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  • Jd473107d?file=thumbnail
    Fitzsimmons, A.
    The SuperWASP-I (Wide Angle Search for Planets-I) instrument observed 6.7 million stars between 8 and 15 mag from La Palma during the 2004 May-September season. Our transithunting algorithm selected 11 626 objects from the 184 442 stars within the RA . . .
  • Pg15bj63r?file=thumbnail
    Hellier, Coel
    The SuperWASP cameras are wide-field imaging systems at the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands, and at the Sutherland Station of the South African Astronomical Observatory. Each instrument has a fie . . .
  • Pz50h0516?file=thumbnail
    Collier Cameron, A.
    We present optical lightcurves of 428 periodic variable stars coincident with ROSAT X-ray sources, detected using the first run of the SuperWASP photometric survey. Only 68 of these were previously recognised as periodic variables. A further 30 of the . . .
  • Nv935637g?file=thumbnail
    Hebb, L.
    We report the discovery of a sub-Jupiter mass exoplanet transiting a magnitude V = 11.6 host star 1SWASP J030928.54+304024.7. A simultaneous fit to the transit photometry and radial-velocity measurements yield a planet mass Mp = 0.53 +/- 0.07 MJ, radi . . .
  • 5t34sp276?file=thumbnail
    Hellier, Coel
    We present a fast and efficient hybrid algorithm for selecting exoplanetary candidates from wide-field transit surveys. Our method is based on the widely used SysRem and Box Least-Squares (BLS) algorithms. Patterns of systematic error that are common . . .
  • Wp988p188?file=thumbnail
    Wilson, D.M.
    We report the discovery of WASP-10b, a new transiting extrasolar planet (ESP) discovered by the Wide Angle Search for Planets (WASP) Consortium and confirmed using Nordic Optical Telescope FIbre-fed Echelle Spectrograph and SOPHIE radial velocity data . . .
  • Vh53wz94c?file=thumbnail
    Hebrard, G.
    Transiting extrasolar planets constitute only a small fraction of the range of stellar systems found to display periodic, shallow dimmings in wide-field surveys employing small-aperture camera arrays. Here we present an efficient selection strategy fo . . .
  • Kk91fp804?file=thumbnail
    Lister, T.A.
    Photometric transit surveys promise to complement the currently known sample of extra-solar planets (ESPs) by providing additional information on the planets and especially their radii. Here, we present ESP candidates from one such survey called, the . . .
  • Nz806314d?file=thumbnail
    Hodgkin, S.T.
    We have performed photometric observations of nearly seven million stars with 8 < V < 15 with the SuperWASP-North instrument from La Palma between 2004 May to September. Fields in the right ascension range 17-18 h, yielding over 185 000 stars with suf . . .
  • Dj52w754j?file=thumbnail
    Haswell, C.A.
    We report the discovery from WASP-South of a new Jupiter-like extrasolar planet, WASP-16b, which transits its solar analog host star every 3.12 days. Analysis of the transit photometry and radial velocity spectroscopic data leads to a planet with Rp = . . .