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    Misiaszek, Lorenia
    Although most of today's successful companies are well aware of common data security issues and put a great deal of efforts towards preventing a data security breach, once a breach has occurred it is not unusual for organizations to enter a mist of co . . .
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    Chapman, Erik
    Organizations often expand exponentially before realizing the need for security based on the many, well publicized breaches, incidents, and outages. This Semester-In-Residence project developed the security framework for a well-known international spo . . .
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    O'Neil, Jaja
    While pursuing the M.S. Cybersecurity degree at CSUSM and as part of the semester in residence (SiR) requirement, I opted to pursue a subject not previously performed in my professional life and has the potential of being a real benefit in the realm o . . .
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    Martinez, Noel
    Cybersecurity students must do a Semester in Residence (SiR) project to fulfill the requirements for the Master of Science in Cybersecurity. The main objective of my project was to develop the proper documentation and identify the security requirement . . .
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    Miller, Ryan
    This is the Semester-In-Residence project completed to fulfill the requirements of the Professional Science Master of Cybersecurity. I performed all related work for this project at a local retail chain known as Company X. Company X is headquartered h . . .
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    Johnson, Karen
    The Cybersecurity Master of Science Program at California State University San Marcos requires all students to participate in a Semester-In-Residence with a local business. I chose Redacted Tax Service (RTS), a small tax preparation company that has b . . .
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    Phillips, Cory
    Students in the Cybersecurity Master’s Program at California State University, San Marcos are required to do a Semester in Residence (SIR) project to culminate their experience in the program. This SIR required students to work with a company on a cyb . . .
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    Humes, John
    The Cybersecurity Professional Science Master's program at California State University San Marcos was developed based on input from local technology companies and community partners. There is a widely acknowledged need for better cybersecurity practic . . .
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    Brooks, Henry III
    This paper presents a working implementation of a cyber security test bed with a focus on automating the process of generating reproducible and consistent lab environments for cyber security education.
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    Liu, Julie
    For my Semester-in-Residence project, I tackled the conundrum of how to help non-technical people stay safe on the highly technical and complex Internet. According to the digital marketing agencies We Are Social and Hootsuite, an average of over a mil . . .