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    De Marchi, Paola Premoli
    This paper consists of four parts: (i) The first part develops a phenomenological description of power as an interpersonal relationship of influence of a human being over some other human being and aim to show that the two fundaments of any ethics of . . .
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    Ding, John Zijiang
    For over a decade, Confucian studies have gone through several evolutions and developments. From 2010 to today, this area has delivered a number of the fine scholars. This special issue of JET will examine the works of those Confucian scholars who hav . . .
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    Liu, Haiming
    The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, followed by a series of Chinese exclusion laws, barred the Chinese from coming to this country for half a century. While existing scholarship on this topic has focused on American racial politics, this article docume . . .
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    Lu, Zhaolu
    A developmental review of cognitive science and philosophy of cognition reveals that over the sixty years since cognitive science began Leibniz’ theory of perception has been largely ignored. It has been systematically overlooked that Leibniz offers a . . .
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    Crecelius, Anahid
    A pilot survey was conducted on 18 predominantly upper class Egyptian women ages 23 to 47 years. Questions on demographic status, dietary habits, and health status were asked. Anthropometric measurements of height, weight, waist and hip circumferences . . .
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    McKee, Gilbert J.
    In the last 25 years, not-for-profit organizations as a whole appear to have become larger and less government subsidized. Although eleemosynary institutions represent a significant and growing sector of the U.S. economy, few would doubt that charitie . . .
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    Cogger, Edward A.
    The lobster (Homarus americanus) fishery in the Gulf of Maine is being threatened by the taking of ovigerous lobsters with the subsequent removal of their eggs by dipping their tails in a sea water and bleach solution. Solutions equal to or greater th . . .
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    Oladi, Soudeh
    Through the Deleuzian analogy of the nomadic war machine, this paper seeks to tap into Rumi's writings to uncover potential points of contact. In so doing, what emerges is the war machine of love that works to awaken a powerful desire to seek transfor . . .
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    Patten, Thomas H.
    Together with such factors as training required, degree of initiative, responsibility for product or service, supervision of others, safety, working conditions and other considerations weighed in the evaluation of jobs, is the possibility of assessing . . .