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    Meazle, Jackson Gardner
    These poems and translations constitute work written between 2011 and 2013. Much of the work is made up of moments written down or perceptions on things around the author. The city and its sounds, visions, and friends are the predominant concerns of t . . .
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    Burgert, Sarah Elizabeth
    / r e v e r e n t i a l / is based in vivid memories of childhood summers past. This collection is a retelling of family histories half imagined, half transcribed. The work highlights a young boy's experience with the beauty in nature, the magic that . . .
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    Blumberg, Vanessa Hemingway
    This collection of short fiction explores the bounds of solitary life and the expectations, joys, and challenges of human relationships. Always at play are fate, luck, and blame, as well as the truly accidental nature of our lives.
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    Boyle, Kathleen Therese
    This is a creative text of poems exploring place, memory, and identity.
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    Brown, Lauren Guza
    This creative work is a novel depicting life in a California desert town and the ways in which the town’s residents are affected by the implementation of a controversial city planning strategy, known as “naked streets.” The concept behind this strateg . . .
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    Spengler, Teo Carla
    This is a collection of fiction and nonfiction pieces and poetry.
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    Panganiban, Conrad A.
    The New American Order is a comedic-drama that explores the question: what would a person give up in order to obtain the American Dream? Beverly Marie-Spencer has attained the American Dream by teaching new United States Citizens how to become “real” . . .
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    Waggoner, Nathaniel John
    This novel tells the stories of Jimmy Sincere, an inspiring rapper, Josie and Phil, a young couple, and Josie’s parents, who escaped from a cult in the ‘80’s. Its themes include friendship, sex, romantic love, ambition, and growing up.
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    Beker, Carson
    Grief Camp is a novel in development about a brief moment in time when Blake (15, girl, angry), Ugly (16, boy, dying), and Brandon (15, boy, clueless) are sent to Grief Camp, a specialized camp for teenagers in mourning. It follows the culture and sub . . .
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    Ewald, Kristina Bay Jeanne
    Cricket Song is set in the 1960s in Paris, Texas. It is narrated by sixteen year-old Thyme Tilley as she comes of age during a time of civil unrest and social intolerance. It’s a story about people-about the messy, beautiful complexities of the lives . . .
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    Carroll, Claudette Yvonne
  • Jq085m81w?file=thumbnail
    Harris, Philip John
    Pumpkins is a fiction novel using the artistic, poetic, and experimental techniques the author learned while attending San Francisco State University. The novel explores, through a series of flash fiction, lists, and prose poetry, the notion of white . . .
  • M326m340j?file=thumbnail
    Etaat, Shideh
    This is the story of Feyzolah and his granddaughter Samira, a second generation Iranian-American Jew, as she explores the complexities of Iran for the first time. Her journey to Isfahan to find a book her grandfather buried under a fig tree, a book he . . .
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    Ruck, Natacha
    Part cookbook, songbook and travel guide, this autobiographical memoir explores how the world we ingest through our senses shapes who we are; the food we cook and eat, the songs we sing and the streets we walk become part of the narrative fiber of our . . .
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    Widdifield, Mary T.
    Morristown is a historical novel set in that New Jersey town's "Gilded Age" aftermath and the Great Depression. The novel's central characters, Irene, a beauty shop owner for the wealthy and her sister Edna, are part of a large Irish-Catholic family. . . .
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    Jennings, Christopher Scott
    Haunting is a contemporary Southern Gothic ghost novella. After the death of his grandfather, Cory Beaumont, a lifelong medium, returns to his hometown in the suburbs of New Orleans for the funeral and for the selling of his grandfather’s house. There . . .
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    Buchanan, Anhvu Trung
    This collection of poems attempts to explore the fragmented mind as a result of psychological disorders. The poems witness the mind at work when being overtaken by the disorders. Other poems describe the effect the disorders have on people dealing wit . . .
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    Kroll, Chance W.
  • Hx11xg889?file=thumbnail
    Gross, Anisse-Marie
    Letterheads is a novel about three friends living in a world where there is no money and no jobs; they spend their days together writing letters, making sandwiches and looking for love. The main character begins a correspondence with a girl who raises . . .
  • Xg94hr218?file=thumbnail
    Kulbeck, Jennifer Ann
    This project is an exploration of relationships and perspectives, employing sound and image to create connections within and between the sometimes synchronized and sometimes disparate elements of our lives: the natural world, interpersonal relationshi . . .
