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    Pierson, Melinda
    More and more students with learning disabilities are enrolling in college-level programs. It is imperative that university professors are educated regarding the characteristics and accommodations for this diverse group of students.
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    Rai, Arvind Kumar
    In spite of differences in the conditions created by the advancement of science and technology modern man is very much similar to primitive man and animals. He also takes birth and dies like them. He also lives in a particular space and time and feels . . .
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    Takanashi, Yoshio
    Emerson wrote with excitement of his discovery of “God-within” in his poem “Gnothi Seauton”: “There doth sit the Infinite embosomed in a man.” He furthermore preached in his sermon “The Genuine Man” that “the essential man” dwells in the innermost sou . . .
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    Luizzi, Vincent
    Of special interest is whether Russian laws, arguably discriminatory to its homosexual population, can figure into an argument that ultimately calls for some action to counteract this discrimination. Many calls to action invoke a comparison with the O . . .
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    Yazhou, Liu
    Once again we encounter the Jiashen 甲申 year.2 Three hundred sixty years ago, in 1644, the 21st year of the sexagenary cycle of the lunar calendar, known as the Jiashen year, China underwent cataclysmic change. An old dynasty perished, and a new one di . . .
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    Preiser-Houy, Lara
    The relationship between the application software development process and its enabling foundation, software development infrastructure (SDI), is discussed everywhere in the literature, but this discussion is very disjointed. Yet the failure to coheren . . .
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    Burgin, Mark
    History can teach people a lot. Thus, it is necessary to teach history, and a teacher comes to the natural question how to use history in teaching. It is fairly clear how to do this when history itself is the subject of teaching or for such d isciplin . . .
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    Montesano, Mark
    Mohandas Gandhi’s interpretation of Hinduism was key to his practice of nonviolence. His influence on Western thought is most often represented by Martin Luther King Jr.’s Christian appropriation of Gandhi to support the Civil Rights Movement. America . . .
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    Dunwoody, Philip T.
    This article connects literature in cross-cultural psychology with the study of Taijiquan. Cross-cultural psychology has found two main differences between the typical East Asian and Westerner. East Asians emphasize an interdependent self-concept and . . .
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    Prasol, Eugenia
    Soseki’s set of short stories Ten Nights’ Dreams (Yume ju ya, 1908) is often viewed as a metaphorical representation of the late Meiji period, which was a time of big changes in Japan on many various levels. While being a beginning of a new chapter of . . .