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    Martinez, Safiya Aurora
    SO YOU CAN HEAR ME was written out of my desire to represent the experiences I had as a public school teacher in New York City during 2004—2009. I worked as a special educator in Title 1, underserved school communities and the experience had immense c . . .
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    Hassan, Manar Naha
    In the 1990s, the Mubarak regime’s exclusionary policies radicalized many Islamists, who took up arms in a decade that was marred by violent clashes between the state and segments of society. Why then did a group of Islamists choose a path of centrism . . .
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    Wassilie, Sandra Wilhemina Parker
    In this collection of poems, the narrator returns to San Francisco, where she was born, after a life spent in Alaska, to reclaim her mother and progenitors spanning five generations on their own ground. Working within a pattern suggested by the labyri . . .
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    Chan, Lok Chi
    Abstract: Aristotle asserts that the character virtues are inextricably linked to what he calls phronesis, commonly translated as “practical wisdom”. Recently, John McDowell has developed and defended this Aristotelian idea that the ideal practical ra . . .
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    Winslow, Emily C.
    Artist-in-residence programs have operated in various ways over the last century, from the reflective artist colonies of the early 1900s, to the growing number of programs in museums and other arts organizations established since the 1990s. In this th . . .
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    Glasenapp, Amy Elizabeth
    The Decomposing Room and Other Stories is a collection I have been working to develop over the last three years as a graduate student of Creative Writing. The stories within examine the peculiar bonds and fractures that are possible within human commu . . .
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    Knapp, Jeanne Louise
    Concepts of sustainability around working, living, natural, and built environments are complex and interdisciplinary. Preparation for post-secondary roles and decision making in college, among careers, and as citizens includes a working knowledge of i . . .
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    Dante, Joseph James
    Belief-states possess certain features that allow them to be instantiated as knowledge-states. In this paper I want to examine these features and ask whether or not other mental states besides belief possess such features. If it is the case that menta . . .
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    Morales, Mariella Susana
    Abstract Certified Dunham Technique Instructors who trained with Katherine Dunham are a small and diminishing population. It is imperative that the experiences of Dunham Technique Instructors are documented to preserve the legacy of the technique. The . . .
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    Berman Harel, Yehudit
    This paper explores the area of using social media profiles and a reward system to develop the employee referral process. History of employee referral programs is presented, including the relatively recent incorporation of Social Media’s effect on the . . .
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    Potter, Anne Melissa
    This project will examine a small group of Restoration plays based on French sources. It will examine how and why the English plays differ from their French sources. This project will pay special attention to the role that women played in the developm . . .
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    Endler, Michael Galen
    Many commentaries laud Saving Private Ryan's realist aesthetic as a vivid re-staging of World War II's Omaha Beach invasion, and imply that the sequence awakens in viewers a new historical consciousness regarding battlefield violence. Others contend s . . .
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    Goldfien, Andrea Claire
    Low persistence rates of underprepared students in developmental education, low participation of minorities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, and a national imperative to develop a strong STEM workforce indicate the value . . .
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    Cowles, Stephanie May
    The cooling effect of urban green spaces, termed the "park cool island" (PCI) is touted for energy savings and as a mitigation for heat waves, which are expected to increase in frequency and severity as a result of climate change. The variability and . . .
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    Tran, Michelle
    While there seems to be a wealth of research on (mis)representations of athletes in traditional media, there is a lack of scholarship concerning online communities consisting of readers’ comments on sports websites and in social media. Moreover, such . . .
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    Quirino, Michele Melinda
    During adolescence, concerns relating to ethnicity shift from learning about ethnic labels to understanding the significance of group membership and cultural traditions. The ability to form an ethnically diverse friendship network enhances success in . . .
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    Mortensen, Jason Lars
    In this thesis, I raise considerations against some arguments that support evidentialism, the view that all normative reasons for belief are evidential reasons. In the first part of the thesis I lay out the main evidentialist claims I will be concerne . . .
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    Yun, Christopher
    A short story collection comprised of works of fiction, both realist and speculative, engaging with themes of inadequacy, idealized love, and squalor, all threatening to crush the protagonists. These are stories with cold people in cold places seeking . . .
