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    Rashty, Josef
    My thesis will argue that the best form of corporate governance is a democratic system in which employees can be heard whenever their beliefs come into opposition with those o f their employers. It will also argue that employees have a responsibility . . .
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    Alunāns, Aleksandrs Yano
    In this thesis, I aim to demonstrate how I believe that Friedrich Nietzsche can in fact be viewed as a supporter of a virtue ethic in the Aristotelian tradition, using similarities with the theories of Mengzi, or Mencius, to show that this is plausibl . . .
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    Zargar, Paymun
    In this paper, I argue that Slote’s agent-based virtue ethics amount to a voluntarist virtue ethics that contrasts sharply with ethical intellectualism. Ethical voluntarism is the view that a proper ordering of motives is sufficient for a moral agent . . .
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    Hunter, Austin Taylor
    In this paper, I argue for an account of personal identity that I find in David Hume’s Treatise of Human Nature. I argue that this unity of self is a feeling of reason and that this feeling is produced by a demand for explanation found in experience. . . .
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    Venegas, Miguel Angel
    Most of people’s everyday judgments are inspired by emotions. Rarely do people rely on their cognitive resources to judge a situation rationally. Can the same be said of people in moral situations? If so, what is the relationship between people’s psyc . . .
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    Szarnicki, Timothy Robert
    As an increasing number of basic services for people and communities are entrusted to institutions, collective moral responsibility and retribution for collective action require more investigation. By looking at what is required for an individual to b . . .
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    Loury, Hilda
    I offer a taxonomy to situate various positions in the spectrum of feminist perspectives on both science and art. I defend the contention that feminist perspectives are crucially important for the empirical sciences because they have promoted and gene . . .
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    Nealon, Natalia Cathryn
    Curiosity is a central trait that initiates our epistemic pursuits. How one engages with it, both reliably and responsibly, will be highly entwined with virtuous insensitivity: that which constrains our curiosity in such a way that removes our attenti . . .
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    Nishkian, Michael Andrew
    In her article Caring and Internality, Agnieszka Jaworska argues that the key to understanding the concept of internality lies in understanding the special importance that caring attitudes play in the lives of people. Her argument departs from the con . . .
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    Chao, Monika
    In this paper, I will construct a framework that will explain not only why women are judged negatively for vocal frying, but why these particular negative judgments serve to negate, dismiss, or otherwise erase any asserted content of their utterances. . . .