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    Covarrubias, Mariana
    Plastic waste, if not disposed of properly, has a major negative effect on the environment. According to our statistics from our survey, we concluded that students are more likely to recycle if given an incentive. As a result, we proposed that Califor . . .
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    Jimenez, Meagan
    The purpose of this project was to try to reduce the amount of shelter kittens that are euthanized due to dermatophytosis, commonly known as ringworm, through education of the general public By increasing awareness about this treatable disease we hope . . .
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    Tran, Kayla
    Pitbulls are the victims of unfair discrimination based on physical appearance and a long history of myths. As a result, pitbulls are euthanized at a much higher rate than other breeds in shelters. Our goal is to improve LA county’s perceptions of pit . . .
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    Sorensen, Reece
    This project focuses on spreading awareness about academic stress in high schoolers by educating teachers on ways they can help their students. A survey was created for high schoolers to fill out where they were asked what affects their stress and if . . .
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    Kang, Gie
    Honey bees are an important asset for our world. Their importance lies in their ability to pollinate many flowers and agricultural products. According to the article, “Can We Disrupt the Sensing of Honey Bees by the Bee Parasite Varroa destructor?”, b . . .
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    Borrego, Jackie
    There has been an increase in the usage of PPE amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Personal protective equipment (PPE) pollution has been increasing throughout the upcoming months with no signs of slowing down. As a group, we have observed the ways PPE is . . .
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    Gutierrez, Lizbeth
    Our project focuses on an alternative way of adopting senior dogs through fostering programs. Fostering programs have considerably lower return rates than animal shelters. These fostering programs benefit not only the senior dogs by finding them a for . . .
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    Gross, Kathleen
    Cat abundance is likely to vary based on human-ownership patterns, access to food, and veterinary care, avoidance of predators and breeding opportunities” (Flockhart, 2). “The increasing prevalence of stress, anxiety, and significant mental health . . .
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    Fernandez, Imari
    Every year the United States throws away around 80 billion pounds of food, making us the world's second largest producers of food waste. Not only do individuals throw away tons of food, but so do stores and Restaurants. A great way to reduce food wast . . .
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    Tran, Ann
    The California Green sea turtles are dying from ingesting plastic bags. We conducted a survey with students at Cal Poly Pomona on the opinions of rewards for using reusable bags. According to the responses, we concluded that students would be more wil . . .
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    Rubio, Maximiliano
    Dogs are a man’s best friend and health is a big factor in how long they live and their quality of life . Dogs are very delicate when it comes to the food selection. It is very necessary to be aware and take precautions of what goes inside your furry . . .
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    Gomez, Yosany
    How can we get every dog to be spayed and neutered at the age of sexual maturity in order to prevent overpopulation in shelters and decrease euthanizations? We conducted a survey on social media to find out what stands in the way of people fixing thei . . .
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    Rodriguez, Sky
    COVID-19 has affected our families in numerous amounts of ways. All communities have been affected financially, including those apart of Cal Poly Pomona. A community garden at CPP would be able to provide relief to those who can’t afford fresh foods. . . .
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    Arrington, Kaitlyn
    Our goal was to create a clinic for pet owners to affordably spay and neuter their pets on the Cal Poly Pomona(CPP) campus. Cal Poly already has a clinic that works in conjunction with AHS 3263, a surgical nursing and skills class. We sought out impro . . .
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    Salazar, William
    Water is an essential part of life, especially to humans. However, with an increase in population, a higher demand for fresh, clean water, a global pandemic engulfing the world, and global climate change in the backdrop, water has become an indispensa . . .
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    Silva, Angel
    Failure of integration between the California electrical providers led to issues such as distorted change in electric price and frequently occurred rolling blackout. As a result, we established a goal to fix the problematic power industry by amending . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Mueller, Dean
    Roses are one of the most commonly used landscape plants planted in the United States, but seed dormancy of F1 hybrids have made developing new varieties difficult. The purpose of this research was to produce study-based information that would aid in . . .
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    Quiroz, Auriel
    "Ugly” food is being thrown out, without giving thought to the idea that maybe it is still edible or could be given to those in need. This team has decided to look into the WHY this food is being thrown out in order to discover how we could solve this . . .
