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    Cheng, John
    Through phase-only synthesis, we generate trigonometric functions similar to the Dirichlet kernel with the goal of reducing the tails. For the Dirichlet kernel Dn(x), we prove that the ratio of its maximum to the maximum of its tails approaches a cons . . .
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    Sagastume, Gloria Evangeline
    This qualitative study examined the experiences of elementary classroom teachers (CRTs) working with the Elementary Physical Education Specialist Program (EPESP) of the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD). The purpose of this study was to id . . .
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    Zacarias, Eliana Mercedes
    In this thesis, the challenges that American museums face when engaging immigrant groups through public programs were examined. The historic exclusion of marginalized and immigrant groups by museums has affected how such groups and broader society vie . . .
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    Emery, Christine Michele
    Introduction: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the lipid profile, blood glucose, and blood pressure values of five different ethnic groups to determine if there were ethnic group differences in cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk. Methods: The . . .
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    DeAngelo, Jacob
    Geothermal energy provides clean renewable electrical power in the United States and around the world. It is most efficiently harnessed from active hydrothermal systems, which only occur in very specific tectonic environments with naturally occurring . . .
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    Shao, Yvonne Lynn
    One hundred years ago, as the roots of modernism developed in music, three composers found unique cultural inspirations for the works they would produce. In order to trace the trends which contributed to the development of music during the twentieth c . . .
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    Brown, Michele Patricia
    What We Could Have Been is a collection of linked short stories that follow the character Ildy Maxwell through various points in her life. Each person she encounters is searching for something, whether it be love or honor or acceptance. No one has liv . . .
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    Covington, Michelle Lee
    The purpose of this paper is to explore the institution of punishment from a Rawlsian approach by answering the two following questions: would the agents in the original position agree to have punishment and what principle would guide this institution . . .
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    Patel, Ruchita
    Research indicates that learning mathematical concepts using concrete manipulatives could be beneficial for young children and could increase their mathematical performance (Post, 1981). The present study examined the effectiveness of fraction circles . . .
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    Taugher, Mary Frances
    This is an original collection of short stories written by Mary Frances Taugher during her enrollment as a graduate student in the San Francisco State University Creative Writing Program. The following stories have appeared or will appear in these pub . . .
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    Valentino, Taylor Rees
    Purpose: This study sought to determine the relationship between hydration status, thermoregulation, serum [Na+] and pacing of runners participating in the 2014 Western States 100 mile endurance run. Methods: 30 runners of the 2014 Western States 100- . . .
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    Collins, Edward Michael
    Facilities management is vital to museums that are associated with historic sites, yet it is often overlooked by the museum community. Maintaining the most important asset of these museums, the site itself, is essential for the continued existence of . . .
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    Wenzel, Conrad Faith
    This research explores the nature of the therapeutic relationship between mental health providers and their transgender, gender non-conforming and gender questioning clients. Mental health providers are positioned to serve two intersecting and sometim . . .
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    Pitt-Smith, Zack
    This is a project that will look at effective ways of utilizing the Orff-Schulwerk pedagogy in an ensemble setting in an urban middle school. Often viewed as a teaching tool for early childhood and elementary grades, Orff Schulwerk will be shown in th . . .
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    Frazier, Donald I. Jr.
    This purpose of this qualitative study was to investigate the socio-academic realities of four under-credited Black male youth who attended a highperforming public high school. I used a phenomenological praxis research design and systemic questioning . . .
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    Torok, Tiffany Laurel
    The purpose of this study was to determine if the gluten-free fad diet has an effect on the quality of life of individuals with celiac disease. A survey was disseminated through the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. A total of 841 qualified pa . . .
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    Hussey, Shamont
    “Whether child welfare professionals recognize it or not, if they work with adolescents, they work with LGBTQ youth” (Lambda Defense & Education Fund, 2001). LGBTQ youth remain a vulnerable and marginalized population within the Child Welfare System. . . .
