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    Paige, Meredith Dana
    I propose to complete a collection of poems exploring the stratums of my kinship and community. The presence and importance of genealogical history and trauma will play an active role in the formation of the poems as individual pieces and as a collect . . .
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    Geels, Elena Francisca
    The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between parental self-efficacy and perceived barriers for regularly and adequately providing fruit and vegetables in the home and a child’s actual fruit and vegetable intake as well as weight s . . .
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    Chapman, Tyler
    To accurately model the dark matter within a galaxy cluster we present a simulation for non-symmetric, triaxially shaped galaxy clusters. To overcome the computational difficulties associated with this morphology, we use GPU computing, and the CUDA fr . . .
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    Cooc, Phuong
    The purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of using Jumpstart for Young Children curriculum to improve reading comprehension for preschool English Language Learners. I will draw implications for preschool literacy programs in the United . . .
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    Campbell, Anastasiya Y.
    The moduli space M.o,n parameterizes all stable genus-zero curves with n distinct points. To allow marked points to coincide, we introduce weights w\,..., wn € (0,1] that satisfy certain conditions such that anytime a subset of the points are all equa . . .
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    Sebilian, Serina Sue
    This research examined the effects of temperature (20, 25, and 30°C) and salinity (0, 6, and 12) on the plant traits of the aquatic macrophyte, Stuckenia pectinata, and how changes in these traits influence herbivory by invertebrate grazers. The highe . . .
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    Seliger, Jordan
    The current research was designed to examine the influence of racialphenotypic information on social categorization. Classic studies on essentialistbased categorization have shown that people tend to believe that group membership is not based solely o . . .
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    Jaulus, David Jonathan
    This thesis explores how the Supreme Court’s school desegregation jurisprudence, rendered between 1954-2007 has been limited in achieving the goal of school desegregation by the constraints imposed upon the Judiciary both from within and outside of go . . .
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    Turner, Sharon Yael
    This study focused on community based organizations leading community colleges in workforce development partnerships to train unemployed and underemployed adults. These collaborations operate where community based organizations deliver case management . . .
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    Jones, Jennifer Lesstlia
    This thesis considers Neo Hoodoo and Satire in three novels by Ishmael Reed during the black power, black aesthetic and black feminist movements of the seventies. Through an examination of Robert E. Fox’s interpretation of Rene Girard’s Triangle of De . . .
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    Tomasetti, Jill Katharine
    This creative work is a collection of poems presented in three parts. The three parts deal with memory, translation, and lyric.
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    Young, Evan Christopher
    The role of communication in the adoption of environmental practice, knowledge and activism cannot be underestimated. As a recent innovation of the past twenty-five years, recycling bins have become increasingly confusing for the American consumer, as . . .
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    Roest, Geoffrey Scott
    A strong extratropical cyclone made landfall in Northern California on 19 February 1993, bringing wind gusts in excess of 90 mph to the Mendocino County coastline and rainfall amounts greater than four inches in mountainous areas. NOAA buoy data showe . . .
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    Weiner, Michelle Beth
    Data from parent interviews and child diaries collected during the Family Routines and Eating habits study were used to examine the relations between family structure, diet quality, dinnertime rituals, and academic achievement (N =34). It was hypothes . . .
  • Hd76s160h?file=thumbnail
    Schumacher, Scot A.
    The cognitive process of inhibitory control was examined in a sample of bilingual and multilingual speakers from the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino in Switzerland. Furthermore, an investigation into the possession of a greater bilingual advantage b . . .
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    Damon, Deborah
    To every pair of rational numbers there is an associated two-dimensional lattice that plays an important role in the study of domains of approximation. We seek to better understand the structure of these lattices. For each such lattice we identify a f . . .
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    Oakley, Samuel Thomas
    Prescribed fire cannot be used as a method to reduce forest fuels in areas of wildland urban interface (WUI). Instead, mechanical fuel reduction is performed by removing ladder fuels. Fire managers must estimate ladder fuels to efficiently manage crew . . .
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    Hendrickson, Eric Raymond
    This book is an autobiographical-fiction novel. It opens on an unnamed, adult narrator walking through San Francisco. Newly married and currently trying for pregnancy with his wife, he is dealing with unexpected depression from the weight of responsib . . .