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    Macaraeg, Darah Ramos
    After Crucifixion is a full-length play that follows the life of Jesus of Nazareth after disappearing from his planned crucifixion. The story delves into Jesus’s life as a normal man dealing with the struggles of marriage, disapproving parents and a c . . .
  • Jw827d43x?file=thumbnail
    Slotwinski, Tiffany Marie
    When Jjeremy Chikalto, heir to the throne of Watico, is visited by an Angel and told that he is God's Vessel, he must face his demons as he navigates his way through friendship, family, and redemption. Jjeremy Chikalto and the Prophecy o f the Vessel . . .
  • 5t34sm45q?file=thumbnail
    This novel is primarily focused around coping with memory erosion. How does a young man cope with losing the memory of a dead lover? How do we move on? How do we engage with life when we know even the important moments will be worn away?
  • R781wh86c?file=thumbnail
    Villafana, Adrienne
    Tresdyn Arval dreamt of the sun turning red before it actually happened. Tresdyn soon realizes that her prophetic dreams are telling her than an evil race of shadow creatures called Pimeys are close to breaching the divide separating them from the hum . . .
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    Keuter, Matthew
  • Ks65hd96c?file=thumbnail
    Azevedo, Ellen Marie
    Mal and the Mechanical Dream Girl is a science fiction novel set approximately 50-100 years in the future. It is a retelling of Frankenstein and Pygmalion, in which Mal, a young doctor, has just been suspended from work for killing his first seven pat . . .
  • Qf85nd058?file=thumbnail
    Manfredi, Adam Samuel
    The Past Perfect is a short story collection made up of nine stories each taking place over individual nights. The protagonist of each story range from age thirteen to nineteen, and, viewed as a whole, the collection can be seen as charting the growth . . .
  • Sn00b0587?file=thumbnail
    Maan, Bavaneet Kaur
    This thesis is a collection of short stories based on the lives of women in the early 1900’s Punjab. The story of Jashan and Noor travels through the years of their marriage; balancing Noor’s distaste with Jashan’s addiction to alcohol and his PTSD th . . .
  • H702q813m?file=thumbnail
    Tully, Rose Josephine
    Housing is a full movement of part of a novel divided into sections from the point of view of Flossy, who at twenty-one moves from Chicago to San Francisco, and is in search of an apartment on a waitress wage. The work explores themes of origins and w . . .
  • 2v23vw21v?file=thumbnail
    Ho, Carolyn Au Ai
    The Manner With Which is a memoir primarily composed of prose poems, personal essays and prose fragments segmented into smaller chapters that ultimately convey the essence of a novel. The work exists as poetic autobiography and deals with the lyricall . . .
  • Ns064764r?file=thumbnail
    Homer, Daniel Leo
    My proposed written creative work for culminating experience is a collection of stories written during my study in the graduate creative writing program. The stories deal with the relationships of fractured families and broken homes, within the cultur . . .
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    Mohan, Nina Ruth
  • Rb68xd53b?file=thumbnail
    Forbing, Jeremy Richard
    Immortal Longings: A Tragedy o f Antony and Cleopatra is a three-act play with singing and movement. Adapted from Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, this version re-tells the story with a variety of techniques, with each scene using different genre o . . .
  • 7w62f999p?file=thumbnail
    Suarez, Daniel
    The World’s Forgotten Boy is an exploration of the past hoping to shed light on the present. The poems borrow from popular music, film, photography, the visual arts, and history as a way of framing and contextualizing what a confessional poem can and . . .
  • Gb19f749n?file=thumbnail
    Jones, Robert Aaron
    Creatures is a novel that explores the tortured intersections of religion, sexuality, and family proximity through Robert, a strict man who manipulates his family to create the mental cover he needs to self-justify. While he engages in hedonism and po . . .
  • Xw42n9618?file=thumbnail
    Jost, Nicole Elizabeth
    A new full length play. Synopsis: Before she became Secretary DeVos, she was Miss Betsy. A modem political history spectacle like nothing you 've seen before! See Miss Betsy tango with Bernie Sanders, sing along with Orrin Hatch, and juggle with Eliza . . .
  • 6m311r157?file=thumbnail
    Lopez, Gina Christine
    A play about love, loss, betrayal, and forgiveness. This play takes place in a mythical town known as the Inland Empire. This town is a very smog infested, hotter than hell, hopeless city. Each character comes to terms with their weakness and personal . . .
