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    Masters Thesis
    Mendoza, Kayla
    Previous research has shown that both picture and video modeling are effective methods of teaching a variety of skills for individuals with developmental delays. Several studies have compared the efficacy of picture models versus video models; however . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Linville, Catherine M.
    The stigma of mental illness is pervasive and constitutes a formidable barrier to treatment and quality of life for individuals living with mental illness and their families. This study examined the effects of a brief educational video presenting fact . . .
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    Graduate project
    Martinez, Jocelyn
    Trauma occurs when someone feels intensely threatened by an event they are involved in or witness. In the classroom, educators continue to misunderstand behavior of traumatized students in the classroom. It’s often seen that these students just don’t . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Tribble, Ryan
    The purpose of this study was to investigate high school students’ perceptions regarding teacher-student relationships. High school students were given a survey with 15 statements regarding their perceptions on teacher-student relationships. They wer . . .
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    Graduate project
    Via, Kimberly
    Little is known about how the child welfare system provides grief and loss psychoeducation to foster youth. Oftentimes, the Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP) curriculum does not include grief and loss among its list of covered topics. With thir . . .
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    Graduate project
    Yepez, Lizette
    This project focused on the development and implementation of a presentation that would bring awareness to child sexual abuse. The purpose of this project was to expand upon the education being received by non-minor dependents through the Independent . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Soto, Araceli
    This study compared inquiry-based learning with high school students with and without computer simulation. The treatment group completed a guided-inquiry activity using the PhET Build an Atom simulation (n = 29), whereas the control group completed a . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Taylor, Michelle
    The purpose of this study was to determine if there is a difference in physical fitness between fourth-grade students that participate in a regularly scheduled exercise program and fourth-grade students that do not participate in a regularly scheduled . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Santos-Ortega, Lourdes
    Psychotic disorders can be debilitating for clients, creating a dependency on family for financial and emotional support. Latino clients suffering from psychotic disorders may experience stigma from family members, resulting in family relationship iss . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Padilla, Maday
    This study investigated childhood trauma, interpersonal functioning, and coping styles in young adults. The focus of this study was to explore the difficulties resulting from childhood trauma in young adulthood, specifically. Data were collected from . . .