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    Perez, Maria Isabel
    Farhad Babaee and June Huh introduced the tropical Laplacian of a tropical surface and used it to disprove a generalized Hodge conjecture. We study four families of tropical surfaces arising from the root polytopes of types A ,B ,C and D. We compute t . . .
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    Boyle, Kathleen Therese
    This is a creative text of poems exploring place, memory, and identity.
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    Tatman, Jaime Lynn
    This case study applies geographical frame analysis to the Bolinas Lagoon restoration planning process. Two conflicting frames of restoration are identified based on interviews with government and non-governmental organization stakeholders, and the ex . . .
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    Hunter, Austin Taylor
    In this paper, I argue for an account of personal identity that I find in David Hume’s Treatise of Human Nature. I argue that this unity of self is a feeling of reason and that this feeling is produced by a demand for explanation found in experience. . . .
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    Yee, Susan Elaine
    The study explores the effects of a school-based mental and behavioral health program on the truancy rates of students at a large, comprehensive high school in Oakland, California. The study, guided by socio-ecological and systems theories, compares t . . .
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    Craik, Isabel Sierra
    This case study described the process used to teach narrative development to a 22-year old adult who benefits from AAC using the model of a community Storytelling Club that incorporated peer-confederates. Methodology for testing the psychosocial impli . . .
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    Buchbinder, Margot Valerie
    With the predicted acceleration of sea level rise in the mid-21st century, salt marsh restoration efforts are faced with the challenge of building and maintaining sufficient sediment to elevations that support vegetation. The highly subsided Sears Poi . . .
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    Rodriguez Bandala, Laura Alejandra
    This thesis examines how art non-profits process loaned objects for temporary and traveling exhibitions in the context of special or toxic materials. Safety guidelines, emergency planning, and proper registration procedures for exhibitions in both mus . . .
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    Peters, Phillip E.
    Previous literature has shown that parents of children with autism experience more stress compared to parents of children without autism, but little is known about factors that reduce such stress. Based on Baker-Erikzen et al. (2005) explanations of s . . .
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    Tumanyan, Gurgen
    Detection of functional sites of proteins is an important problem in computational biology and has wide implications in computational drug discovery. FEATURE by Stanford Helix Group is a system for predicting protein function based on a set of physioc . . .