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    Musharbash, Fayez
    Our research project will focus on providing sufficient energy to rural areas that have little to no energy. Rural areas in Africa are our main target for this project. We will be introducing how to incorporate solar panels to these starving areas. Ou . . .
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    Schindler, Leanna
    Between the Angeles National Forest and the San Gabriel Mountains, the area of field investigation, Thompson Creek Watershed (TCW), is found cutting through Cobal Canyon in Claremont, California. TCW is located about 12 miles north east from Cal Poly . . .
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    Liang, Haocheng
    Water is a very important component in the environment and it is crucial for many living organisms. When the pH of water is out of its normal range, the ecosystems fail to work. It is extremely important to monitor the pH of environmental waters. Alth . . .
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    Bujosa, Christopher
    A successful running play should not always be defined by the amount of yards that is gained. The run is a powerful tool, and can help open up for longer plays down the field. When I decided to start watching games to find out a reasonable stat to loo . . .
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    Lu, Thuy Vu Dieu
    In this work, we consider finding an optimal solution to a source-seeking problem where an electromagnetic source is to be located by a group of robots. We do not assume knowledge of a theoretical model for the source signal and study the case when si . . .
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    Thai, Andrew
    Phosphorylated sugars are prevalent in metabolic processes and are found in both animals and plants. Studying the function of each provides a better understanding of how biological systems respond to their environment. However, quantification of phosp . . .
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    Perdomo, Emely Giron
    Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted infection caused by a protozoan pathogen named Trichomonas vaginalis (Tv). Tv affects more than 300 million men and women worldwide. It has been shown that neutrophils use a process called trogocytosis to kill . . .
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    Gutierrez, Carlos
    Nitric Oxide (NO) has growing importance due to its biological and environmental relevance. NO interacts with copper metal centers in biological systems to effectively reduce NO to N20, but the mechanism is unknown, and the intermediates are challengi . . .
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    Hoxie, Alexis
    The main goal of the research is to create new catalysts for reducing nitrous oxide, (N2O) which is a greenhouse gas. N2O is mainly produced from fossil fuel combustion and human activities and it has a warming potential up to 310 times that of carbon . . .
  • Work
    Nguyen, Nhan
    To support the increasing need for energy and materials, alternative resources beside fossil fuels have been explored. Among these chemicals which are produced from biomass are an excellent alternative due to its sustainable nature. In order to conver . . .
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    Bonnand, Evan
    Synthesis of iron nitrosyl complexes with carbamate ligands Formation of first row transition metal complexes that can bind a nitrosyl group (NO) is of interest for understanding how biological systems reduce atmospheric pollutants, and for future c . . .
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    Courtney, Jessica
    Cultured meat is destined to impact communities on a global scale. By transitioning from livestock meat production to cell based, it is estimated to drastically decrease the use of energy, land, and water being consumed by livestock production, while . . .
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    Loeffler, Meaghan
    While perceptually separate from the other two branches of the federal government, the Judicial Branches' Supreme Court is viewed as an institution abstaining from politics and serving as the largest check on the Executive and Legislative powers. Howe . . .
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    Gonzalez, Dennis
    This paper will discuss the key factors of ecotourism for a effective and successful operation. Ecotourism has become a growing industry for the Global South as they attempt to accelerate their economic development. Academic scholars point towards pol . . .
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    Martinez, Christina
    Equality for women representation has long been an issue in the United States. It is incredible that today in 2020 there is still real concern that Congress may regain control over what women can do with their own bodies. The purpose of this study i . . .
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    Marquez, Valerie
    The criminalization of sex work has a major negative impact on those working within the industry. From being unable to seek legal recourse to facing stigma in their career prospects, sex workers face negative consequences as a result of being a part o . . .
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    Collins, Kevin
    Thought experiments have traditionally played an important role when seeking answers about personal identity. Though common and widely used, some philosophers have questioned the legitimacy of many of these thought experiments. In this paper I engage . . .
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    Nguyen, Kelly
    Through negotiations, one can settle disputes and establish beneficial business partnerships and agreements (c.f. De Dreu, Weingart, & Kwon, 2000). Therefore, being able to negotiate creative and unique agreements is a significant managerial outcome. . . .
