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    Shakhunov, David
    Electricity is an essential component of a human life. Electricity is generated from various sources. In California, natural gas plants, renewables, nuclear plants, and large hydro make up the in-state generation. Each resource is unique and has their . . .
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    Ya, Zhu
    Project focus is on the integration of typical control strategies of converters in the hybrid AC/DC power flow process. Voltage Source Converter (VSC) and Line Commutated Converter (LCC) technologies resemble different characteristics and control stra . . .
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    Grandhi, Sri Harsha
    A phase-locked loop (PLL) is widely used on many integrated circuits to provide an accurate and stable clock. A PLL uses negative feedback around an on-chip oscillator that the feedback loop constantly adjusts to match the phase and frequency of an in . . .
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    Nzerem, Chukwuemeka Emmanuel
    Cost optimization and loss reduction have always been the central attention points for utilities and power system operators. Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) is one of the methods, proven to reduce energy loss by reducing voltage at the main feede . . .
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    Ahmad, Riaz
    The project focuses on the design and simulation of a digitally-controlled oscillator (DCO) for an all-digital phase-locked loop in a 180nm CMOS process. A ring oscillator with cross-coupled inverter-based delay cells was employed to reduce jitter. Th . . .
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    Murugesan, Mahavishnu
    Robots are the main part of flexible manufacturing systems. They are used in various applications where human work can be replaced and automated. In this project, I have simulated a robotic arm manipulator with six degrees of freedom in MATLAB. There . . .
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    Ganesan, Kalyanraman
    Electrical power systems when operated under loaded conditions cause disruption of power system equilibrium and issues related to voltage stability. Often times the electrical power systems are thus exploited leading to the problems with voltage stabi . . .
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    Khan, Ahammad Ashraf
    There are numerous applications of inclination measurement in medical, electronic, telecommunication, and aerospace fields. The applications include activity monitors, detection of horizon in digital cameras, identification of movement of device head, . . .
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    Sun, Tengran
    The main purpose of power system reliability assessment is to quantify the reliability level of power system, then function as a guide to system planning and operation. Due to the random behavior of wind power generation and the intermittency associat . . .
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    Zhong, Yiming
    In the project, an impedance model in the range of sub-synchronous frequency has been built to demonstrate an accurate representation of SSCI. All the conclusions associated with the influence of SSCI through parameter changes have been consistent wit . . .