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    Vermeer, Wendolyn
    The ALCTS/LITA Electronic Resources Management Interest Group is hosting a panel put together by the ALCTS Acquisitions Section’s Acquisitions Technology Committee. Their meeting is titled “Meeting the E-Resources Challenge: Utilizing ERMS in Librarie . . .
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    Villagomez, Frank
    A safety evaluation conducted by Frank Villagomez under the mentorship and supervision of the the Federal Highway Administration Oregon Division. The safety review focused on wrong way driving on I-5 & I-84 off-ramps. Off-ramps were evaluated for comp . . .
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    Conrad, Suzanna
    In tough economic times it can be daunting to even get interviews, much less land a job. The library field has been heavily impacted by budget cuts and the stagnated economy. How can new librarians navigate the limited opportunities and still differen . . .
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    Bansal, Sangeeta
    Evaluate the impacts of salinity on biological nitrogen fixation (BNF). Determine the extent to which salinity-induced reductions in BNF can be offset by N Fertilizer addition.
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    Persons, Mandi
    Cdc7/Dbf4 kinase triggers DNA replication in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and also plays role in the S phase checkpoint. The S phase checkpoint prevents incomplete DNA replication from proceeding to mitotic division. In Schizosaccharomyces pombe, caffeine . . .
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    Lovelace, Leopold
    A new interest in Africa has generated increasing microscopic analyses and studies of its constitutional problems from the contexts of observation of different social sciences and from interdisciplinary approaches. My own interest in the conditions of . . .
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    Landin, Zane
    Poetry interests me, because of the far depths I can take writing about a subject where it is personal and yet relatable to a broad audience. Most of my poetry expresses many symbols or motifs representing a single thought transcribed in a way where i . . .
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    Lance, Zoe
    Kanye West is both loved for his award-winning music and derided for his public persona, so it is fitting that the world is speculating whether he'll duplicate the sound of his last album, Yeezus, or go in a new direction. Jon Dolan for Rolling Stone . . .
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    Bailey, Danielle
    “Black power is giving power to people who have not had power to determine their destiny.” This quote was stated by Huey Newton, one of the co-founders of the Black Panther Party in 1966. During this time, the Black Panthers were mostly known for prot . . .
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    Conrad, Suzanna
    Library signage, both print and digital, is used to make announcements, provide information, promote events and services, or provide directions, but is often viewed as overused, ineffective, and generally unwelcoming. Speakers detail the process for c . . .
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    Madva, Alex
    The abolition of capital punishment is among the reforms the Black Lives Matter movement has called for in response to what it calls "the war against Black people" and "Black communities" in the United States. Drawing on the large body of studies indi . . .
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    Conrad, Suzanna
    This presentation details the learning process of incorporating custom dimensions for tracking these detailed fields including trial and error attempts to use the data import function manually in Google Analytics, to automate the data import using Goo . . .
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    Conrad, Suzanna
    The university library presenting this talk launched its first mobile website in 2007 and has since continued developing mobile websites, however mostly with the feedback of library staff rather than student users. As mobile devices and tablets become . . .
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    Conrad, Suzanna
    Digital storytelling can serve as a means of documenting an individual’s experiences, thereby creating valuable items of cultural heritage. When administered as part of a larger community project, it can also foster community building. Currently, digi . . .
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    Vermeer, Wendolyn
    The English Council of the California State University System invited presenters from numerous campuses to discuss the state of General Education (GE) at their respective campuses, and how GE courses related to English and Writing programs across the . . .
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    Mani, Jayashree
    Many effective strategies have been utilized throughout history to run constructions projects to success. Different project delivery methods have been established and used throughout history to improve the success of a project within cost, schedule an . . .
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    Mouradian, Eva
    The battery technology of our modern handheld electronics has become insufficient relative to our usage of those electronics. Our startup aims to extend the battery life of our handheld electronics by harnessing and storing energy from the sun. With t . . .
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    Garrett, Michael
    DNA aptamers are short, single-stranded oligomers capable of binding to a wide variety of target molecules with high affinity and specificity. DNA aptamers have emerged as ideal alternatives to antibodies in diagnostics due to their low cost of produc . . .
