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    Bavishi, Ujaliben Kalpesh
    This project is focusing on creating a chatbot to be used by students to get their queries responded easily from the college website. The College Enquiry Chatbot has the capacity to make friendly conversations; respond the course and faculty details; . . .
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    Shojaei, Radoyeh
    The Sequential Ordering Problem (SOP) is a combinatorial optimization problem. Given a directed weighted graph and an unweighted directed graph representing precedence constraints among vertices, find a minimum-cost Hamiltonian path that satisfies the . . .
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    Singh, Shweta Amarjeet
    One of the biggest innovations recently in the field of computer science is cryptocurrencies and Blockchain is at the heart of it. Cryptocurrency is one use case of blockchain and there can be many more. Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger o . . .
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    Narendra, Pragathi
    The diagnosis of a disease is the most critical and vital job in medicine and it mostly depends on a doctor’s intuition based on past experiences. The unfortunate case of recognizing the incorrect symptoms results in a misdiagnosis. To avoid such medi . . .
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    Bibodi, Jay Nikhil
    This system will eliminate the need for common platforms to publish pod-cast. The methods create a new ERC-20 token named as 'Pods.' Users will have an ability to create an account and get some specific number of tokens (that is, Pods) as joining bonu . . .
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    Suryavanshi, Rajani Mohan
    Defending today’s enterprise network has become more and more challenging considering the increasing amount of cyber-attacks. It is critical to understand how an attack happens and how the intrusion propagates inside the enterprise network. System Obj . . .
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    Singh, Aditya
    Nowadays it is very widespread to see attacks in the system. The attackers try automated tools and programs to attempt and gain access to the data of the users. However, for attackers, it is hard to boycott system calls. System calls are used by the u . . .
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    Raja Lemarji, Godson Miller
    Students in a university tends to have various resources to trade. Trading has become an essential thing in our day-today life. In this project, I would like to recall barter system which is one of the oldest method of exchange. This has been used bef . . .
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    Ghonsikar, Kasturi Kiran
    Today with fast growing technology and increasing computing needs, industry is opting for deploying and using cloud to fulfill their extensive computing requirements. Deployment of cloud is a lengthy and convoluted process. Manual installation of clou . . .
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    Gampa, Ravali
    This work presents a visual analytical tool, to assist instructors of introductory computer science courses to manage students’ learning. The first half of this project is an investigation on various visualization tools which inspired the motivation a . . .