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    DeMaiolo, James F.
    Through Gogol’s Satirical Eye examines in detail four productions of The Inspector General. The productions include the premiere of Gogol’s play in 1836, Meyerhold’s 1926 production, Evreinov’s satire on the play and directors of the time, and Peter S . . .
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    Rashty, Josef
    My thesis will argue that the best form of corporate governance is a democratic system in which employees can be heard whenever their beliefs come into opposition with those o f their employers. It will also argue that employees have a responsibility . . .
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    Selzer, Mark Albert
    Plato’s dialogues lack a complete account of dialectic as a philosophic method. To contribute to such an account, I show how dialectic is a process of ethical cultivation and an ethical way of life. I argue that there are three distinct forms of Plato . . .
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    Alunāns, Aleksandrs Yano
    In this thesis, I aim to demonstrate how I believe that Friedrich Nietzsche can in fact be viewed as a supporter of a virtue ethic in the Aristotelian tradition, using similarities with the theories of Mengzi, or Mencius, to show that this is plausibl . . .
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    Henderson, Brien Kenneth
    This is a musical composition which demonstrates my artistic development over the course of the master’s program and reflects on issues of finding norms in an increasingly diffuse musical landscape while also creating a link to musical tradition. The . . .
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    Zalewska, Maria
    This thesis is an attempt to analyze the shift in Polish and German cinema’s respective approaches to the historical narrative of WWII and the Holocaust. It deals with concepts of post-1989 national identity and the politics of film/cultural memory re . . .
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    Marquez, Christina Maria
    While there is a positive relationship between self-compassion and compassion toward others (Crocker & Canevello, 2008; Gilbert, McEwan, Matos, & Rivis, 2011), the extent of the relationship between the two variables has not often been investigated. R . . .
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    Gilbert, Brandilyn Judith
    From victimization literature, it is known that victims are often selected because they display nonverbal signals that flag them as easy prey. With the established knowledge that bullies are driven by the urge to dominate, it stands to reason that non . . .
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    Drutz, Karlie Alicia
    The Great Recession from 2007 to 2009 created a financial crisis in the United States, which in turn affected the operations of nonprofits, including museums. In this thesis, the impacts of the recession on museum fundraising operations are explored; . . .
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    Cleveland, Justin Bard
    Powerful Narrations: Incorporating Oral History into the Museum Model seeks to investigate how museums can effectively collect and utilize oral history collections. In response to the limited current literature on oral history’s role in museums, four . . .
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    Capisani, Simona Mila
    In this paper I examine the compatibility of truth and public reason in the process of public justification in John Rawls’s Political Liberalism. I argue against Joshua Cohen’s proposal that a political conception of truth is available for public reas . . .
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    Lau, Lung Yuen
    With the advancements in contemporary medicine and the improved standards o f living, people are living longer than ever before. Yet, this growing demographic is facing a challenge that consistently threatens their well-being. Falls account for the ma . . .
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    Luong, Sandy
    Joel S. Migdal’s work is centered on power through domination, how it is established, achieved and maintained. Migdal argues that the state is a fragmented structure that competes for power against a multitude of social organizations making up society . . .
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    Dunn, Glenna
    Observations of the globular cluster Omega Centauri taken with the Ultraviolet- Visible channel of the Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3/UVIS) on the Hubble Space Telescope are used to detect some of the first candidate white-dwarf/main-sequence binaries in a . . .
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    Zargar, Paymun
    In this paper, I argue that Slote’s agent-based virtue ethics amount to a voluntarist virtue ethics that contrasts sharply with ethical intellectualism. Ethical voluntarism is the view that a proper ordering of motives is sufficient for a moral agent . . .
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    Giacomini, Colin
    This thesis seeks to explain why Turkey in the post-Arab Spring era pursued a strategic partnership with Russia and Iran. Through utilizing the theory of neoclassical realism, the results of this analysis indicate that Turkey’s behavior can be attribu . . .
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    Baldwin, Zebulah Scott
    This thesis analyzes how the narrative strategies of Ralph Ellison’s novel Invisible Man function to engage and contest conventional (socially dominant) assumptions and reading practices. While this novel is widely critically determined to be a “comin . . .
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    Meazle, Jackson Gardner
    These poems and translations constitute work written between 2011 and 2013. Much of the work is made up of moments written down or perceptions on things around the author. The city and its sounds, visions, and friends are the predominant concerns of t . . .
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    Burgert, Sarah Elizabeth
    / r e v e r e n t i a l / is based in vivid memories of childhood summers past. This collection is a retelling of family histories half imagined, half transcribed. The work highlights a young boy's experience with the beauty in nature, the magic that . . .
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    Schlief, Dennis
    Our research begins with a standard quadratic programming problem from the field of optimization. One family of solution methods is called interior point methods. These methods trace a path through the feasible region until they converge to the optima . . .
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    Blumberg, Vanessa Hemingway
    This collection of short fiction explores the bounds of solitary life and the expectations, joys, and challenges of human relationships. Always at play are fate, luck, and blame, as well as the truly accidental nature of our lives.
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    Peckens, Sadie Eileen
    This thesis discusses socially engaged museum programming, defined as programming that uses museum content as a catalyst for providing a service. Museum program practitioners can review the thesis to learn best practices. Chapter 2 reviews the museum . . .
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    Heiser, Shawn Christopher
    This study examines the environmental and land use history of Mussel Rock from Ohlone settlement to the present. Mussel Rock is home to a notoriously unstable garbage landfill, which sits directly on top of the San Andreas Fault Zone and the second la . . .
