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    Yazhou, Liu
    Liu Yazhou: President Xi Jinping said: “History is the source of the current affairs and every country’s today comes from its yesterday.” The War of Jiawu is a war that profoundly changed the destinies of two countries: China and Japan. It also influe . . .
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    Rowe, Wayne
    In 1979, a unique and revolutionary event occurred in France. PhotographerLucien Clergue was granted a Ph.D. (cum laude ) solely on the basis of hiscollection of photographs entitled Langage des Sables (Language of the Sands).Directed by premier Frenc . . .
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    Sun, Zhenbin
    “When a white horse is not a horse,” also known as the ‘White Horse Dialogue,’ is a well-known paradox advanced by Gongsun Long. Since its appearance, it has inspired various interpretations and critiques in the past 2,200 years so that it becomes an . . .
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    Lovelace, Leopold
    In 1949 the civil war in China concluded as a matter of fact with the complete control of mainland by the armies of the Communist Party, which established the People’s Republic (PRC). The nationalist army made itself strong in the island of Taiwan –a . . .
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    Karayan, John E.
    Faculty, administrators, and other members of the University community are invited to submit papers based on scholarly research and other innovative activities to The Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. Of particular interest will be work addressing . . .
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    Dhar, Sharmistha
    In this piece of work I have revisited the free will problem which is a problem about intentional agency under deterministic causation as is perceived in the folk mindscape. I have first tried to disentangle the concept of deterministic causation from . . .
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    Aslani, Behrouz A.
    The business Strategy and Computer Simulation (SPAS) model consists of instructor and student software developed to simulate a competitive industry. It accommodates up to 10 firms that manufacture two products which can be sold in three markets. A com . . .
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    Kazunori, Senoue
    The author, Ohno Susumu, is a Japanese language scholar. In this book, he deals with historical documents with mythological elements such as the Kojiki (712 A.D.) and the Nihon Shoki (720 A.D.) and other classical literary works using the methodology . . .
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    Soe, Louise L.
    This study demonstrates that a commonly used type of factor analysis, principle components analysis, contributes to the amount of error in statistical analysis. In the study, which concerns email use, factor analyses were performed using several diffe . . .