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  • Jd472z261?file=thumbnail
    Pambid, Ailyn Natividad
    Eating Between Binaries examines the different ways first generation young adults use food to remember their cultural heritage while also navigating a new American identity. Looking at texts from Filipina-American author Melissa de la Cruz and Russian . . .
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    Alden, Larry L.
    Rivers cut vertically and laterally into bedrock. However, control on the width of bedrock rivers is an unsolved problem. In alpine settings, frost cracking is one of the mechanisms that break down bedrock. Segregation ice drives growth of ice lenses . . .
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    Wigglesworth, Amy Rose
    This thesis explored predictors of attitudes related to ecotourism. The goal of this research was to explore the extent to which global-mindedness and eco-consciousness show a relationship and or lead to ecotourism. Education level and income were als . . .
  • C534fq58k?file=thumbnail
    Kastanos, Christine E.
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the current communication processes used by apparel firms, and the document package, one of the major communication tools, within the apparel product development process. Four research questions guided the . . .
  • Zc77sr989?file=thumbnail
    Wear, Hope Elizabeth
    Game-based assessments (GBAs) are a new type of technologically-based assessment tool which allow for traditional selection concepts to be measured from gameplay behaviors (e.g., completing levels by following game rules). GBAs use game elements to cr . . .
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    Szarnicki, Timothy Robert
    As an increasing number of basic services for people and communities are entrusted to institutions, collective moral responsibility and retribution for collective action require more investigation. By looking at what is required for an individual to b . . .
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    Reyes, Zaviera Bonita
    While the factors are numerous, the mechanisms associated with the capacity for successful outcomes despite challenging circumstances (i.e., resilience) remain underexplored. One proposed mechanism is self-talk. Self-talk is a cognitive process that s . . .
  • F4752j66w?file=thumbnail
    Loury, Hilda
    I offer a taxonomy to situate various positions in the spectrum of feminist perspectives on both science and art. I defend the contention that feminist perspectives are crucially important for the empirical sciences because they have promoted and gene . . .
  • C534fq579?file=thumbnail
    Bachelor, Jewell Lynn-Marie
    As Black girls are synonymously identified as Black women throughout popular social language, media, and pop culture, there is a need to study the childhood of Black girls. This study seeks to explore the complexity of Black girls, and reimagine sexua . . .
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    Nealon, Natalia Cathryn
    Curiosity is a central trait that initiates our epistemic pursuits. How one engages with it, both reliably and responsibly, will be highly entwined with virtuous insensitivity: that which constrains our curiosity in such a way that removes our attenti . . .