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  • Z029p8090?file=thumbnail
    Müller, H.-M.
    We investigate nuclear matter on a cubic lattice. An exact thermal formalism is applied to nucleons with a Hamiltonian that accommodates on-site and next-neighbor parts of the central, spin-, and isospin-exchange interactions. We describe the nuclear . . .
  • Work
    Shoppa, T.D.
    Recent laboratory experiments have measured fusion cross sections at center-of-mass energies low enough for the effects of atomic and molecular electrons to be important. To extract the cross section for bare nuclei from these data (as required for as . . .
  • M613n120h?file=thumbnail
    Koonin, S.E.
    The dynamics of Skyrmion-anti-Skyrmion annihilations in 3+1 dimensions is examined by the numerical integration of the classical Hamilton equations of motion. The baryon number is found to disappear extremely rapidly, close to the causal limit, while . . .
  • J3860954k?file=thumbnail
    Seki, Ryoichi
    We investigate quantal perturbations of the interferometric correlations of charged bosons by the Coulomb field of an instantaneous, charged source. The source charge increases the apparent source size by weakening the correlation at nonzero relative . . .