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    Banuelas, David
    Since Schinus molle (California pepper tree) was introduced to Southern California in 1830, it has escaped ornamental cultivation becoming invasive. Prior to this study, it had not been had determined if S. molle possess the same potential for allelop . . .
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    Manzanarez, Karlos
    Biomass is currently being researched as an alternative to fossil fuels because it does not have a finite supply. Biomass refers to organic matter such as wood, agricultural products, solid waste and natural gas that all contain precursors to high ene . . .
  • C534fr02x?file=thumbnail
    Kuetzing, Peter
    There are an estimated 100,000 cases of torn Anterior Cruciate Ligaments (ACL) in the United States each year. Although autografts and allografts are approved treatments, they are expensive, labor intensive, cause donor site morbidity, and require a l . . .
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    Ortiz, Melanie
    The famous tradition, Day of The Dead began in the pre-hispanic years and was originallycelebrated during the month of August. During the last years of the 15th century and thebeginning of the 16th, Iberian ships reached Mesoamérica and started settli . . .
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    Vega, Ulises
    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are aircrafts that are either controlled remotely by a human from a ground station or by an on board computer. There are various types of UAVs such as fixed wing drones as well as quadcopters and hexacopters, all of whi . . .
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    Gnanasekaran, Lavanya
    With the advancement of technology in data communication, security plays a major role in protecting user's data from adversaries. Cryptography is a technique which consists of various algorithms to provide secure communication during data transfer. On . . .
  • Ng451k73x?file=thumbnail
    Jiang, Shen
    Identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is a critical success factor to online businesses as it helps businesses to effectively measure, optimize performance, and achieve their Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). E-commerce sites, in particular, . . .
  • K0698971n?file=thumbnail
    Holznecht, Nickolas
    Pulmonary aspergillosis is a life-threatening infection of immunocompromised individuals caused by Aspergillus spp., particularly Aspergillus fumigatus. These patients are immunosuppressed with steroids, anti-rejection agents for transplants and/or an . . .
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    El-Issa, Rafed
    Modern day technology's consistently fast development is no longer a surprise to the users and consumers of it. The sheer speed at which technology develops has numbed citizens' to its continued improvements, creating an environment where society only . . .
  • M326m388q?file=thumbnail
    Bullard, Erin
    In this paper, we will study a version of Fickett's model to analyze a nonlinear system of PDE's built with the purpose for modeling the dynamics of detonation. Specifically, we use a combination of Godunov's method and an upwinding method to solve th . . .
  • G158bk45r?file=thumbnail
    Alestwani, Burhan
    As the demand for computational power increases, the need to develop cost efficient methods for computing is constantly rising. To help solve this issue, our research is dedicated towards developing low power computational technology while being a cos . . .
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    Arce, Jeury
    Black liquor recovery boilers are essential to the kraft process in the pulp and paper industry. The boilers generate energy and recover organic compounds to recreate white liquor, an important ingredient for the creation of pulp. The black liquor con . . .
  • Z603r056f?file=thumbnail
    Oliver, Pi Raymond
    Advancements in machine learning over the past several decades have provoked a sharp increase in humanity's ability to gather and analyze bulk data at a deep level of understanding - and use that data to make informed decisions and solve critical issu . . .
  • Bk128d097?file=thumbnail
    St. Claire, Samantha
    Women and Jews, minority groups marginalized by a Christian patriarchy, respond to Christian rhetoric that defines them as liminal by arguing for the sameness of human bodily experience and for their position as "students" of their social and cultural . . .
  • 5h73pz23w?file=thumbnail
    Woodfine, Devon
    Atmospheric pressure plasma, also referred to as cold plasma, alters the surface properties of a material while leaving the bulk characteristics unchanged. This treatment has been shown to expedite the process for sterilization of medical equipment, d . . .
  • Cn69m620c?file=thumbnail
    Navarro, Ceasar
    This presentation talks about the research on developing capabilities for autonomous navigation of small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for indoor search and rescue missions. Indoor environment poses unique challenges for autonomous navigation of veh . . .
