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    Dominguez, Reyna E.
    This study analyzed the daily incidents of domestic and simple battery in the city of Sacramento with respect to temperature for the years 2005 to 2009. Cases of domestic and simple battery reported to the Sacramento Police Department were incorporate . . .
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    Thongkham, Eric
    Gottfredson and Hirschi’s (1990) A General Theory of Crime posits that the absence of self-control influences crime and deviance. Since its publication, there has been a substantial amount of inquiry supporting the proposition; yet no empirical work h . . .
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    Pereira, Amanda
    Previous research has shown that the law enforcement occupation is a dangerous profession that has the highest violent victimization rate in the United States (Fridell, Faggiani, Taylor, Brito, & Kubu, 2009). This descriptive study aims to add to the . . .
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    Torrez, Tori Lyn
    My role in this research study was to code and input data gathered from the Modesto Police Department (MPD) survey. The goal of the MPD survey was to describe interactions with Modesto residents and Modesto Police Officers. The research study focused . . .
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    Dingle, Desiree
    The overall purpose of this study was to gain a deeper understanding of inmate suicide and preventative methods that are practiced among correctional facilities. This study discusses contributing factors of inmate suicide, risk factors among inmates, . . .
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    Keefer, Shelby
    This study looked at marijuana use among college students and if peer influence had an effect on an individual’s use of recreational marijuana. This study used a convenience sample of 206 college students that were attending California State Universit . . .
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    Avaz, Hoda
    This research focuses on the media portrayal of honor killings in Iran. The thesis explains what honor is and why some kill women in order to keep it protected. Secondary analysis differs from approaches that seek to critically assess theory; methods . . .
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    Clark, Nicholas
    The topic of this study is how different demographics and crime rates in police beats differ in their perceptions of interactions with Modesto, California police officers. The research questions for this study are: Do citizens of Modesto, California d . . .
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    Coreas, Jessica E
    This study focuses on whether the immersion in communication technologies plays a central role in the lives of people born after 1984, and whether people born after 1984 text while driving more than those born before 1984. The sample is made up of 181 . . .
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    Harris, Karen
    This study analyzed pre and post natural disaster index crime rates in the city of Houston, Texas with using Hurricane Alex occurring in 2010. The data used are the crime rates from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010. Hurricane Alex was a category 2 . . .