  • Work
    Ibarra, Abbey
    Abbey Ibarra Is She Safe on the Metro Rail Gold Line? Women's Perception of Safety at the Metro Rail Abstract Women's safety on public transportation has had limited focus in transportation planning literature. In order to address this issue, . . .
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    Landin, Zane
    To better understand how professionals in medical fields are utilizing technology to address mental health. More specifically, I will evaluate the practicality and impact mental health care app's have in addressing the gap between accessibility to pro . . .
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    Jue-Sans, Emma
    This paper seeks to identify the extent to which political scandals impact a president's legitimacy and ability to govern. Focusing on recent scandals, this paper examines the Watergate, Iran-Contra, Whitewater, and Iraq & WMDs controversies. Using a . . .
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    Rosario, Martha
    In October 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published an extensive report stating that we have 12 years to make groundbreaking changes to the global energy infrastructure to prevent irreversible damages to our earth's natural . . .
  • Work
    Manning, Jeremy
    Social Media companies and their products operate within an as of now unidentified moral structure. I have categorized responsibility to be attributable to different entities. People are responsible and Businesses can be held responsible. Whereas a st . . .
  • Work
    Rivera, Yvonne
    Donald Trump has used unconventional means when sharing his social views about ethnic minorities, particularly those within the Latinx and Muslim communities. His use of Twitter demonstrates this, which has caused some to believe his Twitter posts are . . .
  • 3x816r60z?file=thumbnail
    Gonzales, Christopher
    In coming to understand different theories concerning love, I argue towards an account on a theory of romantic love, to which I advocate five necessary conditions throughout examples portrayed in pop culture and film. First, I argue that romantic love . . .
  • Sx61dr001?file=thumbnail
    Wong, Kelly
    Women's book clubs in the mid-twentieth-century United States fostered literary communities and establishing libraries. This paper argues that their actual impact extends far beyond that and shapes cultural and political discourse. Hroswitha Club, fou . . .
  • Zp38wh60s?file=thumbnail
    Ikehara, Taylor
    First published in 1997 in Japan, In the Miso Soup connects the dark and difficult life of sex workers in Tokyo to the effect of American capitalism on Japan following the end of the second World War. Miso Soup tells the story of a Japanese tour guide . . .
  • G445cj312?file=thumbnail
    Mcandrew, Andaiye
    In US cities, black, adolescent males are disproportionately more likely to be exposed to gun violence in their communities than any other demographic. In these same communities, the lasting impacts of discriminatory housing policies have resulted in . . .
  • Kd17cx64h?file=thumbnail
    Blackmore, Elizabeth
    In 1971, a group of students from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona created Harvest International, a literary journal promoted to provide a creative writing outlet for students and faculty on campus. However, the journal has had difficul . . .
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    Jakobcic, Morgan
    Arcadia by Tom Stoppard is a play that has captured many audiences and critics attention when it made its debut in 1993. But it was not just the story or characters that drew people in, it was the way that Stoppard toggles between the two timelines wi . . .
  • N583z0419?file=thumbnail
    Del Rey, Dana
    Beginning the late 20th century neighborhood associations emerged as key players in the governance of American cities. Today, Los Angeles boats the largest and most formalized system of neighborhood governance, with 99 elected and publicly funded neig . . .
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    Mosher, Eric
    The knowledge of chemistry is very important to many different fields of science and industry; therefore, we need to optimize how much learning occurs by students within the time frame of a semester. Data has been gathered from the CHM 1220 general ch . . .
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    Flores, Genesis
    Research has demonstrated a continued influence effect which occurs when belief in misinformation persists even after correction. Although several techniques can reduce belief in misinformation, none are able to eliminate belief entirely. In fact, res . . .
  • Pc289n76k?file=thumbnail
    Tapia, Bryan
    Research has shown that people use conceptual metaphors to represent abstract concepts. English speakers conceptualize time as space via the mental timeline, representing the past on the left and the future on the right. One's orientation of the menta . . .
  • D217qt48c?file=thumbnail
    Cooper, Jasmine
    Mental fatigue is the decline in ability that results from prolonged or excessive cognitive activity. There is limited research on mental fatigue, and few studies address its impact on working memory, the ability to maintain and manipulate information . . .
