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    Pineda, Matthew Levi
    In group theory, one of the most signi cant properties of normal subgroups is that they allow the formation of quotient groups. More speci cally, if H E G, then G=H is a group. Thus is natural to wonder how often do normal subgroups appear in a group, . . .
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    Santacruz, Alfredo
    The Winter 2016-2017 season in California saw substantial amounts of precipitation, which resulted in critically-low reservoirs filling up and the removal of most of California from drought status. The year prior was characterized by one of the strong . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Wood, Laura
    The purpose of this project was to create a handbook of activities to assist third grade teachers in teaching multiplication fluency. I presented strategies to help teachers teach students how to learn multiplication fluency using peer reviewed resear . . .
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    Student Research
    Urias, Esmeralda
    Let's Talk About this BAD B**** Do you know who Amber Rose is? She is the definition of a feminist! Amber Rose is an activist that stands up for women. She raises awareness about sexual injustice and gender inequality. She has come a long way from her . . .
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    Sandercock, Jessica
    While approaches to education have evolved in ways that keep up with the changing times, grading and evaluation has relatively stayed the same. The topics within this thesis involves discussion of education in a way that matters; evaluating the curric . . .
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    Student Research
    Huluf, Micheal
    Materials that can withstand corrosive environments at increasingly high temperatures and harsh conditions are needed for allowing higher operating efficiencies. Halide Activated Pack Cementation (HAPC) is one such coating method which mitigates the e . . .
  • Work
    Learning Object
    Hoeling, Barbara
    In this interactive animation, you can rotate a laser beam and change the angle at which it hits a plane mirror. Move the laser around and observe what happens: as you change the direction of the incoming (or incident) beam, the direction of the refle . . .
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    Student Research
    Guzman, Marilyn
    One in five Americans have a mental health condition (U.S. Department of Mental Health), yet despite the increase of mental health insurance provided by the Affordable Care Act, the utilization of these services does not parallel the current number of . . .
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    Yu, Jiyuan
    In literature about Chinese philosophy, there are two prevailing views: (1) Chinese philosophy lacks interest in metaphysical pursuit and is preoccupied with practical affairs; and (2) There is a rich cosmology in Chinese thought. However, when we put . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Nguyen, Nhi Hoang Yen
    The purpose of this study is to examine destination image of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam on the Internet by studying content of selected reviews on TripAdvisor website. UNESCO listed Ha Long Bay twice as a World Heritage Site in 1994 and 2000, respectively. . . .
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    Melendez, Jaime
    The challenges faced by military veterans, who served in the United States Military deserve to be addressed and acknowledged. Veterans of this country’s armed forces put their lives on the line. They knowingly went to war, knowing they might not come . . .
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    Student Research
    Hasan, Ali
    Pasta is a staple food in most countries. Regular pasta is made with durum semolina flour, in which the gluten network plays a role in pasta's biological and technological functionalities. The objective of this project is to create a high fiber, high . . .
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    Student Research
    Mendoza, Rigoberto
    The current industry standard for fault documentation is a sketch‐based trench log. I propose that photographic imagery should be used to enhance this procedure. I will use key trench details to describe fault characterization, and the overall geology . . .
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    Student Research
    Hu, Xing
    With the advancement of internet technology, there has been proliferation of conversational texts in the form of blog posts, comments, reviews and so on. It has become daunting task for users to extract very concise and meaningful opinions of people f . . .
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    Pang, K. Hing
    Industrial refrigeration systems such as those present in an ethylene plant oran ammonia plant are designed based on the demand of refrigerant in the associated processes. Once the duties of the heat exchangers and the temperatures of the refrigerant . . .
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    Student Research
    Sien, Raphael C. Ghieuw
    This research aims to determine the impact of independent and interdependent self-construal on consumers in a retail setting. To achieve this, the participants are compared under two parameters: (1) their preferred amount of contact with sales associa . . .
