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    Nguyen, Giaky
    Infrared dark clouds (IRDCs) are cold, dense, massive Galactic star-forming regions that allow us to understand the physical conditions during the early stages of high-mass star formation (0 and early B-types, >20 MSUN). We present a sample of ~3,000 . . .
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    Maayah, Yara
    Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is a technique that can be used to probe an individual bio-molecule in physiological buffer conditions. It can resolve absolute distances down to atomic (~1A) length scales and sub-pN force levels which can provide real-t . . .
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    Bravo, Moises
    Powdery white mildew is a fungal disease that infects crops, decreasing quality of growth and yield. Interestingly, in A. thaliana there is a gene mutation which appears to enable the resistance to powdery mildew disease and acts through a single mole . . .
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    Larson, Kasie
    For many Americans working in the animal industry, maintaining healthy livestock and their products is quintessential for economic success. Still, many goat producers lack high-grade forages that sustain large goat productions. Along with the forages, . . .
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    Aguilar, Andrew
    We aim to develop a resource to help our students get a deeper understanding of the concepts studied in class by using sophisms and erroneous resolutions, which are based on false logical claims or common misunderstandings. We have prepared several ex . . .
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    Arenas, Luis
    Biosensor is an emerging area that has been attracting scientists for its applications in various fields such as food safety, detection of pathogenic bacterial strains, biomedical research, etc. Fiber optic biosensor developed in the lab utilizes U-sh . . .
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    Salas, Austin
    There is an ongoing need for simple and cost-effective biosensor systems with sufficient sensitivity, specificity, and speed. Plasmonic structures for biomedical sensing have been in use for a long time. However, there is a fundamental limitation of t . . .
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    Thompson, Emily
    Transition metals such as rhodium, indium, palladium, and gold have been used to catalyze pharmaceuticals, but due to the cost and rarity of such metals, alternate transition metal bases such as iron and nickel are being examined for their potential t . . .
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    Gorney, Carson
    X-Ray Emission Spectroscopy (XES) can be used to probe enzymes and catalysts, but is still being developed. XES utilizes x-ray photons to bombard a sample, exciting a 1s core electron and leaving a gap for the other electrons to fill. When the electro . . .
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    Bonnand, Evan
    Metal nitrosyl complexes are compounds in which nitric oxide (NO) is bound to a metal. Metal nitrosyls can serve as models for biological systems that reduce airborne pollutants, since many mechanisms and intermediates are unknown. Oftentimes, metal n . . .