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    Miller, Wilson Joseph
    Grammaticalization theory is used to analyze language change cross-linguistically and in historical linguistics as lexical items move from open class content to closed class functional words. With natural language as the data, this analytic framework . . .
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    Mars, Diana Greenough
    The pyrite phase of iron disulfide (FeS2) has attracted interest as a visible light absorption layer for photovoltaic cells because of its low band gap and large absorption coefficient. A one-step hydrothermal approach was employed to synthesize pyrit . . .
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    Tarnate, Ella Lorraine
    This paper suggests that conceptual replications are key to making science cumulative by helping generalize findings and ensuring intersubjectivity. Attempts were made to conceptually replicate previously proposed findings (e.g., Quoidbach et al., 201 . . .
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    Taylor, Shawn Demetrius
    This thesis investigates the nascent AfroGeek culture, not as a way to make geek culture (science fiction, fantasy, horror, technology) culturally and racially acceptable, but to prove that AfroGeek culture is post-colonial action taken to become visi . . .
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    Wimbish, Jason
    This post-apocalyptic creative work explores the systematic racism that is woven in to the fabric of society by focusing on the interpersonal relationships of one family that struggles to live against the effects of a nation reeling from the structura . . .
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    Cundiff, McLaren Rianne
    In this thesis, the practice of museum records digitization and the impact of digital recordkeeping systems on existing analog records and recordkeeping is assessed, because as records are digitized, the interaction of the two recordkeeping systems is . . .
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    Davis, Michelle Nicole
    The purpose of this study is to develop an understanding and define the concepts of resiliency, burnout and informational support as related to social work professionals, and career longevity. Examining levels of resiliency in direct service providers . . .
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    Rutledge, Brian Gregory
    Since 2007, the small South African city of Grahamstown has argued about what to call itself. This local name change debate has been part of a slow process of post-apartheid cultural transformation. Using the name Grahamstown as a starting point, this . . .
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    Lansang, Mie A.
    The specific activity of an engineered threonine protease within trypsin framework containing an Asp/His/Thr catalytic triad was substantially increased by optimizing the amino acid residues at position 42 and 58 (Cys42-Cys58; a disulfide bridge in th . . .
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    Moore, Casey
    We test the IDL package EZ_Ages for validity on spectra with low signal to noise ratios. EZ_Ages is a program, written by Genevieve Graves, that calculates age, [Fe/H] and abundance ratios for unresolved spectra. We dilute high signal to noise ratio g . . .