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    McDermott, Sinead 'Roe' Ann
    This journalistic thesis consists of four articles exploring Irish women’s experiences of having an abortion in the U.K., as abortion is still illegal in Ireland. Using qualitative interviews, academic inquiry, and cultural analysis, I examine how pub . . .
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    Hough, David Matthew
    This collection of short fiction explores relationships in different wilderness and domestic settings, as well as renders of the dramatic emotional experiences that occur within the characters of these various settings, and communicates the challenges . . .
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    Lancaster, Jocelyn Elizabeth
    This study investigated the existence of an unconscious Similar-to-Me bias for cultural intelligence, or CQ, in the employee selection process by surveying participants in a hypothetical hiring scenario (N= 115). Results suggest that you do not have t . . .
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    Long, Nolan Will
    In this thesis I explore the topic of identity as it relates to the existence of multiple worlds. I take the stance that identity persists across worlds in a fashion similar to how identity is maintained across periods of time. The first section of th . . .
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    Barry, Shannon Noelle
    Batoids exhibit unique body plans, with derived fin morphologies such as the anteriorly expanded pectoral fins that fuse to the head, or distally extended anterior pelvic fin lobes used for a modified swimming technique utilized by skates (Rajidea). T . . .
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    Chen, Wenjue
    Due to globalization and market economy influences, substantive changes have occurred in Chinese education, producing inequalities between migrant and urban students. This study investigates the schooling experiences of migrant students in urban China . . .
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    Abesamis, Lester Conmigo
    This paper discusses Platonic learning by utilizing Lee Franklin’s interpretation of recollection. Franklin claims that recollection is the elicitation of beliefs through rudimentary comprehension. Such a claim addresses Meno’s paradox and has interes . . .
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    Bodenchak, Mark Christian
    Studies surrounding the Megarian decree and the role it played in the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War often claim that the decree was an economically focused law, with some form of geopolitical impact. Few scholars go further in detail to explain th . . .
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    Faulks, Eric Colby
    I start by distinguishing the intellectual passions from the bodily passions due to the lack of animal spirit movements in the latter. After showing the intellectual passions to be distinct from the bodily passions. The intellectual passions are furth . . .
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    Fies, Laura Diane
    Three-dimensional digitization is a new and promising technology that is now spreading to the museum world, particularly in the context of objects. In this thesis, three-dimensional digitization technology is investigated, including its history, the t . . .
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    Drudge, Rebecca Lee
    Today the medium of photography is ubiquitous, and many museums are quickly expanding their fine art photography collections. How can museums steward their photographic collections and use them to engage a variety of audiences? This thesis uses a revi . . .
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    Camper, Katlyn Rae
    Purpose: The purpose of this study was to evaluate and compare yoga and aerobic exercise in its effects of promoting mental well-being in college students. This study will specifically compare mental well-being and autonomic nervous system function in . . .
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    Mercier, Sofia Noelle
    Public art organizations that display art installations outside of the traditional gallery setting make art accessible to wider audiences and influence the daily lives of the visitors they serve. Despite their shared goals, public art organizations an . . .
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    Camacho, Francisco Javier Jr.
    In Mind and World, John McDowell develops his view, which he calls ’‘Naturalized Platonism,” and considers and rejects an opposing view he calls “Bald Naturalism.” I argue, against McDowell and on behalf of the bald naturalist, that there is reason to . . .
  • Kh04dr40r?file=thumbnail
    Haynes, Rose Corrina
    A collection of works in conversation with the invented, misremembered and misunderstood dead, these poems are a meditation on memory, a record of grief, and an exploration of that mysterious and imperfect bond between language and recollection. Like . . .
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    Jacobi, Jason Arthur
    This thesis provides an interpretation of Descartes’ account of the will that is not only framework. Such contemporary frameworks (I discuss the interpretations of Ragland, Newman, and Chappell) assume that freedom is grounded in an ability to do othe . . .
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    Fujimura, Steve
    Sad Asian Music is a collection of poems.
