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    Beker, Carson
    Grief Camp is a novel in development about a brief moment in time when Blake (15, girl, angry), Ugly (16, boy, dying), and Brandon (15, boy, clueless) are sent to Grief Camp, a specialized camp for teenagers in mourning. It follows the culture and sub . . .
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    Khvalchik, Mariia
    We present an end-to-end system for open-domain question-answering that consists of three components. (1) The query formulation module is tasked with transforming the verbose, and often non-grammatical and noisy question into a boolean query of a few . . .
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    Montevirgen, Alexis S.
    Using counter-narrative to frame the qualitative methodology, this dissertation shifts the paradigm of educational leadership by situating the experiences of transformative leaders of color as part of the dominant discourse. A theoretical framework dr . . .
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    Romero, Kristopher Paul
    Previous research on Internet recruitment has suggested that recruitment websites may influence organizational attraction and applicant job pursuit intention. The present study aimed to further explore this topic by assessing whether or not the amount . . .
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    Pašić-Tran, Alma
    In this thesis, I will discuss The Fortress, a novel written by the Bosnian and Herzegovinian author Mehmed Selimovic. With the help of Tolstoy's War and Peace, I will reflect upon the subject of history and questions that so influenced Selimovic: wha . . .
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    Venegas, Miguel Angel
    Most of people’s everyday judgments are inspired by emotions. Rarely do people rely on their cognitive resources to judge a situation rationally. Can the same be said of people in moral situations? If so, what is the relationship between people’s psyc . . .
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    Harris, Philip John
    Pumpkins is a fiction novel using the artistic, poetic, and experimental techniques the author learned while attending San Francisco State University. The novel explores, through a series of flash fiction, lists, and prose poetry, the notion of white . . .
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    Johnson, Brian
    Lu Xun is considered the most influential modern Chinese writer, likened by many scholars to Tolstoy, Shakespeare and Goethe in both scope and cultural impact. The richness of Lu Xun's writing is predicated upon conflict, symbology and ambivalence. By . . .
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    Fritz-Endres, Theresa
    Recent IODP expeditions to the Bay of Bengal present an excellent opportunity for better understanding the links between terrestrial and oceanographic climate variability over a variety of timescales. However, foraminifera in Bengal fan sediments may . . .