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    Nayar, Anupama
    The term ‘indigenous’, since late 20thcentury, is being extensively used to denote people and literatures, in addition to its previous function of classifying flora and fauna. These people, under international and national legislations are referred as . . .
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    Becker, John
    The formation of ideas is a universal characteristic of humankind. However, the nature of ideation and the ensuing convictions is fraught with ontological and ethical implications. This article seeks to explore the issues . . .
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    Long, William
    The small, remote country of Bhutan is the only democratic, mixed market country in the world that is rooted constitutionally and culturally in Buddhist principles. As such, it provides an authentic basis for theoretical and empirical com . . .
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    Bhuiya, Namramita
    This paper tries to explore Nāgārjuna’s śūnyatāand its implication towards vipaśyanāmeditation or insight perception. Allthe mundane objects of this world are full of suffering. Nāgārjuna was the systematic propounder of Mā . . .
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    Düring, Dascha
    Harmony is a central notion in Asian culture. It appears as a symbol on the Korean national flag; it is one of the names that the Japanese people used to call their nation; it is a justificatory principle in Chinese politics a . . .
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    Shani, Itay
    The paper begins with the assumption that in order to explain the efficacy of harmony as an organizing force in human and natural affairs we must pay attention to the dynamic features characteristic of the growth and maintenanc . . .
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    Löschke, Jörg
    The concept of harmony does not play a very important role in contemporary analytic philosophy. In this paper, I argue that this peripheral status of the concept of harmony in analytic philosophy is not warranted. In fact, harmony might b . . .
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    Düring, Dascha
    Recent years have shown a rise of English-language scholarship exploring the relation between the Chinese concept of harmony and the Western concept of justice. This paper reconstructs the influential contemporary . . .
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    Yeung, Tak-lap
    In this paper, I argue that the different understandings of “harmony”, which are rooted in ancient Greek and Chinese thought, can be recapitulated in the name of “dialectic harmony” and “ambiguous harmony” regarding the re . . .
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    Xiang, Shuchen
    This paper argues that the Chinese concept of harmony is exemplified in the historical process that resulted in the Chinese people and the geographic entity of China itself. The concept of harmony overcomes the dualism between identity an . . .