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    Meazle, Jackson Gardner
    These poems and translations constitute work written between 2011 and 2013. Much of the work is made up of moments written down or perceptions on things around the author. The city and its sounds, visions, and friends are the predominant concerns of t . . .
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    Burgert, Sarah Elizabeth
    / r e v e r e n t i a l / is based in vivid memories of childhood summers past. This collection is a retelling of family histories half imagined, half transcribed. The work highlights a young boy's experience with the beauty in nature, the magic that . . .
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    Blumberg, Vanessa Hemingway
    This collection of short fiction explores the bounds of solitary life and the expectations, joys, and challenges of human relationships. Always at play are fate, luck, and blame, as well as the truly accidental nature of our lives.
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    Boyle, Kathleen Therese
    This is a creative text of poems exploring place, memory, and identity.
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    Brown, Lauren Guza
    This creative work is a novel depicting life in a California desert town and the ways in which the town’s residents are affected by the implementation of a controversial city planning strategy, known as “naked streets.” The concept behind this strateg . . .
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    Spengler, Teo Carla
    This is a collection of fiction and nonfiction pieces and poetry.
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    Panganiban, Conrad A.
    The New American Order is a comedic-drama that explores the question: what would a person give up in order to obtain the American Dream? Beverly Marie-Spencer has attained the American Dream by teaching new United States Citizens how to become “real” . . .
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    Waggoner, Nathaniel John
    This novel tells the stories of Jimmy Sincere, an inspiring rapper, Josie and Phil, a young couple, and Josie’s parents, who escaped from a cult in the ‘80’s. Its themes include friendship, sex, romantic love, ambition, and growing up.
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    Beker, Carson
    Grief Camp is a novel in development about a brief moment in time when Blake (15, girl, angry), Ugly (16, boy, dying), and Brandon (15, boy, clueless) are sent to Grief Camp, a specialized camp for teenagers in mourning. It follows the culture and sub . . .
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    Ewald, Kristina Bay Jeanne
    Cricket Song is set in the 1960s in Paris, Texas. It is narrated by sixteen year-old Thyme Tilley as she comes of age during a time of civil unrest and social intolerance. It’s a story about people-about the messy, beautiful complexities of the lives . . .