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    Rashty, Josef
    My thesis will argue that the best form of corporate governance is a democratic system in which employees can be heard whenever their beliefs come into opposition with those o f their employers. It will also argue that employees have a responsibility . . .
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    Selzer, Mark Albert
    Plato’s dialogues lack a complete account of dialectic as a philosophic method. To contribute to such an account, I show how dialectic is a process of ethical cultivation and an ethical way of life. I argue that there are three distinct forms of Plato . . .
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    Alunāns, Aleksandrs Yano
    In this thesis, I aim to demonstrate how I believe that Friedrich Nietzsche can in fact be viewed as a supporter of a virtue ethic in the Aristotelian tradition, using similarities with the theories of Mengzi, or Mencius, to show that this is plausibl . . .
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    Capisani, Simona Mila
    In this paper I examine the compatibility of truth and public reason in the process of public justification in John Rawls’s Political Liberalism. I argue against Joshua Cohen’s proposal that a political conception of truth is available for public reas . . .
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    Zargar, Paymun
    In this paper, I argue that Slote’s agent-based virtue ethics amount to a voluntarist virtue ethics that contrasts sharply with ethical intellectualism. Ethical voluntarism is the view that a proper ordering of motives is sufficient for a moral agent . . .
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    Hunter, Austin Taylor
    In this paper, I argue for an account of personal identity that I find in David Hume’s Treatise of Human Nature. I argue that this unity of self is a feeling of reason and that this feeling is produced by a demand for explanation found in experience. . . .
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    Wilcut, Lisa L.
    Wang Yangming’s philosophy offers a picture of what it is like to be in the world based on the dynamic relationship that the individual has with the world, and the world with the individual. I argue that this picture is fuller, richer and more complet . . .
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    Venegas, Miguel Angel
    Most of people’s everyday judgments are inspired by emotions. Rarely do people rely on their cognitive resources to judge a situation rationally. Can the same be said of people in moral situations? If so, what is the relationship between people’s psyc . . .
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    Putnam, Jameson David
    In this paper, I resolve a purported tension in Leibniz’s moral philosophy as pointed out by Christia Mercer in “Leibniz on Knowledge and God” as well as provide Leibniz’s answer to the age old question: how can finite rational beings come to know the . . .
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    Szarnicki, Timothy Robert
    As an increasing number of basic services for people and communities are entrusted to institutions, collective moral responsibility and retribution for collective action require more investigation. By looking at what is required for an individual to b . . .