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    Talsania, Bhavisha
    This thesis discusses the formalization of basic results from linear algebra up to the following theorems, using the computer proof checker Isabelle. Chapter 1 provides a discussion of informal and formal proofs and an introduction to the thesis topic . . .
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    Toole, Alex
    A repetition-free coloring of a graph is a coloring of its vertices such that there are no paths for which the color pattern on the first half is repeated on the second half. The Thue chromatic number of a graph is the minimum number of colors require . . .
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    Reeves, Tonya
    A repetition is a sequence of symbols in which the first half is the same as the second half. An edge-coloring of a graph is repetition-free if there is no path with a color pattern that is a repetition. The minimum number of colors so that a graph ha . . .
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    Brich, Jennifer
    This thesis focuses on the formalization of basic topics in commutative algebra using the proof assistant Isabelle. This written exposition will provide an overview of the work that was completed to formalize the following objectives in Isabelle: 1. D . . .