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    Perez, Maria Isabel
    Farhad Babaee and June Huh introduced the tropical Laplacian of a tropical surface and used it to disprove a generalized Hodge conjecture. We study four families of tropical surfaces arising from the root polytopes of types A ,B ,C and D. We compute t . . .
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    Boyle, Kathleen Therese
    This is a creative text of poems exploring place, memory, and identity.
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    Tatman, Jaime Lynn
    This case study applies geographical frame analysis to the Bolinas Lagoon restoration planning process. Two conflicting frames of restoration are identified based on interviews with government and non-governmental organization stakeholders, and the ex . . .
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    Hunter, Austin Taylor
    In this paper, I argue for an account of personal identity that I find in David Hume’s Treatise of Human Nature. I argue that this unity of self is a feeling of reason and that this feeling is produced by a demand for explanation found in experience. . . .
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    Yee, Susan Elaine
    The study explores the effects of a school-based mental and behavioral health program on the truancy rates of students at a large, comprehensive high school in Oakland, California. The study, guided by socio-ecological and systems theories, compares t . . .
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    Craik, Isabel Sierra
    This case study described the process used to teach narrative development to a 22-year old adult who benefits from AAC using the model of a community Storytelling Club that incorporated peer-confederates. Methodology for testing the psychosocial impli . . .
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    Buchbinder, Margot Valerie
    With the predicted acceleration of sea level rise in the mid-21st century, salt marsh restoration efforts are faced with the challenge of building and maintaining sufficient sediment to elevations that support vegetation. The highly subsided Sears Poi . . .
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    Rodriguez Bandala, Laura Alejandra
    This thesis examines how art non-profits process loaned objects for temporary and traveling exhibitions in the context of special or toxic materials. Safety guidelines, emergency planning, and proper registration procedures for exhibitions in both mus . . .
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    Peters, Phillip E.
    Previous literature has shown that parents of children with autism experience more stress compared to parents of children without autism, but little is known about factors that reduce such stress. Based on Baker-Erikzen et al. (2005) explanations of s . . .
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    Tumanyan, Gurgen
    Detection of functional sites of proteins is an important problem in computational biology and has wide implications in computational drug discovery. FEATURE by Stanford Helix Group is a system for predicting protein function based on a set of physioc . . .
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    Niles, John Hart
    The Noble Hills Formation (NHF) is a ~500 m conformable sequence of generally coarsening-upwards ≥3.34 Ma basin deposits that is extensively exposed the Noble Hills, southern Death Valley, California. The NHF contains sediments derived from both the O . . .
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    Botti, Mark Aldo
    Raymond Carver’s short fiction contains fascinating parallels to his life. Carver’s childhood was inexorably shaped by the actions of his parents, especially his father, and these actions continued to influence him in adulthood, as he repeated many of . . .
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    Torres, Alyssa Marie
    Museum archives include administrative documents, staff files, and other valuable legacy data that considered together, supply an institutional history for staff, scholars, and the public. In this thesis, the current state of museum archives managemen . . .
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    Raghuwanshi, Prashis
    Developing hardware to mimic neural networks in the brain is becoming more realizable as technology advances and improves. In this research, a model of neural networks for visual edge detection is analyzed. The various challenges in verifying the mode . . .
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    Zevgolis, Alysia Nicole
    The low ionic conductivity across solid-solid interfaces and through the solid electrolyte is a limiting factor for commercial implementation of all solid state batteries. Through the understanding of Li+ ion diffusion by using first-principles molecu . . .
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    Cooper, Shanna
    A common symptom in schizophrenia is amotivation, which has been linked to lower quality of life and deficits in cognitive functioning. Currently, however, the underlying mechanisms of amotivation are not well understood. The present study investigate . . .
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    Rozakeas, Stratis
    Recent research has shown the benefits of horticultural therapy with hospital patients by enhancing their well-being and improving recovery. The purpose of this present study was to expand on this past research in hospital settings, and to explore whe . . .
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    Herrmann, Andrew John
    In the 1960s, Eugene Ehrhart developed Ehrhart theory to enumerate lattice points in convex polytopes. An important tool in Ehrhart theory is the Ehrhart quasipolynomial, which encodes information about continuous and discrete area, lattice boundary p . . .
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    Rubin, Jennifer Donna
    Creating and disseminating online content is an integral means of managing one’s identity, lifestyle and relationships. Exploring virtual participation becomes especially vital when considering the importance of online participation for adolescent que . . .
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    Weese, Bettina Susanne
    This thesis analyzes East and West Berlin society before and shortly after the Wende, the social changes that occurred after the fall of the Berlin Wall and German reunification. This is best depicted in the stories The Wall Jumper. The Lives of Other . . .
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    Mak, Shui Lam
    Comparative quantification is now almost a routine method for analyzing quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) data. This method employs reference transcripts to minimize sample variability, but there is little experimental evidence to support . . .
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    Brown, Lauren Guza
    This creative work is a novel depicting life in a California desert town and the ways in which the town’s residents are affected by the implementation of a controversial city planning strategy, known as “naked streets.” The concept behind this strateg . . .
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    Spengler, Teo Carla
    This is a collection of fiction and nonfiction pieces and poetry.
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    Schulz, Dennis
    The inflammatory and pain response following tissue damage involves the production of inflammatory mediators called prostaglandins, which are produced by the enzyme COX- 2. COX-2 can be inhibited using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibu . . .
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    Hunt, Jennifer
    American museums reenvisioned for the 21st century must have a stronger educational role, and place greater emphasis on serving visitor needs to drive revenue through increased attendance. As museums strive to meet visitor and funding challenges, the . . .