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    Olvera, Christopher
    In 2017 the United States faces escalated nuclear tensions with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). The purpose of the DPRK’s nuclear program is to have a fully developed nuclear arsenal with the ability to strike the continental United . . .
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    Hernandez, Omar E.
    The United States and Europe have had increasing tensions in the past decade. Both areas have seen a resurgence in populist sentiment. The United States has seen two new extremist groups rise, the alt-right and Antifa. Modern segregation has also give . . .
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    Saucedo, Kolby L.
    GMA 400L - Senior Seminar Research Lab
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    Reyes, Luisa Delos
    The hostility between the United States and Iran today are a reflection of their interactions from the past. Looking back on previous relations will allow readers to understand that neither country is held more responsible for their relations today, a . . .
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    Jones, Akilah
    Widespread pandemic since its decolonization. Decolonized and left with exhausted resources and lack of model government; built by descendants of slaves. Islands are subject to hurricane seasons, earthquakes, increasing floods, drought and soil erosio . . .
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    Glasson, Sean
    Taiwan has always had a unique position in the Far East, both in terms of geography and the national identity and political institutions that are not only critical for citizens of Taiwan, but are also critical to the major powers in East Asia, such as . . .
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    Hall, Harry Howard
    The purpose of this thesis was to explore how advances in the field philosophy and technological progress in the military sector have impacted American political attitudes and decisions in the national security realm. Superior military technology give . . .
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    Buford, Angela
    This thesis provides a history and background of women at sea, addressing the past, present, and future of women in the maritime industry. One focus is on the obstacles women faced when breaking into a dominant male field of work, how over time the in . . .
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    Manciet, Riley
    This thesis discusses the implications of hiring Private Security Contractors to promote state security. This is done by discussing the history of mercenaries through the Thirty Years War, and the rise of private contractors after the Second World War . . .
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    Edwards, Al-Malik
    Congestion can be found in every port of California. Congestion mitigates the benefits of economies of scale and causes delays in cargo shipment and transportation from port to truck and rail systems. In 2015, port congestion could have caused up to 7 . . .
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    Boisse, Jacob A.
    Throughout history, the many populations of the world have moved about for a variety of reasons. Whether that is actual immigration or emigration depends on the circumstances. For a long time, Europe has been the epicenter of immigration and emigratio . . .
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    Andrews, Michael W.
    Fisheries are a vital resource globally, employing millions and feeding billions. Fisheries around the globe have become vulnerable to many human and climate threats in the Anthropocene. These threats cause potential scarcity in this resource which in . . .
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    Rajasegaran, Navaganapati
    South America and East Asia are rising once again to dominate the global black-market economy. The cartels and organized crime groups of Latin America and East Asia have in recent years been seen cooperating together. These regions lack the appropriat . . .
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    Orr, Nancy
    The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has been analyzed extensively as a religious extremist group. Yet today, it is still hard to understand how individuals are compelled to join an organization which demonstrates such disregard for human l . . .
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    Cook, Dylan L.
    Shipbreaking is an industry that uses destructive practices to dismantle end of life vessels who have exceeded their economic value to salvage raw metals. These actions expose the environment and workers to harmful and toxic substances. The internatio . . .
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    Daniels, Daija M.
    Todays shipping industry is operated by multicultural and multilingual crews. As a result there are miscommunication, communication constraints, alienation and discrimination due to race, culture and religion differences, that cannot be avoided. These . . .
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    Flores, Samantha
    It is evident that Hawaii is dependent on their oceanic environment. They use the ocean to feed themselves as well as import goods. Many of the species in Hawaii’s waters have been affected by marine plastic debris that is derived from the newly recog . . .
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    Kosen, Adam
    The African continent is proving to be the next up- and-coming region in the world. In order to remain competitive in Africa, the United States must fundamentally change its approach to power projection. The United States successfully uses its militar . . .
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    Whittington, Tanis
    The Arctic is a vast and changing region. Climate change is affecting the availability of many sectors in the Arctic and opening the door for state actors to approve the implementation of industrial resource development, as well as commercial shipping . . .
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    Thanh, Lydia
    Aging ships in the transportation fleet are being replaced with larger ships called the new-Panamax. These bigger vessels were unable to fit through a key shipping route for Asian Producers to reach the majority of their customer base on the United St . . .
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    Myers, Jack
    This project looks at social, political, and economic impacts of port technologies. Research shows that the disadvantages of automation and advancing port technology overshadow the advantages. These disadvantages not only relate to the workers themsel . . .
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    Gutierrez, Josh
    The Arctic is experiencing significant climate change. The expected changes to the Arctic have created new economic opportunities for states and threatened the future stability of the region. With Arctic becoming more accessible, the control for natur . . .
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    Listek, Jared
    Energy security is essential to a country’s national security and growing economic development. Thorium molten salt reactors have the potential to provide sustainable energy for nations seeking cleaner energy options without compromising energy securi . . .
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    Sanford, Justin
    The intention of this work is to synthesize and interpret the tenets of geopolitics within the expectation that the coming decades will present unique and unprecedented challenges for states and populations due to the symptoms resultant from a changin . . .
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    Belman, Joseph D. W.
    The Indian Ocean Rim (IOR) has become a global hotspot for international states and developing states to grow in their commercial industries. The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean on Earth and is home to a variety of natural raw materials found . . .
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    Lum, Brandon
    With rising threats from naturally occurring events and human caused attacks, California’s ports are a critical piece of infrastructure that must be protected at all times. In order to operate these ports rely on systems and networks. Electricity is t . . .