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    Rajguru, Aniruddha Shekhar
    Over the years, data privacy has been a major concern amongst consumers. Applications such as Facebook, Uber, and Instagram collect a huge amount of data from users in return for the free service. Some of this data collection is necessary for the serv . . .
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    Poon, Dennis Yiuwing
    Refactoring is a process used by programmers to improve the non-functional qualities of code. It does not affect the actual output of the program, but it is useful for making the code easier to read and maintain. In practice, it often requires a lot o . . .
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    Kaja, Krishna Chaitanya
    Extensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) is an access control policy language. Typically, an XACML policy has configurable standard extension points to define new functions, data types and the ways to combine them as a single unit. With this . . .
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    Kalyanaraman, Saranya
    These days, most software companies work on complex projects that require a collaboration of multiple people across many geographic locations. Managers in such companies are responsible for integrating many complex projects while maintaining high accu . . .
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    Ponugoti, Suraj
    This project is about exporting physical SCSI devices on server side to initiator side over iSCSI through CAM Target Layer as an actual SCSI Target
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    Graduate Project
    Trivedi, Utkarsh
    In this generation, we have a lot of investment opportunities such as fixed deposits, mutual funds, bullion, properties, and stock market. Due to lack of proper knowledge and experience, people are unable to invest in the stock market and often deem i . . .
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    Shah, Paril
    Mobile Learning Application is an Android application that communicates with a server using RESTful API. The application provides a collaborative platform for administrators, instructors, and students, and is used for enrollment of students, managing . . .
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    Vardhamane, Pallavi
    Over the past few years, many cybersecurity incidents were reported worldwide through distributed denial of service attacks. Many of these attacks were conducted through botnet, which usually consists of a group of infected computers, smartphones or I . . .
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    Bachu, Sushmitha
    The current Automated Teller Machine (ATM) systems require users to authenticate with unique 4 or 6 digits Personal Identification Number (PIN) to make transactions. These systems have physical keypads to do this, so the numeric key positions are cons . . .
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    Appana, Pranavi
    An intruder attacks a computer network and breaks into it by exploiting a combination of system vulnerabilities. An attack graph models security vulnerabilities of a network and a sequence of all possible exploits that an intruder can use to get incre . . .