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    Ledbetter, Jennifer Nicole
    Several measures in social/personality literature claim to assess gender identity. However, no existing measure can predict a person’s self-categorization as female or male—even though self-categorization is fundamental to self-identity. The Gender Se . . .
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    Kaupp, Raymond E.
    Despite a substantial body of research on the effectiveness of distance education at the post-secondary level, little is known about the impact of online course delivery on the achievement gap. In California, the gap between white and Latino post-seco . . .
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    Nair, Deepa
    Using the notion of sensations, feelings and affect, this research argues for mainstream Hindi cinema’s affective potential in portraying city spaces mediated via the template of terror and terrorism. The imaging and imagining of terror and terrorism . . .
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    Khoo, Charlene
    This thesis questions how players in the anti-trafficking movement attempt to seek “justice” by reframing the issue of human trafficking as forced labor rather than as sexual slavery exclusively. I demonstrate the deeply problematic nature of raid-and . . .
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    Manugian, Suzanne Camille
    Pacific harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) within San Francisco Bay (SFB) have been described as stable compared with those in coastal northern California, like Tomales Bay (TB). Historical data (1970s - early 2000s) indicated an overall increase in adults . . .
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    Burnett, Alison Elizabeth
    Museums in the United States are beginning to concentrate on the impact that projected demographic shifts in the United States will have on their activities. As America moves to a minority-majority population, museums are faced with having to explore . . .
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    Fladeboe, Kaitlyn Marie
    It has been well established that parenting impacts adolescent adjustment (Steinberg, 2001). However, less is known about changes in parenting through adolescence across the transition to emerging adulthood, and many of the current parenting behavior . . .
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    Parkinson, Michael Quinn
    Ground and space based observations in the past fifteen years have identified a new class of exoplanets. These systems have planets in orbit about the center of mass of a binary in p-type orbits. The formation of these p-type planets via accretion is . . .
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    Greaves, Joseph Selhorst
    The California Supreme Court struck down California’s ban on same-sex marriage in 2008 on the basis it violated the dignity of same-sex couples. The Court’s ruling raises an important question for future same-sex marriage cases: how does legal recogni . . .
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    Ollodort, Robyn Michelle
    Through my analyses of the films Taxi Driver (1976) and Fight Club (1999), and the television series Mr. Robot (2105), I will unpack the ways each text represents masculinity and mental illness through the trope of revolutionary psychosis, the ways th . . .
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    Martin, Billy J.
    Proponents of STEM education have highlighted the need for increasing STEM skills among students. To address this need, there have been recommendations to create new STEM-focused schools, a majority of which are to be STEM-focused elementary and middl . . .
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    Pugh, Sheila L.R.
    Using a valence variation of the Reflexive Imagery Task (RIT; Allen, Wilkins, Gazzaley, & Morsella, 2013), we observed behavioral and EEG effects of positive and negative images on unintentional cognitions in individuals (n = 16;mage = 23.75; SD = 5.5 . . .
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    Parra, Michael Andrew
    This thesis project focuses on the tension between empirical reality, fiction, and the self while addressing the following question: what is being organized and made orderly in the structure of the narrative form (the novel)? Within its own superstruc . . .
  • Ms35tb18v?file=thumbnail
    Riddle, Jennifer Jane
    This thesis looks at the relationship between the landscape as representation and as reality in Japan. Through the analysis of essentialized natural imagery and landscapes in illustrated story scrolls of the Heian court and Meiji era woodblock prints, . . .
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    Templeton, Tyler Daniel
    This is a collection of poems in three parts. The first two parts consist of original work, while the third part consists of translations from the Spanish poet Leopoldo Maria Panero’s latest work. The first two parts are meant to explore the coexisten . . .
  • W9505208h?file=thumbnail
    Doliber, Nicholas Michael
    I once held the cynical view that the world is valueless, and that our moral evaluations were consequences of our subjective projections onto an indifferent world. A situation is good, or bad, because one deems it so. This position equates moral evalu . . .
