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    Burgert, Sarah Elizabeth
    / r e v e r e n t i a l / is based in vivid memories of childhood summers past. This collection is a retelling of family histories half imagined, half transcribed. The work highlights a young boy's experience with the beauty in nature, the magic that . . .
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    Schlief, Dennis
    Our research begins with a standard quadratic programming problem from the field of optimization. One family of solution methods is called interior point methods. These methods trace a path through the feasible region until they converge to the optima . . .
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    Blumberg, Vanessa Hemingway
    This collection of short fiction explores the bounds of solitary life and the expectations, joys, and challenges of human relationships. Always at play are fate, luck, and blame, as well as the truly accidental nature of our lives.
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    Peckens, Sadie Eileen
    This thesis discusses socially engaged museum programming, defined as programming that uses museum content as a catalyst for providing a service. Museum program practitioners can review the thesis to learn best practices. Chapter 2 reviews the museum . . .
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    Heiser, Shawn Christopher
    This study examines the environmental and land use history of Mussel Rock from Ohlone settlement to the present. Mussel Rock is home to a notoriously unstable garbage landfill, which sits directly on top of the San Andreas Fault Zone and the second la . . .
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    Perez, Maria Isabel
    Farhad Babaee and June Huh introduced the tropical Laplacian of a tropical surface and used it to disprove a generalized Hodge conjecture. We study four families of tropical surfaces arising from the root polytopes of types A ,B ,C and D. We compute t . . .
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    Boyle, Kathleen Therese
    This is a creative text of poems exploring place, memory, and identity.
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    Tatman, Jaime Lynn
    This case study applies geographical frame analysis to the Bolinas Lagoon restoration planning process. Two conflicting frames of restoration are identified based on interviews with government and non-governmental organization stakeholders, and the ex . . .
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    Hunter, Austin Taylor
    In this paper, I argue for an account of personal identity that I find in David Hume’s Treatise of Human Nature. I argue that this unity of self is a feeling of reason and that this feeling is produced by a demand for explanation found in experience. . . .