  • W66345109?file=thumbnail
    Dijeau, Audrey Frances
    This thesis details the commissioning of the Shelyak Instruments Littrow High Resolution Spectrograph (LHIRES III) for use on the Leuschner 30-inch telescope in Lafayette, California. The commissioning of this new instrument included the installation . . .
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    Sanders-Self, Dylan Wild
    This collection is about a young man who interacts with marijuana, surfing,skateboarding, and a mermaid.
  • Vx021h17f?file=thumbnail
    Barr-Wilson, Susie K.
    This Thesis explores the influence of outdoor adventure programs on body image in adolescent girls. Through questionnaires and focus groups, thirteen high school-aged Girl Ventures alumnae discussed body image in the context of “healthy living,” and r . . .
  • X059c891p?file=thumbnail
    Bakke, Linda
    The Mones is a creative response to the lack of resources, community, and support out there for women as they go through the change. Following a new narrative approach, the work moves freely among genres.
  • Rx913r542?file=thumbnail
    Messick, Austin Dane
    This is a collection of persona poems written in the voice of the fictional character, Duncan McKnight. These poems are accompanied by editorial notes written by the fictional character, Eli Casteel. The poems were written by Duncan McKnight after he . . .
  • 2227mr575?file=thumbnail
    Davidsson, Juliana Nguyen
    In this paper, I will evaluate John McDowell's meta-ethical realism in his article, “Non- Cognitivism and rule Following,” in order to extend his account of the “sensitivity to moral requirements in situations,” toward the cognizance of the sacred in . . .
  • Cz30pv296?file=thumbnail
    Melroy, Laura Michelle
    Temporal genetic studies of direct developing organisms are rare. Marine invertebrates lacking a planktonic larval stage are expected to have lower dispersal, low gene flow, and a higher potential for local adaptation than organisms with planktonic di . . .
  • Jd472z083?file=thumbnail
    Austin, Alexis Tyler
    I just wanted to create something that I would want to read. This work is character-driven. Adream, Mirage, Femi, and Joy have equally unique voices and experiences; their single commonality is their being unforgettable. The utilization of distinct vo . . .
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    Stumpf, Christopher J.
    The buoyancy and shear environments for 391 tornado events in California from 1951-2011 were evaluated on the basis of an analyses of proximity soundings and hodographs. The events were stratified into F0, FI, and F2/F3 categories or bins. The 0-1 km . . .
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    Greig, Nathaniel Cameron
    Most species of whales are vulnerable to vessel collisions, and the probability of lethality increases logistically with vessel speed. Spatially explicit risk assessments can inform the marine management process about the potential for vessel collisio . . .
  • 9k41zg100?file=thumbnail
    Chan, Chris Joseph
    This work deals with automorphisms of a polynomial ring, which are essentially the non-linear analogues of the general linear group. Although it is known that an automorphism of k[x1 , . . . , xn] induces a bijection on the affine space kn, it is stil . . .
  • 9k41zg118?file=thumbnail
    Budiansky, Alisa Golden
    The work is a novel-length collection of interrelated short stories centered on the fictional California desert town of Snake and its mixed-race inhabitants. Within the stories various hybrid structures are explored, including prose poems and experime . . .
  • 2n49t343k?file=thumbnail
    Roa, Alexander O'Neill
    Since its inception in the 1950s, the conservation easement has become a powerful tool in the land conservation movement. The flexibility it offers both landowners and conservation agencies is appealing, and the financial benefits work for both partie . . .
  • 6d56zz07x?file=thumbnail
    Allums, Leslie
    Zora Neale Hurston and Patrick Chamoiseau write from the US and Martinique respectively, but their fiction demonstrates that the experience of slave-descendant populations across time and space bears the mark of biopolitical violence. Missing from the . . .
  • T722hb373?file=thumbnail
    Dittmer, Heather
    A mother plays a crucial role in shaping her daughter’s sense of self. I examine images of mothers and daughters in contemporary film, fiction, and a graphic memoir to explore the implications of hyper-feminine, immigrant, and dominant mothers in the . . .
  • T435gf562?file=thumbnail
    Millspaugh, Andrew Thomas
    This study documents the evolution of Gay American Indians and the Bay Area Two-Spirit community from the 1960s to the present. Analyzing data collected from archival research, participant observations, and oral history interviews, this study reconstr . . .
