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    Henle, Erika
    Interactive writing demonstrates concepts of print, early strategies, and how words work. This type of writing is used to assist children with their understanding the processes in reading and writing. Interactive writing integrates demonstrations of w . . .
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    Rivera-Tubbs, Tammy
    This project is about a survey (Appendix A) given to one public school with a population of768 students having 10 percent of the school's population identified with multiple disabilities. The survey was place in the mailboxes of 35 general education t . . .
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    Hirsch, Gita Mera
    Schools in the United States are moving towards an inclusive model of education. There is, therefore, an increased need for general education teachers to be well versed in the implementation of accommodations for students with special needs. Yet, ther . . .
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    Fadale, Anthony Vincent
    The purpose of this study was to show how a reading Program, which took into consideration certain negative attitudes that could be blocks to further learning attempted to reverse the failing attitudes of students and bring about more positive attitud . . .
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    Novak, Geraldine Frances
    The purpose of this project was to develop a resource guide which would aid teachers in the evaluation of student needs in reading skills and attainment of those skills. Behavioral objectives were coordinated with Walter B.Barbe's suggested list of fo . . .
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    Sharp, Virgene Althea
    In recent years there has been a continuous search for programs and materials which would assist our schools in offering a solution to the problem of low reading achievement shown by a considerable number of our students. Many innovations have been su . . .
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    King, Lynn
    Much has been written to show that there is a positive relationship between the home environment and reading achievement at school (Della-Piana, Stahmann, & Allen, 1968); it is this view of learning with which this project was concerned. AT the Nation . . .
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    Chilcote, Elinor W.
    With the expansion of the elementary math program during the last decade, new teaching methods and materials were needed. Since geometry is one of the areas now taught at the elementary level, there arose a need for materials especially designed to pr . . .
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    Spare, Dennis R.
    The purpose of this study was to determine if psychoeducational data found in cumulative record folders could be used to distinguish students that have learned phonics from students that have not learned phonics. A null hypothesis was assumed stating . . .
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    Kushida, Mitsuko Y.
    In this project, the writer has investigated the portrayal of Japanese Americans in the state-adopted social studies textbook series The Social Sciences: Concepts and Values (Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc., 1970), levels one through four. Because textb . . .