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    Shegakula Nagaraj, Sumukha
    In this generation, when an entrepreneur wants to bring his ideas to life he will start searching for funds. There are people around the globe who have small amounts of money that they can invest in ideas that might grow bigger or solve problems faced . . .
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    Kaja, Krishna Chaitanya
    Extensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) is an access control policy language. Typically, an XACML policy has configurable standard extension points to define new functions, data types and the ways to combine them as a single unit. With this . . .
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    Ladde, Bhushan Arun
    The PC2 Contest Control System provides for the ability of teams in a programming contest to submit runs – that is, programs which are attempts at solving a contest problem specified by the contest judges. In Version 10 (V10) of PC2, runs are submitte . . .
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    Mitra, Karan
    Information-based systems have allowed researchers from all aspects of sciences to study their data better. Environmental studies is one such area where timely and accurate data is critical for research and development of the science. The energy-water . . .
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    Babhulkar, Aditya
    Self-driving cars has become a trending subject with a significant improvement in the technologies in the last decade. The project purpose is to train a neural network to drive an autonomous car agent on the tracks of Udacity’s Car Simulator environme . . .
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    Deo, Sudarshan
    This project collects several experiments in Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Network for Image predictions. It makes use of Google TensorFlow and TFlearn Deep Learning libraries for computations, training, and testing of images. The project is deve . . .
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    An, Dong
    The purpose of this project is to learn about OpenStack Cloud infrastructure-as-aService Platform (IaaS) through manual installation of core OpenStack cloud services and to create an automated cloud deployment script using BASH shell scripting. The pr . . .
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    Kalyanaraman, Saranya
    These days, most software companies work on complex projects that require a collaboration of multiple people across many geographic locations. Managers in such companies are responsible for integrating many complex projects while maintaining high accu . . .
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    Vellore Ramesh, Ramya
    For any statistical study, from predicting the winner of an election, to governing the health statistics, a huge amount of real time data is necessary. Twitter data is extensively used in recent times for such statistical studies. The speed at which n . . .
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    Tiptur Ravindra, Thrilok
    3D graphics programming is generally done using libraries such as OpenGL, DirectX and Vulkan. Some effects such as lighting, reflection have well defined approaches, however simulating water is known to be a little difficult to achieve. This project o . . .