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    Padua-Dean, Hayley
    There is growing need for staff buy-in and resources to educate school members on the benefits and methods of implementation of student voice strategies. Although schools strive to increase student achievement and create a safe space for students, the . . .
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    Perez, Rochelle Amores
    The purpose of the study is twofold: a) to understand the Asian American community college students’self-beliefs, particularly self-efficacy, emotional awareness, and grit, while reaching their academic goals; and b) to unveil the issue of data disagg . . .
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    Ramirez, Claudia
    There is no single universal definition of the terms stalking and cyberstalking as these terms vary in legal, social and academic meaning. This study aims to determine which behaviors are most commonly considered stalking and cyberstalking, based on s . . .
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    Taiwo, Adewunmi Oluwademilade
    Statement of Problem: Permissive Overreaching Transfer Trip (POTT) is a scheme that enables fast tripping of breakers at the local and remote end of a protected equipment. POTT schemes are typically used for high voltage line protection against faults . . .
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    Shah, Jinaliben
    Active database systems support applications by moving the reactive behavior from applications into database management systems. It is a database system that includes an event-driven architecture that can respond to different types of events automatic . . .
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    Palanisamy, Sharmila
    A stochastic prediction modeling method such as Hidden Markov Model (HMM) is a complex system. The HMM is suitable to analyze and predict time-dependent phenomena and has been widely used in applications such as speech recognition, weather and stock m . . .
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    Shenoy, Shweta
    Security and usability have been on the opposite ends of the spectrum; sometimes, to achieve one, the other must be compromised to some extent. Passwords are a typical example in which usability, psychology, and security meet. Absurd password rules fo . . .
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    Pinto, Rodney
    One of the most critical resources that ensure the current working of the internet is the domain name system (DNS). It is a decentralized, hierarchical naming system that is responsible for translating the human-readable domain name to its associated . . .
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    Bavishi, Ujaliben Kalpesh
    This project is focusing on creating a chatbot to be used by students to get their queries responded easily from the college website. The College Enquiry Chatbot has the capacity to make friendly conversations; respond the course and faculty details; . . .
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    Shojaei, Radoyeh
    The Sequential Ordering Problem (SOP) is a combinatorial optimization problem. Given a directed weighted graph and an unweighted directed graph representing precedence constraints among vertices, find a minimum-cost Hamiltonian path that satisfies the . . .