  • Nk322g17t?file=thumbnail
    Sheth, Ami Ashvin
    When Everything Was Alive At Once is a collection of linked stories that traces the lives of a Jain family in Simi Valley back to ancestral and geographic origin. As such, the stories take place in India and America. Through fiction, memoir, essays an . . .
  • G732db72x?file=thumbnail
    Keeler, Emily
    These forty-five works were written over the last ten years while I was studying Creative Writing at California College of the Arts and San Francisco State University. I think they are best experienced like plays or songs—read aloud. As to their theme . . .
  • 79408007k?file=thumbnail
    Harris, Joshua Alexander Hamlin
    Cecil is a novel that explores the themes of alienation, microbial health, and posthumanism.
  • 2801pj10r?file=thumbnail
    Reese, Robert Ricardo
    The collection of poetry, Geumgangsan, deals with the poet-speaker wrestling with his identity as an offspring of an African-American soldier and a Korean woman. Utilizing a combination of memory, persona, and nature poems, the poet-speaker presents t . . .
  • C534fq54g?file=thumbnail
    Znidarsic, Jean Marie
    Green is a novel about the green man, a mythical being who resides in the forest. He takes the form of Ted, a scruffy character living at Prairie Cross, a run down estate in the Midwest. The novel follows his relationship with Cleo Storm, a horticultu . . .
  • 6d56zz18f?file=thumbnail
    O'Rourke, Kelly Ann
    This work of fifty poems consists of the following: free verse poems related to themes of gender roles, family and place; formally structured poems; persona poems related to religious themes; and cento poems based on earlier published poems and musica . . .
  • W0892c81s?file=thumbnail
    Pelletier, Joshua Michael
    Short Stories: A Collection is a collection of short stories about couples—couples in which one partner desires something or has an ambition for something that he or she thinks will be better than the stasis of the relationship. But these characters f . . .
  • Pc289k74m?file=thumbnail
    Martin, Steven Ray
    The Opulent Squid is a work that combines several different styles of writing including, but not limited to, prose poetry, folk tales, email correspondence, blog entries, and descriptions of symphonic works and stage shows. The work is presented throu . . .
  • 9306t113r?file=thumbnail
    Moos, Kristi Lynn
    This collection of poems is a study of the changing landscapes of Oakland, California from pre-European contact to the industrialization and urbanization of space in the 20th century. Particular focus is paid to the construction of the Grove Shafter f . . .
  • Cv43nz549?file=thumbnail
    Van Sant, Phillip Kyle
    A Much Older, Better Man Than I is the story of a man living in constant mental struggle between what his biology tells him to do and what he feels to be morally correct. Between family/sibling struggles, romantic relationships and job stress, he begi . . .
  • V118rg277?file=thumbnail
    Liebig, David Richard
    This is a short story collection that asks more than it answers. Does youth come prepackaged with alienation? Is escaping reality a comfort or a curse? How does the human soul navigate this vortex of time, money, technology, and nature? These works of . . .
  • Zp38wf52p?file=thumbnail
    Carter, Sarah Dodd
    A novel exploring love, grief, motherhood, family, coping, and moving on. Set in Vermont, it follows a widow and mother who has devoted her life to her son and is facing his departure for college, and a woman who has moved to Vermont from New York Cit . . .
  • P8418p90g?file=thumbnail
    Boero, Terry Amara
    The M. Documents is a full length play that looks at gender roles through the prism of Lord and Lady Macbeth, intertwining the 12th and 21st centuries to reveal the multifaceted edges of love and power.
  • Ww72bd00w?file=thumbnail
    Tang, John
    Nibui Island is an imaginary island located somewhere between Australia and Japan, with a population over 300,000. Amongst the 300,000 citizens, I’ve selected six people to explore in depth: A man insecure with his manhood; a politician who loves his . . .
  • 3t945s51b?file=thumbnail
    Urquidez, Michael
    This collection of loosely connected stories set in fictional Santa Alma, a medium sized but growing Southern California suburb, focuses on the notion of culture as portrayed, and interpreted through various, mostly Latino, families in the community. . . .
  • 4m90dx20f?file=thumbnail
    Lawrence, Amy Marie
    This project consists of poems exploring fringe characters living in a world seemingly at once in the past and future via a consideration of social mores and themes found in fairy tales, the American Old West, and science fiction.
