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    Suryavanshi, Rajani Mohan
    Defending today’s enterprise network has become more and more challenging considering the increasing amount of cyber-attacks. It is critical to understand how an attack happens and how the intrusion propagates inside the enterprise network. System Obj . . .
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    Singh, Aditya
    Nowadays it is very widespread to see attacks in the system. The attackers try automated tools and programs to attempt and gain access to the data of the users. However, for attackers, it is hard to boycott system calls. System calls are used by the u . . .
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    Ghonsikar, Kasturi Kiran
    Today with fast growing technology and increasing computing needs, industry is opting for deploying and using cloud to fulfill their extensive computing requirements. Deployment of cloud is a lengthy and convoluted process. Manual installation of clou . . .
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    Mitra, Karan
    Information-based systems have allowed researchers from all aspects of sciences to study their data better. Environmental studies is one such area where timely and accurate data is critical for research and development of the science. The energy-water . . .
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    An, Dong
    The purpose of this project is to learn about OpenStack Cloud infrastructure-as-aService Platform (IaaS) through manual installation of core OpenStack cloud services and to create an automated cloud deployment script using BASH shell scripting. The pr . . .
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    Rawlani, Bhagyashree
    Convolutional neural networks are generally assumed to be the best neural networks for classifying images. In November 2017, Geoffrey Hinton et al. introduced another neural network approach known as Capsule Network. He and his team have claimed that . . .
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    Vora, Pooja
    This project is a courseware, which will help students learn and implement web based reporting using Microsoft SQL Server and its features. Microsoft SQL server is a very huge and extensive database, which lets a user use it with flexibility of choosi . . .
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    Surve, Rohit
    In recent years, the process of obtaining information from historical data has gained importance. Data mining and warehousing techniques are used to extract useful data from aggregated data making information retrieval easy and accurate for future pre . . .
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    Mehta, Kalindi
    Accommodation in today’s world has been soaring at high rates. In addition, to get a shelter that matches one’s preference, budget, interest and proximity is a challenge. This problem becomes even more bigger if the person looking for accommodation is . . .
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    Puranik, Atharva
    Mobile devices are becoming part of everyday life. The growth in mobile devices is opens an option of application development. One of the most common operating system for mobile devices is Android. Android platform provides very rich APIs to work on. . . .