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    Sudak, Bartosh
    In software development, software teams receive bug reports that describe unintended performance of the software products frequently. When a new bug report is received, software developers usually need to recreate the bug, perform code reviews, and us . . .
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    Panchal, Jalanilbhai
    The use of Smartphones and its complementary technologies like wearable devices have gained immense momentum over the decade, which has led to their vast amount of use in various daily activities. On top of that, the new technologies plus their variou . . .
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    Panneer Selvam, Pratima
    During medical emergencies, patients are often shunted from hospital to hospital due to lack of ICU beds leading to loss of many lives. Also crucial time is lost calling up every individual blood bank trying to find blood of the required group in an e . . .
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    Maheshwari, Aastha
    The world is getting advanced, and it becomes our responsibility to be on the same pace as the world. With the increase in the amount of data, it is becoming difficult to accommodate everything in our brain in a small span of time. Data Visualization . . .
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    Chhabria, Pooja
    LEACH is a TDMA (Time-Division Multiple Access) based clustering MAC (Medium Access Control) protocol in wireless sensor networks. This protocol frequently forms clusters of nodes and selects one of the cluster members as the cluster head. The two-tie . . .
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    Annapragada, Laxmi Subhamkar
    Promoter sequences are the main regulatory elements of gene expression. The accurate prediction of promoters remains a challenge because the key DNA regulatory regions have variable structures, but their recognition by computer algorithms is fundament . . .
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    Soundararajan, Thilak Raj
    Shoulder surfing is the process of stealing one’s personal information such as personal identification number or password by looking over the victim’s shoulder. Nowadays, a hacker can use a video camera to actively record a user entering the password . . .
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    Flores, Sheela
    Within the next 15 years, demand for air travel in Southern California is predicted to surpass the capacity of its airports. This report is the third in a series of Master’s projects focusing on the construction of a new Southern California Internatio . . .
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    Reyes, Klarisa
    The hospitality/hotel industry has always been and will continue to be driven by customer revenue. To sustain its growth, it is crucial that hotel operators use their current data to better understand their customers as a benefit for success. Accordin . . .
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    Roering, Daniela
    The report was commissioned to portray results and recommendations regarding the development of an effective marketing strategy for the start-up company Ground 2 Table within the CSUSM capstone project. I was assigned to help implement a marketing pla . . .