  • 9880vs92g?file=thumbnail
    Lanzetta, Ali
    This collection is a cross pollination, an apple tree with so many grafted arms. Its hybrid heart is pulsing, rock-ribbed, somewhere green near the boundaries of genre, stony rubble of a bridge where the wall breaks. Sometimes this work is a science p . . .
  • Dv13zv84p?file=thumbnail
    DeLorenzo, Maria Nichole
    The Margarets is a novella that explores a young girl’s relationship with technology and her body. Taking place in a futuristic setting, Margaret struggles with a deep need for human connection in a world where the technology mediates all interaction. . . .
  • Pz50gx83w?file=thumbnail
    Petersen, William David
    A collection of short fiction, some previously published. The pieces range from miniatures of a page or two, to those of twenty pages. Often these deal with relationships between men and women, with quirky damaged characters that are in crisis and com . . .
  • 2514nn475?file=thumbnail
    Ho, Carolyn Au Ai
    Wake is part poetic autobiography and part fictionalized family portraiture. The collection deals with the familiar refugee journey from Vietnam to the United States during the Vietnam War, the work is primarily focused on the residual effects of immi . . .
  • Xp68kh87x?file=thumbnail
    Hulog, Gabriel Justin Banda
    Bulol is a series of linked short stories inspired by the bulols (or bululs), the Filipino rice gods. From 2054, the story of a Filipino writer living in a not-so-far version of the United States, to The Wedding Party, which explores the impact of her . . .
  • 1r66j282n?file=thumbnail
    Humann, Paul Eric
    The following is a collection of poems which tracks a wandering soul on a journey though the high desert. It begins and ends and bums a path through the place where the self, the story, and the strife meet.
  • Vd66w169r?file=thumbnail
    Salanga, Francisco Herrera, III
    The Divine Headache is the product of redefining one’s understanding of the storytelling process. It begins with the writer describing how he discovered the manuscript. This immediately causes doubt about whether what is presented, what the reader rea . . .
  • Qr46r265h?file=thumbnail
    Wimbish, Jason
    This creative work explores rape culture in America by juxtaposing it with Greco-Roman Mythology and setting it in a world where recognizable tropes get turned on their heads. Its form is an experimental six-part series melding the conventions of tele . . .
  • 8623j074v?file=thumbnail
    Kriegel, Marilyn Harris
    A Full Length Play: How much harm is done in the name of safety, security and the sanctity of home and country? When Maggie Leeds, editor, writer and long time political activist arrives in Paris under questionable circumstances, her son and his new w . . .
  • Bn999865v?file=thumbnail
    Lacek, James Christopher
    FRACK!! (the Mountain Music Comedy Spectacular) is a full-length musical comedy play. Set in the Appalachian mountains of Raleigh County in West Virginia, the story revolves around a family who has recently fallen on hard times and has been presented . . .
  • V692t802t?file=thumbnail
    Johnson, Patrick
    The Virgin and Marilyn Monroe is a bildungsroman novel that takes place in Brooklyn in the 1960s. It’s the story of Fiona, a comic book loving tomboy and trained fighter, taught by Papa, her bareknuckle-boxing father from Ireland. Papa is a staunch Ca . . .
  • 000002037?file=thumbnail
    Beach, Leslie Ann Ingram
    In this collection of poems, I aim to capture the multiple experiences of walking on trails, the sensations, sounds, thoughts, memories, and encounters that arise and the way those experiences linger in life away from the trail. I employ a wide array . . .
  • 2b88qd917?file=thumbnail
    Nelson, Sarah Bethe
    This collection includes fifty works of original poetry written over the last two years and completed January 2011 in Northern California. It is a gesture toward contact, a transmission.
  • 3j333405n?file=thumbnail
    Pirapokin, Ploy
    Last Day at Queen Elizabeth's is short story collection made up of seven stories each taking place in Hong Kong and Thailand. Longing, familiarity, and hope suffuse these stories as they mine the charged territory of relationships — subtly weaving in . . .
  • 1c18dh74z?file=thumbnail
    Reyes, Kimberly Monique
    A Sort of Homecoming is a collection of poetry that started incubating as I realized the freedom and inspiration I felt writing ekphrastic poems. I love going to museums and I love travelling and I thought, why don’t I make that into a project? Why do . . .
  • Rf55z976w?file=thumbnail
    Koch, Chad David
    The Lost Boys is a collection of short stories exploring gay adolescence in a culture that has no guide for them. These boys straddle the line between boyhood and adulthood — the luminal space of pubescence. When they get a peek of what it means to be . . .