  • Fq977z454?file=thumbnail
    Raman, Isabella
    In the present study, we plan to examine the neural correlates of the conscious recollection of long-term memories (LTM). This process is defined as the retrieval of qualitative or associative information during recognition, and a wealth of studies ha . . .
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    Cotter, Beverly
    Rossi and Prystauka (under review) investigated pronoun processing in L2 learners and native speakers of Spanish via electroencephalography (EEG). When processing grammar, the late (L2) learners were found to have alpha and beta oscillations that decl . . .
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    Livingword, Kenneth
    The usage of embedded systems are becoming more and more commonly used for projects and applications because of the ability to connect to the network. This is known as the internet of things (loT). With so many hardware choices out there it can be a d . . .
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    Lee, Tony
    Image processing is among the most rapidly growing technologies. Image processing is a method that allows for operations to be performed on an image in order to modify the image or analyze information within the image. It may be useful to perform imag . . .
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    Guzman, Edgar
    This paper will be illustrating the AWSVI (Advances Walking Stick for the Visual impaired), a friendly, comfortable, light weight smart white cane that detects obstacles and is capable of guiding the individual through a clear space. The ultimate goal . . .
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    Mesri, Bamdad
    This project is focusing on developing a novel finite element program for modeling plates. Plates are structures that are very thin. For example, the skin of an aircraft wing or the fuselage of an aircraft can be modeled using plate theory. In this pr . . .
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    Montesanti, Kyle
    The primary objective of the project proposal had been to physically construct an aesthetically viable Ondes Martenot-like MIDI controller device and to interface the analog input signals from the device to a microcontroller loaded with the accompanyi . . .
  • Xs55mg88v?file=thumbnail
    Le, Kyle
    Engineers have long been on a mission to find the most efficient and reliable power source. Out of their possible solutions, one has proven to be reliable and efficient enough to be used at the small scale on homes, while also at the large scale on en . . .
  • Wm117t00j?file=thumbnail
    Gabuya, Josephine
    This project discusses the implementation of a fire extinguishing robot that can be controlled to assist a firefighter in scenarios where it is too hazardous for human involvement. This robot can be controlled wirelessly with the use of a phone throug . . .
  • Zp38wh58r?file=thumbnail
    Worsley, Kevin
    Computer vision is a dynamic field, with many applications in a wide variety of industries. Choosing a platform to deploy computer vision algorithms is a complex task, with a massive amount of choice, varying in operating system, computing power, and . . .
  • C247dx26p?file=thumbnail
    Garcia, Morely
    TensorFlow and OpenCV are open libraries used for machine learning and image manipulation, respectively. Using these libraries, we develop a Python-based program that implements convolutional neural networks to train for facial recognition. Images for . . .
  • Z890rz087?file=thumbnail
    Rajasekaran, Rohith
    Web analytics tools like Google Analytics allow an online business to track where visitors come from and how they interact with the website. Analyzing this information drives marketing and website design improvements, which can lead to traffic and con . . .
  • V979v673h?file=thumbnail
    Camarillo, Alberto
    Previous and Impervious surfaces play an important role in understanding issues that we face today such as climate change, overconsumption of energy, and urbanization. The objective of this research is to collect images from a variety of pervious and . . .
  • Dz010t97j?file=thumbnail
    Castillo, Leonardo
    Security is a key concern in our daily life.We put digital locks on almost every technology that we own and trust. Knowing that ones personal property is safely protected is a very important factor in feeling safe. Digital key locks are very useful an . . .
  • 8910jz529?file=thumbnail
    Dergevorkian, Aram
    The Embedded Lighting Controller is a product meant to allow both hobbyists and professionals to add lighting in a variety of applications ranging from costumes to theatrical props. Lighting is a critical element of performance art, either contributin . . .
  • 1r66j502b?file=thumbnail
    Willard, Alexander
    An analysis of the performance of the ACE lightweight cryptography (LWC) algorithm on two different systems, an x86/x64 desktop/server using Visual Studio to serve as a reference and a MicroBlaze softcore microcontroller implemented on a Nexys4 FPGA. . . .
