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    Ham, Garrison Sidney Cléophas
    The Kurdish Peshmerga of Northern Iraq have been successful in their fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). This comes as a surprise due to an initial defeat suffered against ISIS at the onset of the war as well as the militant gr . . .
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    Golz, Reece Austin
    Acute appendicitis is the most common acute surgical condition of the abdomen, and appendectomy is one of the most commonly performed urgent operations worldwide. This study investigates the incidence of acute appendicitis and perforated appendicitis . . .
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    Richardson, Nainoa
    In Schizosaccharomyces pombe, Cdc24 is required for the completion of S-phase. Many studies implicate Cdc24 in lagging strand DNA replication and in DNA repair. Interestingly, the DNA replication checkpoint kinase, Cdsl (hChk2), and the kinase-dead al . . .
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    Conaway, Cady Monroe
    Laura Mulvey defines the objectification of women in cinema through the cinematic apparatus as ‘the male gaze.’ Since publication, Mulvey’s theories have been highly debated and revised, including by Mulvey herself. This long theoretical discussion is . . .
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    Ramani, Sudarshan
    The century that separates M. G. Lewis’s The Monk (1796) and Joseph Conrad’s Nostromo (1904) is a century of historical and aesthetic revolution. Paired together, both novels reveal the continuity of the problem of representing reality. Both of these . . .
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    Razavi Ghahfarokhi, Seyed Pooya
    Loneliness is associated with cautious strategies, such as lack of self-disclosure, during social interactions—a tendency that is harmful for relationships. Importantly, there is a gap in the literature about the way lonely individuals communicate the . . .
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    Price, Daniela M.
    In my exploration of the Gothic genre—as poetry, community and practice—I analyze how Gothic musical compositions use repetition to haunt their readers. In doing so, I reveal the ways in which these texts and their audience use repeated encounters wit . . .
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    Panganiban, Conrad A.
    The New American Order is a comedic-drama that explores the question: what would a person give up in order to obtain the American Dream? Beverly Marie-Spencer has attained the American Dream by teaching new United States Citizens how to become “real” . . .
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    Barkwill, Timothy J.
    Nietzsche’s concept of the eternal recurrence of the same is uncovered within Luis Bunuel’s That Obscure Object Of Desire (1977) and investigated with reference to the work of Luce Irigaray, Sarah Kofman, Martin Heidegger, Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Laca . . .
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    Castellanos, Stacy Michael
    Gaydar is thought to be an ability of gay men to identify other gay men. Interestingly, a majority of gaydar research has focused on examining gaydar among straight individuals while limited research examines gaydar among gay-identified people. Given . . .