to the article, “Can We Disrupt the Sensing of Honey Bees by the Bee Parasite Varroa destructor?”, b . . .
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    Borrego, Jackie
    There has been an increase in the usage of PPE amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Personal protective equipment (PPE) pollution has been increasing throughout the upcoming months with no signs of slowing down. As a group, we have observed the ways PPE is . . .
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    Gutierrez, Lizbeth
    Our project focuses on an alternative way of adopting senior dogs through fostering programs. Fostering programs have considerably lower return rates than animal shelters. These fostering programs benefit not only the senior dogs by finding them a for . . .