  • 4m90f038g?file=thumbnail
    Moreno, Angel
    This project is on convolutional neural networks and how to implement image recognition on a Raspberry Pi. First, we will go over what a Convolutional neural network is and how it works. Then, we will cover information on TensorFlow and why we are usi . . .
  • Z316q530g?file=thumbnail
    Buted, Justin Ryan
    Batch operation of reverse osmosis is a promising new concept that can reduce the specific energy consumption (SEC) for a water desalination. In this work, we used the optimal control theory to find the best temporal profile of the applied pressure. I . . .
  • 2v23vz58x?file=thumbnail
    Arnold, Michael
    Single use and household plastic products have created devastating environmental pollution problems. As a solution, a thermal cracking reactor was designed to convert plastic waste to valuable products that can be used as a fuel substitute. This type . . .
  • C821gp323?file=thumbnail
    London, Jacob
    The BLASTn (basic local alignment search tool - nucleotide) algorithm is widely used by researchers around the world. BLAST itself is used for a variety of purposes, but this project focuses on BLASTn which targets nucleotide DNA sequences. In BLASTn . . .
  • 8c97kv418?file=thumbnail
    Tan, Jaceylin
    Pressure Retarded Osmosis (PRO) is a promising clean energy technology that utilizes the salinity gradient between two solutions (e.g., river and ocean water) through a semi-permeable membrane. A mathematical model is developed to accurately represent . . .
  • Tm70mz57t?file=thumbnail
    Faigao, Jason
    The State of California mandates 50 percent renewable electricity by 2030. Converting biomass to power is an excellent approach to fulfill California's climate control goal. This project explores the combustion of coal converted from biomass via hydro . . .
  • Pz50h084r?file=thumbnail
    Yu, Cristina
    The integrity of the state and national system of embankment dams and levees are imperative when ensuring the safety of surrounding communities in all countries. The failure of these systems is open to natural and human-made hazards, which can undergo . . .
  • Ws859k690?file=thumbnail
    Kamalzare, Mehrad
    The Los Angeles basin has been known in the past for extensive flooding and significant earthquake activity. Since the mid-19th century systems of levees have been used for agricultural purposes; now levees play a major role in flood protection. Calif . . .
  • Cc08hk44d?file=thumbnail
    Jayan, Neha
    Today's digital age can be defined by the massive amount of data and information readily accessible in various forms of media. While images have become a popular medium of information, current methods for relevant searching and retrieval face signific . . .
  • Br86b752f?file=thumbnail
    Brito, Ricardo
    Adaptive materials, also called smart materials, respond to an applied external stimulus with a measurable change in some physical property. Examples of external stimulus can be changes in pressure, temperature, applied electrical, magnetic fields, an . . .
  • 4f16c694c?file=thumbnail
    Shah, Kush
    The relationship between humans and technology is hyperbolically increasing. Reliance on computers is fundamental for many avenues of work and life. Among these demographics, patients with locked-in syndrome are not provided with assistive technology . . .
  • Tq57nw037?file=thumbnail
    Arcos, Alison
    Accountants have been stereotyped and the occupation of accounting has been portrayed in a lackluster way as seen in movies, television shows, and various other media outlets. This can be unfortunate as these negative stereotypes could make young adul . . .
  • Fb494d263?file=thumbnail
    Ruiz, Alexis Ramirez
    As the largest system of public higher education in the country, the California State University system has served for decades as a testing ground for some of the most relevant developments in higher educational policy around the country. Recent devel . . .
  • V979v6727?file=thumbnail
    Adame, Manuel Abraham
    Coastal US cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York are experiencing a boom in population growth leading to a rise in housing unaffordability. Local governments have taken a stronger role in responding to the demand for housing, following . . .
  • Qr46r464n?file=thumbnail
    Flores, Jocelyn
    Scholars have found that homelessness is often connected to many root causes such as substance abuse, mental health issues, poverty, addiction, and lack of job skills. It has been noted that nonprofits play an important role in tackling homelessness b . . .
  • X059cc171?file=thumbnail
    Buenas, Steven
    The focus of this study is to show the positive effects of sustainable design on affordable housing. Interviews will be conducted from professionals who are in the industry, tenants that reside in these units, and the leaders of the organizations who . . .