  • 8k71nj70k?file=thumbnail
    Guy, Annette Chiong
    Generation Six is a novel about Ashok Chander, a 12-year-old boy living in two centuries in the future. In the Outer Boroughs - a group of small islands that was once known as the City of San Francisco - Ashok is navigating not only the rules of survi . . .
  • Ws859h361?file=thumbnail
    Gibb, Katrin Marie
    Soap: A Novella and Stories is a collection of fiction narratives about emotional decisions and life changing journeys that take place within surreal settings and bizarre scenarios. While the stories explore the comedic and absurd elements of life, th . . .
  • X059c904j?file=thumbnail
    Caceres, Andrea
    A commonality noticed in Latino culture are stories passed form folklore—like the dangers of hearing the faraway cries of La Llorona—but these stories are treated as fables, putting fear into the depths of children so they are more likely to obey, and . . .
  • Xs55md807?file=thumbnail
    Veenis, Gaia Patience
    Dreams about Flying is a travel memoir that spans my life, my parents’ lives, and the lives of my grandparents and great-grandparents who left the Old World for the New World in the early 20th century. My own experiences of leaving home are described . . .
  • 3x816p42m?file=thumbnail
    Whittington, Nicholas James
    Elaborate Parole consists of a collection, by no means comprehensive, of poems written between the middle of the year 2011 and end of 2013, while the poet was engaged in studies of poetry, poetics and philosophy at San Francisco State University.
  • 2v23vw20k?file=thumbnail
    Peelen, Mary Elizabeth
    This is a work of fiction set in Holland, Michigan. On January 20, 1961, Evelyn Hahn is on her way to Grand Rapids to see her newborn granddaughter (Hazel) when she gets into a fatal car accident. She enters a sort of purgatory, and expects Jesus to r . . .
  • Br86b544b?file=thumbnail
    Hersh, Elizabeth
    Of course the feds read your e-mail and greedy data-miners sell your information click by click to spammers and marketing strategy think-tanks. But it's not the government or Wall Street that concerns most people. They hide their shame, fetishes and i . . .
  • Pz50gx802?file=thumbnail
    Darrow, John Walter
    13.7 billion years ago a singularity of infinite density exploded. All that now exists began its inexorable rush outward from that point. Approximately 379,000 years after that event the expanding universe began to accrete in places and separate in ot . . .
  • 5m60qt645?file=thumbnail
    Dixson, Alyss Diana-Marie
    Deep Rollers is a collection of short stories set predominantly in South Central Los Angeles. The series of interconnected stories covers sixty years of history and glimpses into the lives, loves, tragedies and personal triumphs of its characters.
  • 5138jg476?file=thumbnail
    Lambert, Jenna Lauren
    More Than Who We Are is a full-length, coming of age novel told from the perspective of Kathleen Howard, a young woman concerned with two things: becoming a lawyer and blending into the background. That is until she meets Blain, a boy who shows her th . . .
  • 8623j073k?file=thumbnail
    Muramoto, Alex Michael
    A collection of six short stories that explore the theme of desire and its many manifestations in life. The compulsion to desire both what is possible and what Is denied, whether actively or passively, is central in the defining of individual experien . . .
  • B2773x386?file=thumbnail
    Veenis, Gaia Patience
    A Verminette’s Renaissance is a fiction novel told from the first-person perspective of a narrator who transitioned from homelessness to motherhood in the mid-1990s. The narrator/protagonist recounts the story of this pivotal time in her life through . . .
  • 7h149r664?file=thumbnail
    Gremore, Graham Robert
    Set in the mid-1990’s, Private Parts is a solo show intended to be performed by an adult male actor. It chronicles the life of a boy growing up in the St. Paul, Minnesota, and his awakening to the world around him -- his family, his neighbors, his sex . . .
  • G445cg01x?file=thumbnail
    Glazman, Diane
    While attempting to understand his older brother’s death, fourteen year old Matt learns that the ways in which his brother coped with their father’s abandonment, their mother’s depression, and the arrival of a by-the-rules Iraqi vet step-dad were ofte . . .
  • P8418p88f?file=thumbnail
    Barnett, Sean Robert
    The Boy: Essays at War is a collection of essays detailing a soldier’s personal experience as a ground combatant during the United States’ invasion of Iraq in 2003, his involvement with combat operations in Afghanistan in 2005, and his reintegration i . . .
