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    Luman, Rijul
    Since the rise of internet and e-commerce, buying and selling goods over the internet has relied heavily on financial institutions acting as 3rd parties to process financial transactions. These 3rd parties often charge a good percentage of the payment . . .
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    Jain, Anshul
    Indoor localization has become one of the most talked about services in today’s technology. We have observed that there have been huge demand of Indoor Location services due to increase in smartphone market in last few years. GPS is widely used to fin . . .
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    Shah, Jinaliben
    Active database systems support applications by moving the reactive behavior from applications into database management systems. It is a database system that includes an event-driven architecture that can respond to different types of events automatic . . .
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    Narendra, Pragathi
    The diagnosis of a disease is the most critical and vital job in medicine and it mostly depends on a doctor’s intuition based on past experiences. The unfortunate case of recognizing the incorrect symptoms results in a misdiagnosis. To avoid such medi . . .
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    Raja Lemarji, Godson Miller
    Students in a university tends to have various resources to trade. Trading has become an essential thing in our day-today life. In this project, I would like to recall barter system which is one of the oldest method of exchange. This has been used bef . . .
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    Gampa, Ravali
    This work presents a visual analytical tool, to assist instructors of introductory computer science courses to manage students’ learning. The first half of this project is an investigation on various visualization tools which inspired the motivation a . . .
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    Shegakula Nagaraj, Sumukha
    In this generation, when an entrepreneur wants to bring his ideas to life he will start searching for funds. There are people around the globe who have small amounts of money that they can invest in ideas that might grow bigger or solve problems faced . . .
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    Vadlamannati Lakshmi, Venkata Sai Raja Bharath
    A graph database presents data and the relationship among data based on the graph model. Graph Databases uses graph structures for semantic queries with nodes, edges, and properties. A graph database has two defining elements: 1) Node, which represent . . .
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    Muriki, Satya Tejaswi
    Online reviews are highly influential, with consumers preferring the advice of other consumers rather than information provided through advertisements. Hence, review consistency and trustworthiness became an urgent need and a necessity for both indivi . . .
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    Natesh, Adarsh
    In this work, we present a novel visual analytical tool, intended to improve the Facebook experience which produces an interactive visual analytic presentation of a user’s newsfeed to help understand bias trends existing among the user’s social group. . . .