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    Christian, Damian J.
    We report on observations of 11 transit events of the transiting extrasolar planet XO-1b by the SuperWASP North observatory. From our data, obtained during 2004 May-September, we find that the XO-1b orbital period is 3.941634 +/- 0.000137 days, the pl . . .
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    Fitzsimmons, A.
    The SuperWASP-I (Wide Angle Search for Planets-I) instrument observed 6.7 million stars between 8 and 15 mag from La Palma during the 2004 May-September season. Our transithunting algorithm selected 11 626 objects from the 184 442 stars within the RA . . .
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    Lisse, C.M.
    We have discovered an extremely red object, LSF 1, located 7" southwest (P.A. 217 degrees) of the bright spectroscopic binary system HD 155826. Originally reported by IRAS as one source detected at 12-60 ?m, and found as a single 6-25 ?m source of sim . . .
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    Hellier, Coel
    The SuperWASP cameras are wide-field imaging systems at the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands, and at the Sutherland Station of the South African Astronomical Observatory. Each instrument has a fie . . .
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    Jess, David B.
    The Rapid Oscillations in the Solar Atmosphere instrument reveals solar atmospheric fluctuations at high frequencies. Spectra of variations of the G-band intensity (IG ) and Ca IIK-line intensity (IK ) show correlated fluctuations above white noise to . . .
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    Erdelyi, Robert
    High spatial and temporal resolution images of a sunspot, obtained simultaneously in multiple optical and UV wavelengths, are employed to study the propagation and damping characteristics of slow magnetoacoustic waves up to transition region heights. . . .
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    Cadavid, Ana Cristina
    We study properties of intensity fluctuations in NOAA Active Region 11250 observed on 13 July 2011 starting at UT 13:32. Included are data obtained in the EUV bands of the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly on board the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO/AIA) . . .
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    Antolin, Patrick
    We present observational evidence of compressible MHD wave modes propagating from the solar photosphere through to the base of the transition region in a solar magnetic pore. High cadence images were obtained simultaneously across four wavelength band . . .
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    Crockett, Philip J.
    The Rapid Oscillations in the Solar Atmosphere (ROSA) instrument is a synchronized, six-camera high-cadence solar imaging instrument developed by Queen's University Belfast. The system is available on the Dunn Solar Telescope at the National Solar Obs . . .
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    Collier Cameron, A.
    We present optical lightcurves of 428 periodic variable stars coincident with ROSAT X-ray sources, detected using the first run of the SuperWASP photometric survey. Only 68 of these were previously recognised as periodic variables. A further 30 of the . . .