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    Student Research
    Rubio, Jennifer
    Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (HSV-2) causes genital infection in about 20% of the U.S. population and in 500 million people worldwide. This infection cannot be cured by antiviral drug therapy. Our laboratory has focused on developing a liposomal HSV-2 vacci . . .
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    Pan, Da’an
    As an intermedia art Chinese calligraphy bridges the visual and verbal arts; its role goes beyond language learning to provide a key to understanding Chinese art as a holistic art. Furthermore, Chinese calligraphy can be used as a model to illustrate . . .
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    Student Research
    Macias, Brandon
    Desalination is a process where salts and other minerals are removed from saline water. In the desalination process, seawater is treated and two products are made: clean water and highly concentrated saline water. This more concentrated saline water i . . .
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    Isabela, May Yin Melody
    Asian American school leaders are underrepresented in the K-12 public school system. In comparison with other racial and ethnic groups, Asian American female administrators are largely underrepresented in the executive positions in the workplace of to . . .
  • Fj2364176?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Zhang, Liang
    In this project, a website (AlgoHub) is implemented, which mainly hosts contents of algorithms, such as title, algorithm description, applications, and so on. From the functionality perspective, modules like adding, modifying, searching, fulfills the . . .
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    Student Research
    Goh, Jonathan
    Triboelectric charging is a natural phenomenon that often plagues many manufacturing processes. Electrical charge is transferred when two material surfaces contact each other. This phenomenon attributes to a wide range of occurrences, such as volcanic . . .
  • Kk91fn638?file=thumbnail
    Escalona, Roland
    For this study, I used a case study approach to find out what socio-demographic changes associated with gentrification have occurred in Fresno Metropolitan Statistical Area and what the spatial dynamics of these changes are. Here, gentrification is de . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Bhagtani, Pratik
    In India, middle class and even high-class housewives make their small group of friends and hang out at least once every month. This even is Known as kitty Party. In this Kitty Party, each member has to contribute a small amount of fees. This fee is c . . .
  • D791sj210?file=thumbnail
    Yazhou, Liu
    Liu Yazhou: President Xi Jinping said: “History is the source of the current affairs and every country’s today comes from its yesterday.” The War of Jiawu is a war that profoundly changed the destinies of two countries: China and Japan. It also influe . . .
  • Xw42n993j?file=thumbnail
    Rowe, Wayne
    In 1979, a unique and revolutionary event occurred in France. PhotographerLucien Clergue was granted a Ph.D. (cum laude ) solely on the basis of hiscollection of photographs entitled Langage des Sables (Language of the Sands).Directed by premier Frenc . . .
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    Student Research
    Fitch, Robert
    Increased nitrogen deposition has been shown to favor invasive plant species and hinder native plant species. Anecdotal evidence suggests that invasion of annual grasses occurs more abundantly in valleys and lowlands and less abundantly on the steeper . . .
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    Student Research
    Thomas, Zachary
    When one thinks of a cyclist, what typically comes to mind is spandex skin suit, tight shorts, and a jerseys; but with the rise of cycling around the world as a means of transportation, there is a growing need for functional apparel that can be worn b . . .
  • Jh343v250?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Montoya, Andrea
    The Interpreter of Maladies written by Jhumpa Lahiri, is constructed of a variety of short stories that depict how life is for immigrants of India, as she is an immigrant novelist and writer of the Indian diaspora. Each story is about a different styl . . .
  • 9019s4615?file=thumbnail
    Sun, Zhenbin
    “When a white horse is not a horse,” also known as the ‘White Horse Dialogue,’ is a well-known paradox advanced by Gongsun Long. Since its appearance, it has inspired various interpretations and critiques in the past 2,200 years so that it becomes an . . .
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    Graduate Project
    Nguyen, Thi
    This paper addresses the impact of the recent tax reform on homeownership. The deductible mortgage cap reduction has lowered the cutoff value at which individuals can fully obtain the favorable benefit of housing ownership-tenure. Introducing limitati . . .
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    Student Research
    Cornwell, Ayris
    According to the American Psychological Association, 44% of Americans have reported that their stress levels have greatly increased over the past five years. Suffering from a high degree of stress often makes it difficult to focus, and go about everyd . . .
