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    Xiao, Z.L.
    We report electrical transport experiments, using the phenomenon of electrical breakdown to perform thermometry, that probe the thermal properties of individual multiwalled carbon nanotubes. Our results show that nanotubes can readily conduct heat by . . .
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    Foroughi, Ashkan
    We study the patterns that short strands of single-stranded DNA form on the top graphene surface of graphite. We find that the DNA assembles into two distinct patterns, small spherical particles and elongated networks. Known interaction models based o . . .
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    Kogan, O.
    We present an experiment that systematically probes the basins of attraction of two fixed points of a nonlinear nanomechanical resonator and maps them out with high resolution. We observe a separatrix which progressively alters shape for varying drive . . .
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    Carroll, Ian
    We study how double-stranded DNA translocates through graphene nanogaps. Nanogaps are fabricated with a novel capillary-force induced graphene nanogap formation technique. DNA translocation signatures for nanogaps are qualitatively different from thos . . .
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    Thorwart, M.
    We investigate correlated electronic transport in single-walled carbon nanotubes with two intramolecular tunneling barriers. We suggest that below a characteristic temperature the long-range nature of the Coulomb interaction becomes crucial to determi . . .
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    Kozinsky, I.
    We explore an electrostatic mechanism for tuning the nonlinearity of nanomechanical resonators and increasing their dynamic range for sensor applications. We also demonstrate tuning the resonant frequency of resonators both upward and downward. A theo . . .
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    de Jonge, Mark
    Using an atomic force microscope we have created nanotube junctions such as buckles and crossings within individual single-wall metallic carbon nanotubes connected to metallic electrodes. The electronic transport properties of these manipulated struct . . .
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    Postma, Hendrik W. CH.
    I propose a technique for reading the base sequence of a single DNA molecule using a graphene nanogap.
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    Patel, Yogeshwari
    We present proof-of-concept all-carbon solar cells. They are made of a photoactive side of predominantly semiconducting nanotubes for photoconversion and a counter electrode made of a natural mixture of carbon nanotubes or graphite, connected by a liq . . .
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    Hung, Peter
    Ultraminiaturized mass spectrometers are highly sought-after tools, with numerous applications in areas such as environmental protection, exploration, and drug development. We realize atomic scale mass sensing using doubly clamped suspended carbon nan . . .