  • V692tb248?file=thumbnail
    Morales, Anthony
    Currently, the world is facing a potential coronavirus epidemic. A disposable face mask (respirator) is a safety device that covers the nose and mouth and helps protect the wearer from breathing in some hazardous substances such as airborne diseases l . . .
  • Tq57nw02z?file=thumbnail
    Ghazarian, Sydney
    Sulfolobus turreted icosahedral virus (STIV) is an archaeal virus that infects Sulfolobus solfataricus. Although it has emerged as a model archaeal virus, its replication cycle has not been fully characterized. We have found that STIV exploits the End . . .
  • 5q47rs71h?file=thumbnail
    Bhakta, Suhani
    Trichomonas vaginalis is an extracellular parasite responsible for trichomoniasis, the most common non-viral sexually transmitted infection. Trichomoniasis is most prevalent in women, of which ~50% are asymptomatic. At the site of infection, neutrophi . . .
  • 1g05fg24d?file=thumbnail
    Moran, Jose
    Trichomoniasis, caused by Trichomonas vaginalis, is the most common non-viral sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the United States. Approximately 50% of those infected are asymptomatic and do not seek treatment. Trichomoniasis is associated with . . .
  • Kd17cx62z?file=thumbnail
    Denver, Dayna
    California chaparral plant communities that experience unnaturally frequent and large wildfire events are highly vulnerable to nonnative species invasion and require restoration. These species rapidly outgrow and outcompete native species for nutrient . . .
  • Wh246w92t?file=thumbnail
    Smith, Briana
    Circadian rhythms are biological events that take place every 24-hours. In mammals, circadian rhythm regulate many aspects of physiological behavior including sleep-wake cycles, the endocrine system, physiology of the gastrointestinal tract, and metab . . .
  • 12579x17z?file=thumbnail
    Kahng, Eunice
    Body temperature is an important component in the diagnosing and treatment of disease in canines. Rectal temperature remains to be standard of obtaining temperature within the clinical setting, but there are many drawbacks with this method. Rectal the . . .
  • 1544bs88z?file=thumbnail
    Sanders, Uriah
    While the flowers may be the most visually charismatic aspect of the plants, they are also highly complex. Post maturation, the flowers dehisce through a highly regulated process of organ abscission. Genetic studies of organ abscission of economically . . .
  • 2z10wv03k?file=thumbnail
    Bright, Annabelle
    The raw food diet for companion dogs is the latest fad diet to gain momentum in the pet industry. Many owners believe that because dogs are descendants of wolves, they should eat similarly to how wolves eat with raw meat being the main component. Thes . . .
  • 73666839s?file=thumbnail
    Gresham, Alexandra
    Many raptor species are affected by Lead (Pb) toxicosis, caused by ingesting spent lead ammunition that is embedded in carcasses left behind by hunters. In July 2019 the State of California banned the use of Pb ammunition for hunting purposes, in orde . . .
  • Gx41mn504?file=thumbnail
    Ferreyra, Stephanie
    Studying the molecular mechanisms involved in the development, maintenance, and regulation of adipocytes (fat cells) could provide insight on the development of the new tools to address obesity. Human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC) are adult stem cells . . .
  • 2b88qh13g?file=thumbnail
    Daudu, Robert
    Microgravity has been shown to weaken the immune system of astronauts during take-off and landing of spacecraft while increasing the virulence of microbes by altering microbial physiology. However, not much is known about the effect of microgravity on . . .
  • 3197xq96w?file=thumbnail
    Lee, Eric
    Usage of marijuana and its derivatives are currently on the rise in the United States. These cannabinoids are known to alter the immune system. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary psychotropic compound in marijuana and is known to suppre . . .
  • Rr172214f?file=thumbnail
    Rand, Kasia
    Primary bile acids are derivatives of cholesterol that are synthesized in the liver and act as detergents during digestion. In the large intestine a small fraction of these primary bile acids will be converted to secondary bile acids by intestinal bac . . .
  • Hq37vs54m?file=thumbnail
    Garrett, Michael
    Listeria monocytogenes is a pathogenic bacteria that can be found in a variety of foods and causes foodborne illness. While L. monocytogenes is the only pathogenic species of Listeria, regulatory agencies require routine monitoring of the six major sp . . .