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    Rajguru, Aniruddha Shekhar
    Over the years, data privacy has been a major concern amongst consumers. Applications such as Facebook, Uber, and Instagram collect a huge amount of data from users in return for the free service. Some of this data collection is necessary for the serv . . .
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    Luman, Rijul
    Since the rise of internet and e-commerce, buying and selling goods over the internet has relied heavily on financial institutions acting as 3rd parties to process financial transactions. These 3rd parties often charge a good percentage of the payment . . .
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    Kollu, Sindhu
    In modern economic times, everyone wants to save their money and keep expenses with in their budget limit. But, due to our busy schedules in our day to day life, we may lose track of our expenses and end up overspending which leads to debts. In this p . . .
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    Jain, Anshul
    Indoor localization has become one of the most talked about services in today’s technology. We have observed that there have been huge demand of Indoor Location services due to increase in smartphone market in last few years. GPS is widely used to fin . . .
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    Devarakonda, Divya Sindhuri
    USA has been grappling with crime for decades now and had made significant improvement. However, crime remains to be one of the core societal problems. To build a safer society, we need to take advantage of 21st century’s technology. With current tech . . .
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    Poon, Dennis Yiuwing
    Refactoring is a process used by programmers to improve the non-functional qualities of code. It does not affect the actual output of the program, but it is useful for making the code easier to read and maintain. In practice, it often requires a lot o . . .
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    Shah, Jinaliben
    Active database systems support applications by moving the reactive behavior from applications into database management systems. It is a database system that includes an event-driven architecture that can respond to different types of events automatic . . .
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    Palanisamy, Sharmila
    A stochastic prediction modeling method such as Hidden Markov Model (HMM) is a complex system. The HMM is suitable to analyze and predict time-dependent phenomena and has been widely used in applications such as speech recognition, weather and stock m . . .
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    Shenoy, Shweta
    Security and usability have been on the opposite ends of the spectrum; sometimes, to achieve one, the other must be compromised to some extent. Passwords are a typical example in which usability, psychology, and security meet. Absurd password rules fo . . .
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    Pinto, Rodney
    One of the most critical resources that ensure the current working of the internet is the domain name system (DNS). It is a decentralized, hierarchical naming system that is responsible for translating the human-readable domain name to its associated . . .