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    Vadlamannati Lakshmi, Venkata Sai Raja Bharath
    A graph database presents data and the relationship among data based on the graph model. Graph Databases uses graph structures for semantic queries with nodes, edges, and properties. A graph database has two defining elements: 1) Node, which represent . . .
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    Wani, Gaurav Dilip
    In 21st century it has become a norm that companies are using virtual assistants such as Siri, Google assistant or Alexa to resolve many problems faced by customers. These technologies are empowered by using natural language processing and are good at . . .
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    Shiroor, Shekhar Vikas
    This project to implements a generalized neural network agent that plays different video games using reinforcement learning algorithm. This project uses OpenAIs simulated video game environment ‘gym’ for training and testing the proposed reinforcement . . .
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    Muriki, Satya Tejaswi
    Online reviews are highly influential, with consumers preferring the advice of other consumers rather than information provided through advertisements. Hence, review consistency and trustworthiness became an urgent need and a necessity for both indivi . . .
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    Poosarla, Akshay
    Skeletal bone age assessment is a common clinical practice to analyze and assess the biological maturity of pediatric patients. This process generally involves taking X-ray of the left hand, along with fingers and wrist, then followed by image analysi . . .
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    Rawlani, Bhagyashree
    Convolutional neural networks are generally assumed to be the best neural networks for classifying images. In November 2017, Geoffrey Hinton et al. introduced another neural network approach known as Capsule Network. He and his team have claimed that . . .
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    Natesh, Adarsh
    In this work, we present a novel visual analytical tool, intended to improve the Facebook experience which produces an interactive visual analytic presentation of a user’s newsfeed to help understand bias trends existing among the user’s social group. . . .
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    Clarke-Lauer, Matthew
    The establishment of a secure channel of communication between two parties is a primary goal of modern cryptography. In an ideal world, the secure channel is a dedicated, untappable, and impenetrable method of transmitting data between a sender and re . . .
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    Minton, Suzanne Louise
    Statement of Problem The problem of missing data in statistical analysis is one that the field of social research has failed to adequately address despite its potential to significantly affect results and subsequent substantive conclusions. The purpos . . .
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    Onitsuka, Lynne Midori
    The purpose of this project is to develop a data analysis tool for assessment. There are three tiers of users: public, data entry, and faculty. The public can view non-sensitive assessment information. In addition to accessing public information, the . . .