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    Onovakpuri, Ogheneruno
    Increased penetration levels of Distributed Generation (DG) can cause harmful harmonics and power quality issues for the power distribution system. This project aims to investigate harmonic and power quality issues related to high penetration levels o . . .
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    Anand, Brannon
    Statement of Problem: Today all of our residential and commercial properties use AC power for all of our electrical needs, but as our electronics have been advancing our method to supply power has not changed for over a century. AC power has proven to . . .
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    Burlingame, Jessica Christine
    Arc Flash causes serious damage to life and equipment. Several new techniques have been created to help reduce the risks associated with Arc Flash. Most commonly used and trusted method by the industry is a study that uses electrical system characteri . . .
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    Sidhu, Harpreet
    Optics usually refers to the behavior of visible, infrared, or ultraviolet light. In mathematics, triangulation, is based on the relations of the angles and sides of a triangle. This project is using both of these concepts for distance estimation. Und . . .
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    Yaseen, Sarmad Khalooq
    Stereo vision is the one of the major researched domains of computer vision, and it can be used for different applications, among them, extraction of the depth of a scene. This project provides a review of stereo vision and matching algorithms, used t . . .
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    Carmi, Eric
    It is common for the frequency response of a loudspeaker to be characterized at a single point directly in front of the speaker. A loudspeaker’s frequency response depends on the spatial position of the microphone, and being able to obtain the frequen . . .
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    Bandri Anand, Kiran
    Smart Devices and the need for intelligent systems has brought about a revolution in Technology. With devices getting smaller, yet more effective, there is a constant need for research and development of smart system designs. One such entity that has . . .
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    Mohan, Aman
    Robotics is a topic of curiosity among students and technology enthusiasts around the world. In recent times with the introduction of more complicated systems and designs, robotics has taken a great leap forward in various industries and among technol . . .
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    Shailendra, Greeshma
    Camera calibration which is also described as camera re-sectioning, involves approximation of various parameters between the lens and the image sensor of a camera. These variables serve different purposes, which include removal of lens distorsion, est . . .
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    Li, Jiaoyue
    One of the most crucial parameters for traffic measurement is vehicle classification. Currently, several different methods for analyzing and interpreting vehicle classification exist: magnetics, magnetometer sensors and inductive loops [1] are just a . . .