  • Vm40xt250?file=thumbnail
    Fisher, Stephanie Reyes
    Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) are people under 18 years old who exchange sex for financial purposes. This is a secondary data analysis of face-to-face, structured interviews with CSEC conducted as part of a larger, multi-site study t . . .
  • Vd66w1498?file=thumbnail
    Sharrah, Rhonda Kay
    This thesis examines Sir John Harington’s early modern English translation of Orlando Furioso, published in folio format in 1591. It looks at the interpretive practice on display in the folio’s extensive paratext, using hypertext theory as a model for . . .
  • Sb397976f?file=thumbnail
    Polos, Stephanie Danielle
    This thesis is an investigation of the “Anacreontic” vases, produced in late-sixth and early-fifth century Athens, with a particular focus on their iconography, background, and whether the men depicted on them are dressing in Eastern or feminine costu . . .
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    Gallagher, Cara Alyse
    The occupation of an ecosystem by a new top predator could affect the stability of a food web. In San Francisco Bay (SF Bay), there is evidence for a multi-decadal disappearance of harbor porpoises {Phocoena phocoena) that spanned from the 1940’s to t . . .
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    Anima, Mikayla Nicole
    There is an investigation for a murder in an abandoned warehouse in Oakland, California following a male versus female UFC retaliation fight. The winner of the fight, Kata Gonzalves, confesses to the murder of her biological father, Domenico de Santos . . .
  • Kk91fn107?file=thumbnail
    Jackanich, Micheal
    We call a graph antimagic if we can distribute the numbers 1,2, ...,n among its n Pearls in graph theory, Nora Hartsfield and Gerhard Ringel conjectured that every graph except for K2 has an antimagic edge labeling. Let’s call a graph weakly antimagic . . .
  • V405sb944?file=thumbnail
    Toor, Mariam
    This thesis examines the intersection between Indigenous Worldviews and the Child Welfare System. The Child Welfare System seeks to help children grow up safely in loving and stable families through a myriad of interventions designed to prevent neglec . . .
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    Dynneson, Andrew
  • 9w032448v?file=thumbnail
    Mikkelsen, Jens Kevin Jimmy
    "So Be Violently New" attempts to use poetry to make an incision on the body of masculinity that exists in modem society, and to open up the insides, the gore, the hardships, and the parts of it that we don't want to see. At times, this project is dif . . .
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    Bricker, Kristen Marie
    Teen birth and abortion rates are higher in the US than any other industrialized country, and 15-24 year olds make up 50% of new sexually transmitted infections each year. US school policy promotes heteronormativity, and most programs ignore the needs . . .
  • 9k41zg00r?file=thumbnail
    Schmidt, Miranda Ruth
    This thesis examines the cities of Virginia Woolfs Mrs. Dalloway and Toni Morrison’s Jazz in light of the ecocritical implications of new cognitive theories about the interactions between humans and environment. Woolf and Morrison utilize experimental . . .
  • Zw12z6936?file=thumbnail
    Silverman, Dara
    Purple Beastly is a dark comedy about morality in the digital age of voyeurism. It’s about the links between spirituality and shame, voyeurism and sexuality. Oh..and it’s also just a little bit about Pedophelia. When Allen is fired from his job at Dat . . .
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    Tansey, Natasha Dennerstein
    Triptych Caliform is a collection of original poetry, in three parts with intersecting themes. The three parts, or chapters are entitled: “Cinema,” “Kink” and “California.”
  • G158bj651?file=thumbnail
    Malik, Savita Kumari
    This study focuses on teaching experience and practice in post-secondary education - an important and understudied topic. I conducted an in-depth qualitative study of instructor experience in the Metro Academies’ Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs), w . . .
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    Chu, Riley
    The present study aims at identifying the relations of self-compassion, implicit theories of intelligence, and mental health outcomes among Chinese adolescents. Bivariate correlations, regression analysis, and structural equation modelling were employ . . .
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    Pan, Alexander V.
    The Karlsruhe Tritium Neutrino (KATRIN) Experiment is a next-generation, large-scale tritium /3-decay experiment. It is targeted at measuring the absolute neutrino mass scale with a sensitivty of 200 meV (90 % C.L.). Its unique source and spectroscopi . . .