  • 9c67wp66c?file=thumbnail
    Munn, Annemarie Elaine
    This Here is a collection of short stories that vary in length, tone, and setting. All the stories confront a central set of philosophical concerns surrounding encounters between the self and the other, and the role of the body in such encounters. In . . .
  • Cv43nz531?file=thumbnail
    Weinberg-Moskowitz, Ari Brett
    People are like shapes. Some are circles. Some are squares. Some are triangles. But unlike shapes, people believe they are mutable. This is the central philosophy behind my story collection. People think they can change themselves by changing their en . . .
  • 6h440v125?file=thumbnail
    Roychoudhuri, Onnesha Tao
    My written work is a collection of short fiction that explores the line between self and other. Many of the stories play with the biography genre, deliberately fictionalizing the lives of historical figures—celebrated, obscure, and non-existent. As a . . .
  • Tq57ns721?file=thumbnail
    Terezón, Harold O.
    13816 Judd St. is the story of two sisters, from El Salvador, and a younger brother born in the United States learning to live with each other in Pacoima, a small suburb in the north eastern part of Los Angeles. Their experience is told through altern . . .
  • N009w4074?file=thumbnail
    Swamy, Shruti Anna
    These stories are not linked by place or theme, but by a desire to ask questions. They are about death, and accidents, and love, and loneliness. With this collection, I was interested in exploring the ways in which people connect with each other, and . . .
  • K643b2972?file=thumbnail
    Prowell, Zenya
    A collection of short stories that follow the strange and surprising lives of young women hailing from and living in Queens, New York.
  • Dn39x3219?file=thumbnail
    Cunningham, Kacy
    Codi Grace always wanted more from life than her friends: more adventure, more love, more experience. Dissatisfied with the mundane and ordinary, Codi, 22, travels to Europe where she hopes to better understand herself, meet like-minded people, and fi . . .
  • 9g54xk375?file=thumbnail
    Suarez, Daniel
    These poems delve into the past to show how it shapes the present. Utilizing the techniques o f confessional poetry combined with Cuban Culture, music and film, to draw upon memory and expose childhood trauma, mental health disorder, and addiction.
  • 2n49t3518?file=thumbnail
    Schafer, Sommer Elisabeth
    MY FATHER’S MEMOIRS is a collection of closely related stories that tell the story of one family’s legacy of giftedness and mental illness that begins to surface following the premature death of the father. It is largely told from the adult perspectiv . . .
  • M900nw19m?file=thumbnail
    Cage, Diana Leigh
    Girl Meets Girl: A Dating Survival Guide is a guide to dating and relationships for queer women of all genders. Most books about dating and relationships for queer women are out-of-date and fail to effectively reflect the varied experiences of the que . . .
  • 3f462725w?file=thumbnail
    Malcom, Tara Rose
    An amalgam of poems written during the two years of having lived in San Francisco, Chubby Women Rarely Become Poets will be a raw, personal manifesto, although not necessarily the author’s lifetime or a lifetime detailed in chronological order. It wil . . .
  • 1j92g9424?file=thumbnail
    Diaz, Brandon Leslie
    This volume is an exploration of the often obscured border between fact and fiction, truth and exaggeration; the absolute and the uncertain. The strength of the materiality in these words is predicated solely on the absurdity of human experience. Ever . . .
  • 3r074w493?file=thumbnail
    Bernard, Kris V
    "America was the dust in her hair, the wind in her throat, the sun that shouted against her eyelids...America was nothing...but a sliver of interrupted light." - Shanthi Sekaran "...the wheels keep spinning and I have never learned howto steer." -Jami . . .
  • W37638501?file=thumbnail
    Warne, Kate
    This project consists of a collection of poems on the broad theme of the human desire for connection and the struggle for/impossibility of that connection. Poems are gathered into sections concerning self, family and partnerships, and sound; they cont . . .
  • 3r074w48t?file=thumbnail
    Wang, Monica
    In a post-apocalyptic conglomerate of six city-states, sprawling across what used to be ancient Peloponnesus, an individual begins to uncover the secrets surrounding themselves. This self-discovery involves the truth of the crippling neurodegenerative . . .
  • Hq37vq24g?file=thumbnail
    Wiseman, Presley James
    A collection of poems and prose attempting to put a finger on the intersections of love, abuse, and the influences of adult-onset toxic masculinity and pervasive gender roles.