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    Chengaev, Aleksandr Ivanovich
    We collect enormous amount of water in our dams, but still struggle with scarce fresh water. This issue not only affects the state economy, by increasing the water rates and limiting the water usage, but also leaves some places without drinking water. . . .
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    Jones, Erica Carman
    A book of poetry...
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    Salt, Danielle Valeria
    Dam breach models and inundation mapping have become increasingly required at both state and federal levels. Many modeling programs exist and vary widely in the equations used, numerical schemes, computational methods, and format of results. While bot . . .
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    Burlingame, Jessica Christine
    Arc Flash causes serious damage to life and equipment. Several new techniques have been created to help reduce the risks associated with Arc Flash. Most commonly used and trusted method by the industry is a study that uses electrical system characteri . . .
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    Cardenas, Tamara
    This qualitative study aims to identify and gather respondents’ wisdom to formulate a toolbox for competency practice in an Autism Spectrum Disorder Program. The study explored what are best competencies implemented by each professional and uncovered . . .
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    Poon, Dennis Yiuwing
    Refactoring is a process used by programmers to improve the non-functional qualities of code. It does not affect the actual output of the program, but it is useful for making the code easier to read and maintain. In practice, it often requires a lot o . . .
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    Caballero, Iris
    This study described the relationship between adverse childhood experiences scores and individuals seeking domestic violence services. This explanatory quantitative survey research study used Systems Theory and a non- probability convenience and rando . . .
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    Padua-Dean, Hayley
    There is growing need for staff buy-in and resources to educate school members on the benefits and methods of implementation of student voice strategies. Although schools strive to increase student achievement and create a safe space for students, the . . .
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    Taiwo, Adewunmi Oluwademilade
    Statement of Problem: Permissive Overreaching Transfer Trip (POTT) is a scheme that enables fast tripping of breakers at the local and remote end of a protected equipment. POTT schemes are typically used for high voltage line protection against faults . . .
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    Shah, Jinaliben
    Active database systems support applications by moving the reactive behavior from applications into database management systems. It is a database system that includes an event-driven architecture that can respond to different types of events automatic . . .