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    Lovelace, Leopold
    In 1949 the civil war in China concluded as a matter of fact with the complete control of mainland by the armies of the Communist Party, which established the People’s Republic (PRC). The nationalist army made itself strong in the island of Taiwan –a . . .
  • 1544br14z?file=thumbnail
    Karayan, John E.
    Faculty, administrators, and other members of the University community are invited to submit papers based on scholarly research and other innovative activities to The Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. Of particular interest will be work addressing . . .
  • 2f75rb075?file=thumbnail
    Dhar, Sharmistha
    In this piece of work I have revisited the free will problem which is a problem about intentional agency under deterministic causation as is perceived in the folk mindscape. I have first tried to disentangle the concept of deterministic causation from . . .
  • P2676x728?file=thumbnail
    Nakamoto, Shannon
    It was a tense morning in Nicosia in 1956. The people of Cyprus were in a state of emergency according to the British government, with the growth of a nationalist guerrilla organization known as EOKA, led by General Georghios Grivas. The new Colonial . . .
  • 9s161823z?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Yu, Brian
    Parental involvement in education has been heavily researched in the past few decades. Studies show that parental involvement with students at young age will benefit students’ future academic pathways (Gonida & Cortina, 2014; Stevens & Patel, 2015). T . . .
  • Dv13zw11c?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Deleon, Moses
    Many systems, such as engines and refinery tanks, undergo repeated heating and cooling. During the cooling process the metallic surfaces of these systems may crack due to the difference in the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) with the layers of . . .
  • Bv73c2731?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Palacios, Joshua
    In the effort to fight poverty across Less Developed Countries (LDCs), there have been political, economic, and social movements towards reshaping institutions to reach prosperity. Recently, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, The Unite . . .
  • Q237ht825?file=thumbnail
    Aslani, Behrouz A.
    The business Strategy and Computer Simulation (SPAS) model consists of instructor and student software developed to simulate a competitive industry. It accommodates up to 10 firms that manufacture two products which can be sold in three markets. A com . . .
  • 9p290c461?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Gilkes, Adrienne
    Introduction: Aspergillus fumigatus causes ~90% of human pulmonary mycoses and mortality exceeds 50% in immunosuppressed patients, supporting the need for an Aspergillus vaccine. We tested the efficacy of liposomal vaccines containing proteins Aspf3(A . . .
  • Ns064791n?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Dobaria, Hemanshi
    Nowadays, indoor farming and small backyard farm setups are booming. Also, people have more plants in the home than before. But oftentimes, it is not possible to water plants on time because we forget, or we are not at the place to physically deliver . . .
  • Mg74qp10v?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Ramos, Felix
    The demand to improve modes of transportation are constantly growing. This high demand probes the need to improve our signalized intersections in order to increase capacity, decrease congestion, and minimize cost. Many ideas such as adding additional . . .
  • Cr56n2882?file=thumbnail
    Tang, Pamela
    Trip characteristics and rider demographic characteristics that may influence walking distance variability are explored in this study. Transit users in San Bernardino County who utilize Omnitrans were found to walk an average of 0.291 mi and 0.446 mi . . .
  • Wd375z35r?file=thumbnail
    Costello, Dylan
    Today we have a greater supply of large data than ever before, and with this increase in large data has come a demand for analysis of large data. As a data set increases in size it becomes increasingly difficult to perform statistical analysis. Data ne . . .
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    Student Research
    Sepanosian, Elvin
    Halide Activated Pack Cementation (HAPC) is a surface modification process that is a cost-effective and efficient method of increasing the durability of materials, and is an alternative to using new and expensive alloys. This technique has been utiliz . . .
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    Student Research
    Myers, Brian
    Conserving the coastal sage scrub (CSS) ecosystem and its associated biota is a priority due to the decline of CSS to less than 15% of its historic range. The factors that affect bird species diversity in CSS are not well understood and may include ve . . .