  • 2f75rb27n?file=thumbnail
    Patil, Deepali
    Surface modification is an effective approach to extend the lifetime of metallic alloys in corrosive environments. Halide activated pack cementation (HAPC) is a cost-effective process that can produce corrosion-resistant surfaces, e.g., aluminum-rich . . .
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    Brown, Aaron
    West Nile virus (WNV) is a neurotropic flavivirus capable of causing irreparable neuronal injury and encephalitis which can potentially result in lethal disease. In order to control WNV replication and any associated neurologic disease, it is vital th . . .
  • Z603r057q?file=thumbnail
    Kim, Don
    In metal 3D printing (additive manufacturing), there have been research that showed that packing density of virgin metal powder particles directly affects the quality of 3D printed parts. High packing density of metal powder in each layer of laser sin . . .
  • S7526f80q?file=thumbnail
    Kest, John
    Frequent drought conditions, and the depletion of surface and ground water sources present many challenges to California. The state relies heavily on water imported from the north and the Colorado River. The transportation of this water uses grid powe . . .
  • 9k41zg738?file=thumbnail
    Edwards, Taylor
    Trait-based ecology provides an important framework for understanding how plant species respond to and affect their environment. When trying to restore invaded systems, such as California coastal sage scrub (CSS), studying plant functional traits give . . .
  • 2j62s720z?file=thumbnail
    Singh, Parveena
    Fanfiction allows people from various communities to celebrate their favorite fandoms, characters, and relationships together. Over the past decade, fanfiction has developed into a center for activism through the racebending movement in online communi . . .
  • Qr46r3015?file=thumbnail
    Ramirez, Rosa
    Stigma around the discussion of mental health in academia still clings to the profession (Pettit, 2016). As long as our common image of the professor remains white, male, straight, well-off, and nondisabled, people outside that circle will encounter b . . .
  • Sq87bw83w?file=thumbnail
    Tasci, Amy
    Butanol is a gasoline substitute and naturally derived, making the production of butanol of increasing importance. Butanol is produced through acetone, butanol, ethanol (ABE) fermentation pathway in some bacteria, including the Clostridium species. Be . . .
  • 6d56zz65t?file=thumbnail
    Ojeda, Marcos
    Traditional polyurethanes (PUs) are the result of the reaction between polyols and diisocyanates. In recent years, non-isocyanate polyurethanes (NIPUs) have been developed as a greener alternative. One highly researched method involves the reaction be . . .
  • Rn301360m?file=thumbnail
    Coria, Monserrat
    The citizenship status of a romantic partner plays a significant role in a romantic relationship. Undocumented immigrants face risks associated with fear of deportation, legal employment, driving, and travel. There are financial limitations associated . . .
  • X346d650w?file=thumbnail
    Seitz, Michael
    Acylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and polylactic acid (PLA) are two popular material choices for fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printing. 3D printed materials have many valuable applications, however the myriad variations in material print sett . . .
  • 3484zj99j?file=thumbnail
    Osuna, Ivan
    Human comfort in regards to clothing systems depends upon the ability of the fabrics and their construction to transmit perspiration away from the body. If the clothing system is inefficient in this regard, the wearer will experience a great deal of d . . .
  • B8515q78n?file=thumbnail
    Kupsik, Jakub
    Traffic congestion on the freeways is one of the worst issues in California. During peak hours, traffic can slow down to a stop-and-go crawl. A significant cause of this behavior is driving habits: human beings have a tendency to drive closer as they . . .
  • 8910jw870?file=thumbnail
    Agunos, Darwin
    The Force Concept Inventory (FCI) is an important diagnostic tool widely utilized within the PER (Physics Education Research) community. While students' performance on the FCI has been extensively studied, relatively less work was done in primarily un . . .
  • D217qr632?file=thumbnail
    Raman, Isabella
    In the present study, we plan to examine the neural correlates of the conscious recollection of long-term memories (LTM). This process is defined as the retrieval of qualitative or associative information during recognition, and a wealth of studies ha . . .
  • Bn999905m?file=thumbnail
    Arreaga, Briana
    Many catalysts used in the making of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals are comprised of rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, and palladium. However, these elements are precious transition metals, which are oftentimes expensive and not very Earth abundant. Th . . .