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    Pan, Amy
    We always want to improve education. We look to other countries and see that the people of Asian countries consistently perform well in school and honor knowledge and education. How can we improve education if we do not understand how the “best” stude . . .
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    Koonjal, V. D.
    This paper aims to revisit the leadership skills depicted in the epic period, particularly from the Mahabharata and to link them with the Management and Leadership of a Tertiary Education Institution namely the Mahatma Gandhi Institute for sustainable . . .
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    Malik-Goure, Archana
    Savitribai Phule, Pandita Ramabai, Tarabai Shinde, Dr Anandibai Joshi, and Ramabai Ranade, the greatest women produced by modern India & one of the greatest Indians in all history, the one who lay the foundation for a movement for women’s liberation i . . .
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    Ganesan, P
    Religions are not just systems of belief; they are also organizations, or parts of organizations. They have a communal and social significance, which goes by the name of social dimension. The social shape of a religion is of course, to some extent det . . .
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    Das, Kanti lal
    The concept of justice is a matter of apprehension from the antiquity. It was John Rawls who all the way through his enduring dedication introduced the mainstream theory of justice in a radical manner. He was vocal against the classical utilitarianism . . .
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    Allen, Michael
    Gandhi’s relationship to liberal political philosophy has recently become a source of controversy. On the one hand, advocates for a virtue-based reformed liberal interpretation of Gandhi are inattentive to the devotional aspects of his political thoug . . .
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    Kazunori, Senoue
    The author, Ohno Susumu, is a Japanese language scholar. In this book, he deals with historical documents with mythological elements such as the Kojiki (712 A.D.) and the Nihon Shoki (720 A.D.) and other classical literary works using the methodology . . .
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    Prasol, Eugenia
    Soseki’s set of short stories Ten Nights’ Dreams (Yume ju ya, 1908) is often viewed as a metaphorical representation of the late Meiji period, which was a time of big changes in Japan on many various levels. While being a beginning of a new chapter of . . .
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    Sun, Xu
    As the Chinese philosopher, Huimin Jin pointed out in his article, “Cultural studies has been dramatically internationalized recently, and a new theoretical framework is accordingly demanded.” 1 In addition, the article ‘Cultural Runing-In Trend’ and . . .
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    Lee, Joo Heung
    I recently completed a brief refresher course in Vipassana meditation after some personal setbacks disrupted my fledgling practice and accompanying equanimity. It was much needed. My mojo is back, and I know more definitively than ever that the key to . . .