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    Cho, Hyein
    Although they may not necessarily be in line with the goal at hand, some thoughts can occupy the mind completely without one’s intentions. For example, thoughts about what happened during the day may begin to race endlessly when one is trying to fall . . .
  • Gq67js69z?file=thumbnail
    Earle, Christine A.
    Gender-role development has been thought to be determined by parental and peer interactions. Recently, prenatal hormones have been implicated as important factors in the development of sex-role identity. The second to fourth digit length ratio (2D:4D) . . .
  • Tt44pp34v?file=thumbnail
    Stiasny, Gregory Paul
    In this paper I seek to explain how modem distinctions within the free will debate lead towards an understanding of Descartes as a compatibilist. As such, this paper seeks this explanation by first highlighting the intricacies of libertarian free will . . .
  • 5x21th04q?file=thumbnail
    Maybaum, Erica Jill
    This research explores the common assumption that collaborations lead to efficiency of service delivery. Agencies working together produce a myriad of outcomes, none of which may translate into improved services for clients. This study was conducted u . . .
  • Td96k437t?file=thumbnail
    Moss, Nancy
    In this thesis, I explore how London’s streets, architecture, parks, squares and houses allow authors to explore key aspects of the modern city: as a vertiginous spectacle and as a site for the exchange of bodies and commodities. I show how London’s s . . .
  • Z890rv91v?file=thumbnail
    Hart, Rachel Mertz
    Laura Mulvey’s Visual Pleasures and Narrative Cinema revealed the phallocentric model of classic Hollywood filmmaking, characterized by the active-male viewer and the passive-female object of his gaze. By taking a pragmatic approach that emphasizes li . . .
  • W95052166?file=thumbnail
    Tuncaci, Alp
    The European Union’s political integration process includes the cultivation of a Collective EU Identity (CEUI). The EU employs certain “other/s” to define and secure its CEUI, and this interaction results in reactions from the “othered” states. Russia . . .
  • 2z10wr802?file=thumbnail
    Doughty, Luke Anthony
    In recent work, John Searle has proposed a novel solution to problems associated with human rights. Searle argues that human rights can be understood in a way consistent with a naturalistic view of the world. Searle views a human right as a deontic po . . .
  • Nv9354550?file=thumbnail
    Shao, Jenny M.
    To compare the phototoxicity of dithiaporphyrins to structurally similar tetraphenylporphyrins, the core-modified 5,10-di-(4-methoxyphenyl)-15,20-di-(4- lysylphenyl)-21,23-dithiaporphyrin was synthesized by the Broadhurst “3+1 method” as well as 5,10, . . .
  • X346d5969?file=thumbnail
    Olguin Martinez, Alejandra
    This thesis examines the birthing experience of Latina immigrant women in the United States highlighting how race, ethnicity, immigration status, and/or income level can affect a woman’s access to maternal health care, the quality of maternal health c . . .
  • J96022422?file=thumbnail
    Predescu, Alina
    This paper analyses different approaches of the tension between the contemplativepicturesque and the interactive-participatory representations of the Romanian village in documentary films. Dramatically affected by profound transformations over the las . . .
  • Hx11xg782?file=thumbnail
    Rosa, Carla Marie
    High-resolution seismic images were developed using both seismic refraction and reflection profiling from coincident P- and S-wave seismic data acquired near Woodside, California, in June 2012. A 60-m-long seismic profile was approximately centered on . . .
  • Ng451k17k?file=thumbnail
    Molina, Lino Tomas, Jr.
    In taking up what Gilles Deleuze called a Nietzschean clinic. I have assembled a Nietzschean clinic to analyze the symptoms and etiology of a Posthuman life in contrast to a Transhuman life while investigating what are the implications in relation to . . .
  • 1g05fd062?file=thumbnail
    Reategui Molina, Alonso
    Our episodic memories have been traditionally understood as aiming to provide a veridical and accurate representation of the past that allow us to relive it. Their veracity is important for this task as they provide relevant information for the constr . . .
  • Kp78gh77x?file=thumbnail
    Ellison, Laura Rosen
    This thesis addresses the topic of adult education programs in museums. Although adults are a core audience for all museums, supplemental programming has long been limited to docent tours and lectures. Within the context of current adult education and . . .