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    Sun, Zhenbin
    “When a white horse is not a horse,” also known as the ‘White Horse Dialogue,’ is a well-known paradox advanced by Gongsun Long. Since its appearance, it has inspired various interpretations and critiques in the past 2,200 years so that it becomes an . . .
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    Rowe, Wayne
    In 1979, a unique and revolutionary event occurred in France. PhotographerLucien Clergue was granted a Ph.D. (cum laude ) solely on the basis of hiscollection of photographs entitled Langage des Sables (Language of the Sands).Directed by premier Frenc . . .
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    Yazhou, Liu
    Liu Yazhou: President Xi Jinping said: “History is the source of the current affairs and every country’s today comes from its yesterday.” The War of Jiawu is a war that profoundly changed the destinies of two countries: China and Japan. It also influe . . .
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    Pan, Da’an
    As an intermedia art Chinese calligraphy bridges the visual and verbal arts; its role goes beyond language learning to provide a key to understanding Chinese art as a holistic art. Furthermore, Chinese calligraphy can be used as a model to illustrate . . .
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    Pang, K. Hing
    Industrial refrigeration systems such as those present in an ethylene plant oran ammonia plant are designed based on the demand of refrigerant in the associated processes. Once the duties of the heat exchangers and the temperatures of the refrigerant . . .
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    Yu, Jiyuan
    In literature about Chinese philosophy, there are two prevailing views: (1) Chinese philosophy lacks interest in metaphysical pursuit and is preoccupied with practical affairs; and (2) There is a rich cosmology in Chinese thought. However, when we put . . .
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    Xhang, Michelle
    The essay demonstrates that ‘Journey to the West’ (JW) treats all Buddhist and Daoist scriptures as cannons for cultivating the mind. Since the novel explicitly states that Sun Wukong is resolved to cultivate Xuan (玄), Xuan should be interpreted as a . . .
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    Johnson, Richard
    Faculty seeking ways to encourage student perception and appreciation of the highlights of a course might consider adopting some version of the take home midterm assignment setout below. It asks students to identify items that are important to them an . . .
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    Harte, Ryan J.
    This essay has two major parts. First, a comparison between poetry and comparative work itself. Second, a comparison of the Zhuangzi and Euripides’ Bacchae. Comparison is like a poem in that both are imaginative constructions that rely on the creativi . . .