  • W66345002?file=thumbnail
    Fowzer, Fallon Elizabeth
    In her book, Epistemic Injustice: Power and Ethics o f Knowing, Miranda Fricker defines epistemic injustice as harm to an individual specifically attacking his or her capacity as a knower. Beyond the defining of epistemic injustice, Fricker offers a s . . .
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    Kaida, Elizabeth Chantal
    The Moon is Poisoned is a novel set in a futuristic world where humanity has begun colonizing the Libra Galaxy. People have been forced to adapt their physiology for survival. The protagonist, Asami Five, gets caught between three civilizations in con . . .
  • B2773x23k?file=thumbnail
    Lee, Daeyeon
    This paper examines South Korean Presidents’ efforts to make their strategic narratives successful to receive legitimacy of foreign policy toward North Korea or Northern Policy. Liberal presidents used narratives to recognize North Korea as friend rat . . .
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    Vielehr, Peter Schuyler
    This study seeks to understand the salience of an HIV-positive identity for young, gay men’s sense of self. Recent changes to HIV treatment have changed the way that people living with HIV understand their identity. This study discusses the results of . . .
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    Bell, Kathrina Anderson
    As the implementation of comprehensive internationalization becomes more commonplace at US universities, there are growing concerns about how policies and mandates driving internationalization impact existing campus programs. While comprehensive inter . . .
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    Johnson, Jordan Daniel
    In this thesis I seek to articulate a resolute reading of Soren Kierkegaard’s pseudonymous authorship. In order to do this I contrast my reading of Kierkegaard’s authorship with that of James Conant. Conant articulates the skeptical thread of Kierkega . . .
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    Funayama, Kota
    Northern elephant seals (Mirounga angustirostris) historically experienced a significant population decrease to the brink of extinction, but have since recovered and re-colonized former breeding/haul-out sites. Point Reyes Peninsula, California, is on . . .
  • Zk51vj525?file=thumbnail
    Ching, Sydney Espena
    The current study is an application of Carl Rogers1 Person-Centered humanistic theory to career mentoring. A scale of Person-Centered Support (PCS) was developed for this study to measure the three support factors outlined by Carl Rogers: (1) empathy, . . .
  • 7s75df09g?file=thumbnail
    Parr, Ray Leroy
    The present study was a 2 x 2 (Homogenous Organization Gender: Male or Female x Applicant Gender: Male or Female) between-subjects experimental design. The sample consisted of 210 university students randomly assigned to one of two experimental condit . . .
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    Bechelli, Cecelia Boden
    Tap, America’s own indigenous dance form, has a rich and colorful history that parallels American history. With roots in African and Irish dance and influences from English Lancashire clog dancing, tap thrived in the United States during the first fou . . .
  • B5644t18z?file=thumbnail
    Myers, Andrew Triana
    The Problem of Coordination is an early 20th century philosophical approach to the puzzle of how concepts, notably numbers, can take on empirical significance. Hans Reichenbach, perhaps the most famous scholar who wrote about the Problem of Coordinati . . .
  • Jw827d32d?file=thumbnail
    Wilson, Megan Marie McAtee
    Originally appearing in John Rawls’s A Theory o f Justice, the Linguistic Analogy is a conceptual device used to show how morality can be understood as innate, based on the claim that parallels can be drawn between the manner in which we acquire, deve . . .
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    Stafford, Sarah Catherine
    This book is a collection of poetry that explores the elusive relationship between person and place and time.
  • Z316q299s?file=thumbnail
    Ma, Ellen Hua
    Unconventional teaching tools, such as new media and music are emerging as legitimate academic texts throughout English courses, and graphic novels are no exception. Graphic novels are being used from grades K to 12 through college level, focusing on . . .
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    Whitcomb, Michael Keady
    This paper examines why leading progressives in America largely agreed and collaborated on domestic reform yet disagreed so fiercely on foreign policy issues, namely the decisions to go to war against the Central Powers and to join the League of Natio . . .