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    Ding, Zijiang
    The human dilemma of love versus hatred has existed throughout development of both Western and Eastern civilization. “Love” is a central concept, a basic ideal and an important practice in Eastern culture. It is a loose term, however, and troubles res . . .
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    Switzer, Mary Kay
    There is much speculation on the long-range effects of the O.J. Simpson trial which is already rewriting the rules in nearly every area of the American legal system. In our democracy a primary concern is the citizen’s right to know; a right which must . . .
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    Kira, Fumiakia
    The work of the Japanese classical scholar Nakashima Hirotari, who came to prominence in Nagasaki in the latter half of the Edo period, was preserved in memory—thanks, in part, to the series of discourses written by Yatomi Hamao, a pre-war scholar of . . .
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    Ahadiat, Nas
    A number of professional organizations have called on accounting faculty to use technology in their courses. Given the range of technologies available, the purpose of this study is to determine what technologies have widespread applications among acco . . .
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    Karayan, John E.
    Citing in text
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    Feng, Chongyi
    This is an analysis of a moral and ideological dilemma facing the Chinese authority, with a focus on its shifting position on so-called “particularity of China”. Originally the Chinese communists were Universalists who rejected their various rivals’ a . . .
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    Bromley, Barbara E.
    This article explores issues of public reactions often encountered by personswith disabilities. A recent trip to Disneyland provides an opportunity to experience as well as reflect on interactions between those with and without disabilities.
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    Neville, Robert Cummings
    In contexts of political philosophy, Confucianism is frequently identified as a culture with a long evolving history in China, with branches in other countries such as Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia that were amalgamated with other local cultures, a . . .
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    Ahadiatvt, Nasrollah
    As the number and complexity of financial reporting standards (generally accepted accounting principles [GAAP]) continue to grow, non publicly-traded companies find it increasingly expensive to use the GAAP-basis of accounting. Likewise, small and med . . .